Best Apps To Watch Live Football 2024 (For Android & IOS): Top 14 Most Popular

Best Apps To Watch Live Football: Football is an addictive sport and it is often difficult football lovers to stay without watching a football match, especially when their favourite team is playing, however there are instances wherein one may be far from home, doesn’t enjoy going to the viewing or his TV subscription just finished, these instances makes it impossible for a person in this situation to meet up with watching the football, but when the advent of technological innovations a person could now worry less about missing a football match when any of these situations arises as you may now stream a live football match with your mobile phone which we all have.

Using streaming applications on my phone has saved me numerous times from missing a football match, it has saved many people too and if you’re a football lover it can save you too. This is why I’m writing this Article to inform you of applications which you can use to watch a football match on your phone when you are in a difficult situation which makes it impossible for you to meet up with watching a Match.

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Top 14 Best Apps To Watch Live Football (Android and IOS)

The following are the best Applications which you can use to stream a Live match with your mobile phone:

1. DSTV now Application: The DStv now phone application serves the same purpose as your decoder at home, the only difference is your smartphone. This means that by having the DStv now application you will have full access to all the contents and channels you could access with your DStv at home with just your mobile phone, so therefore you are sure of not missing a football match if you can’t meet up with reaching home in time to see a Match in your Parlour.

Best app to watch live sports free iPhone
Best app to watch live sports free iPhone

To enjoy this luxury of the DStv application, all you need to do is to download the Dstv application and go link it with your Dstv decoder at home. Provided that your subscription is still active you can stream any match of your choice on the supersport channels on the application.

The DStv application appears to the best live football streaming Application in Africa as it is a 100% over 100% with no single flaw. In this Application there is nothing like ad’s, there is not like interrupted streams, and there is a very high quality which is same quality you will get when watching a Match with your television. So therefore there is no difference in streaming a Match with the DStv application on your phone and watching the watch on the television with your DStv decoder.

This DStv application is my favourite football stream application and I’m sure you will enjoy it too if you give it a try.

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2. CBS Sports: CBS Sports is the official Sports Application of CBS which is an American Commercial broadcast television. The CBS sports application offers you a 24/7 access to football news, highlights, game results, breaking news and importantly streaming live matches.

How to watch football live on phone free
How to watch football live on phone free

CBS Application is a very good streaming application. It is also quite recognized that other live tv carry CBS sports. Some of these Live Tv which carries CBS sports are Fubotv, Hulu+ Live tv, and YouTube TV.

3. ESPN: ESPN which stands for Entertainment and Sports programming network is a well known sporting brand. ESPN has two 24 hours sports channel and it has an application which permits one to stream numerous live events including Football with a great video quality.

Best 10 Apps for Streaming Live Sports
Best 10 Apps for Streaming Live Sports

The quality of stream of the ESPN Application makes it one of the best streaming Application and it is not free for this value it offers as there is a subscription fee to enjoy unlimited access to stream all live football matches on your ESPN TV Application.

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4. Live Football TV: Live Football Tv is a popular football stream application for Android users. This Application was the first football streaming phone Application which I used before I started making use of my DStv now application.

Best app to watch live sports free Android
Best app to watch live sports free Android

Live football is a great streaming application which you will enjoy as it offers a great video quality and commentary in two or more languages and this Application is free. There is no payment of any kind whatsoever nor subscription to be made to enjoy access to Live Football Tv. The only cons with this Application is that Ad’s always pop up on this app and this could be annoying to users especially considering the fact that you can’t restrict these ad’s.

5. Yacine TV: Yacine TV is an Arabic Tv Application which gives you access to international channels and to stream all live football matches of your choice.

Which app can I use to watch live football matches on an Android phone?
Which app can I use to watch live football matches on an Android phone?

This Application is an excellent strong Application which is simple in nature offering a great video quality. However, just like the Live Football Tv Application; users experiences the sand issue of disturbing ads.

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6. Moko TV: Moko TV is a free football streaming Application which is available on Android phones. It has a simple and user friendly interface, a great video quality and it is compatible in all Android phones from Android 5.0 or higher.

Live Football TV app
Live Football TV app

7. Live Football: Live Football is another great football streaming Application. It is similar in name but different in features from the above mentioned Live football, however they serve the same purpose of providing free access to football streams.
Thus Live Football Application is free and it is available on Google play store at a just a download rate of 16 MB.

Best app to watch live football free
Best app to watch live football free

Impressively, this Application does not usually consume much data unlike other football streams Application and this Application will give a decent HD quality of live football match and commentary which will make you enjoy your football match with your phone.

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8. Yip TV: Yip TV is an entertainment live tv which offers more than just football as it has over 45 live tv channels on various aspects of entertainment. This application is a quality application for streaming any football match of your choice as it boasts of high digital quality broadcast of football matches on this Application.

Best Live football TV app for Android
Best Live football TV app for Android

Yip tv could effectively serve as an alternative to having a cable and if always comes in handy when you want to stream a Match on it’s Application provided that you subscribe either monthly or annually to this Tv.

9. Sky Sports: Sky Sports is a television channel brand in United Kingdom and Ireland. It is one of the most popular match broadcast channel as it’s television televises football matches to millions of users through the sky sport Application.

Best Streaming Apps for Sport and Football Watching
Best Apps To Watch Live Football

Making use of this application to steam a match requires a payment or subscription. When you pay you will have an unlimited access on this application for the time being to stream any match of your choice using your mobile phone.

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10. BBC Sports Application: Just like Sky sports, BBC is another popular broadcasting service which permits football lovers to access a  great quality of live football matches with their smartphone in their comfort zone. The BBC sports Application available on Smartphone is a great Application which will make you enjoy streaming a live football match.

Best Apps To Watch Live Football
Best Apps To Watch Live Football

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11. Live Sports Plus HD: The Live Sports Plus HD is a free app for watching FIFA World Cup, you need not worry about the apps graphics quality as it delivers matches in super HD qualities and with a good and clean English commentary.  There are no limitations to streaming World Cup matches in this app, including the one in Qatar, and you get to stream with no buffering issues. It also has one of the best user interface.

What app can i watch all live football games?
Best Apps To Watch Live Football

However, this app does not exist without a disadvantage (nothing does really) the major disadvantage this app possess is that there are constant ads which appears at the top and takes up half the screen preventing the users from seeing the game in a full version. Asides this minor details, the app is very perfect for streaming live matches both in an android phone and in an iPhone.

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12. SPORT TV LIVE: The Sport TV Live application is available for Android and iOS devices but not available for Windows Phones. This app will not leave you indifferent and will allow you to stream live matches for free on the app and this does not only include the World Cup but other matches in the world.

Best Apps To Watch Live Football
Best Apps To Watch Live Football

It appears to be based on Spanish matches, however, you will not only be streaming matches in Spain but all over the world and you will get them in the best quality too. This is because the visuals are in HD quality and the smoothness of the image and playback is simply perfect. Some of the channels you can access on Sports TV Life are:

a. Antena 3

b. Eurosport

c. Fox Sports, Sports 1 and 2

d. Football HD

e. Sky Net Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

f. Sportsnet 360 HD

g. 1TV-GEO

h. Silk Universal

i. NFL netword

j. Sport Klub 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

k. Real Madrid TV

l. Super Sports News, 2, 3

m. Silk Sports 2HD

n. Silk Sports 1HD

o. Sports Tonight, and many more.

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13. Eurosport: The Eurosport is a well-known sports channel and an official application. This app enables you to watch the Eurosport channel live and if a live match that interests you is being shown, you could easily watch the match at your convenience.

Best Apps To Watch Live Football
Best Apps To Watch Live Football

In addition to this, you would also be able to access all the exclusive content of Eurosport, these are discovering the latest news, images, videos, statistics and many more, the bonus part is that it can be found on every sports you can imagine. It also has live results or score, live broadcast on the main football matches and various other sporting event like the basketball, boxing, tennis, motor racing, rugby, and may others.

14. Live Scores: Just As the name suggests, this app Live Scores is an application where you can find all that you need, without exaggeration, the all soccer results of the moment. This application allows you to watch live football matches right from your mobile or tablet, and another interesting part is that you would be able to follow closely all the details of the football matches of any country in the world and in any country of the world.

Best Apps To Watch Live Football
Best Apps To Watch Live Football

Another advantage of this app is that it sends notifications to you on where to find and watch your team’s game or any competition you choose as a favorite. However, before doing that you must have set the apps algorithm to your specified matches. You also get to share your opinion with other soccer enthusiast on the Soccer Results community while enjoying all the soccer competitions in the world.

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These aforementioned Applications will give you a quality live match stream and I enjoin every football lovers to try any of them out. If you have used any of these Application before, kindly share your experience in the comment section below.

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