Five (5) Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Extrovert

Are there any disadvantages of being extroverted? Advantages and Disadvantages of Being An Extrovert: Basically, there are three types of personalities which are; introvert, extrovert and ambivert. These were based on the theory first propounded by the Psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung of Swiss during the 20th Century, in his book, ‘Psychological types’. He propounded two which is introversion and extroversion.

According to him, while introverts get their stimulation from within, extroverts get theirs from the environment. Now, introversion has to deal with that which comes from within, thus, an introvert is a reserved kind. He is considered more thoughtful than social. He has a personality which is more inwardly than outwardly directed. An extrovert on the other hand has the characteristics directly opposite to that of introverts. Extroversion is the personality type that is outwardly directed. He is one who is outgoing, sociable and concerned with outside affairs as opposed to being reserved. An ambivert on the other hand is placed somewhere at the equilibrium. An ambivert is a person who is neither clearly extroverted nor introverted but has the balanced characteristics of both introvert and extrovert.

Since we are concerned with the discussion on extroversion, what then are the descriptive features like? An extrovert would easily mingle with his surroundings. He would readily open up with the people around him, familiarity not being of necessity. An extrovert would easily make friends, although the friendship in most cases is a shallow one. Extroverts are often easy going with their behaviour and problems, thus, they will find it a lot easier to contain social, behaviourial and even personal problems.

The extrovert personality possesses social, practical, affectionate, informal and highly energetic features. They can be good speakers too. They tend to enjoy social gatherings and taking initiatives. They prefer outdoor activities as opposed to being confined within a four walls. Extroverts can trigger certain level of activeness on a crowd or a group. They can be good leaders too.

Their lifestyle is focused on living in present. They are very adaptable in any environment they find themselves, thus, they can easily adjust themselves according to the demands and needs. Extroverts derive energy from fulfilling social interactions, whether in small or large group. They are naturally connected to the social atmosphere, and they possess an inherent ability to read social situations. An extrovert may feel depleted after spending time in isolation.

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Advantages (benefits) of Being An Extrovert

1. Makes friends easily: Extroverts are good at picking small talks. They can easily make friends in any environment they find themselves. Of course, they have more opportunity of making friends since they can be very outgoing. They do not have problem talking to people, including strangers. They feel very much comfortable outdoors. They can hold conversation on a surface level. Their thoughts aren’t reserved; they can express their thoughts and feelings without being reserved. These traits which extroverts exhibit is what makes it a lot easier for them to make friends.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being An Extrovert
Advantages and Disadvantages of Being An Extrovert

Making friends is an advantage because it is a cause for knowing more people. Knowing people creates an opportunity for growth, self development, learning, and so on, after all, human beings are economic tools. Having so many friends will make a lot of things reachable to you. There is always enough people to talk to, enough people to deal with, and very much opportunities to gain from the host of your friends.

2. Growth, Adventures and Social Benefits: Extroverts are more likely to enjoy social benefits. The reason is obvious; they are more outgoing. They are more likely to encounter better social opportunities.

Pros & Cons Of Being an Extrovert vs. Being an Introvert
Pros & Cons Of Being an Extrovert vs. Being an Introvert

Extroverts are the ones that need no reason to explore the gym house, shows, and parties, eat outs, sports, tourist centres, etc. Extroverts can be adventurous in nature. They don’t just stay and ask questions on why and where things are, they would rather make the necessary move to explore, see and experience things themselves. Extroverts are socially active and this makes them socially and environmentally informed. Extroverts are more socially acceptable.

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3. Human Relation as a Political and Economic Advantage: Extroverts have they tendency to do better in politics. This is particularly is respect to conducting political affairs such as campaigns. An extrovert has the advantage of chasing and getting more popularity. Because he knows a lot of people and he makes friends easily, he would have adequate human resources for the furtherance of his political interest.

Advantages of extrovert
Advantages of extrovert

Human relation is a necessary demand in politics. Extroverts already had what it takes to meet up with this demand. This also extends to business and individual economy. Because extroverts are comfortable with the public, and because they make friends easily, it creates more chance for them to generate income. They can comfortably share their business with the public. Human beings are economic tools. Knowing and interacting with a lot of people which is a common lifestyle for extroverts, affords them the opportunity to use human relation as a tool for growth to their economic advancement.

4. Expressive and Outspoken: Extroverts are very comfortable with the crowd. They usually do not have difficulty talking to the public. They can always be comfortable expressing their ideas, thought and feelings.

What is Extroversion and the Advantages of Being an Extrovert
What is Extroversion and the Advantages of Being an Extrovert

They do not need to get acquainted with an environment before they can become their true self. Extroverts are thrilled by other people. They are experts at talking, and this favours them as an advantage.

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5. Multi-tasking Ability: Extroverts have tendency to multi-task better.

Strengths and weaknesses of an extrovert
Strengths and weaknesses of an extrovert

6. Easy to Predict: Extroverts prove more easily to be predictable than introverts. Because extroverts are not reserved; they are readily to let out their ideas, thoughts and feelings almost all the time, this makes them very understandable and easy to deal with.

You would know where exactly they are driving you to and what exactly they want. They are just too easy to read.

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Disadvantages (Demerits) of Being An Extrovert

1. Shallow Friendship: Extroverts may have a lot of friends but the depth of the majority of the friendship is always on a surface level. They could just be acquaintances and nothing more. Keeping all of those friendships meaningful is something they cannot possibly do.

There is more to actual friendship than those being kept on a surface level. A popular saying goes that a friend to all is a friend to none.

2. Extroverts may be less trustworthy: By their very nature, introverts are very much trustworthy than extroverts. Extroverts are not as coordinated, meticulous and calculated as introverts. Extroverts may appear less genuine even when they are being genuine.

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3. Tendency to make mistakes: Because extroverts are quick to talk, quick to act and quick to present themselves to the public, they have more tendency to make mistakes.

They may have to have some regrets with respect to some of their actions, since they do not take their time to meticulously think through an action before manifesting it. They usually do not think through as much as introverts would because they are already comfortable with every space. They might express a lot more than they should ordinarily say.

4. Easily exposed to Harm: Because extroverts are inclined to the outdoors, the longer a person spends outside the more risks he is exposed to. Extroverts are more inclined to going on adventure which bears in it some risks.

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5. Their Happiness may depend on people: Happiness for an extrovert may be dependent on the people around him. An extrovert is thrilled by others. He would easily get bored whenever he is not surrounded.

Also people would usually believe them to be fulfilled as though they have no personal problems. An extrovert may not get empathy as much as introverts. Extroverts need people around them ALMOST all the time. They cannot handle loneliness. Also because they are always mingling with people, they can attract the bad or unwanted kind of people too.

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Extroverts actually make the world a better and lively place. In addition to the headings discussed above, extroverts can be very confident. They have the ability to take lead in all aspects and sectors. It is in fact a type of personality that even the introverts may which to belong to if within their might.