Jobs That Cannot Be Replaced By Robots/AI 2024: Top 14

Top 14 Jobs That Cannot Be Replaced By Robots: At some point in one’s life, the need for gainful employment becomes imperative and this has come to be and considered to stem out of necessity. In order to survive in a modern society, one has to adapt to  modern lifestyle and that comes with a lot of responsibilites and to meet up with such responsibilites, they need to be gainfully employed. Before the introduction of AI, it is required that one fit into a particular job description that he or she applied for or offered. it is a very important aspect of assessment especially when it has to do with a professional job.

To this end, some jobs are meant to require a certain level of human intelligence, common sense and reasonableness, physical structure or physique and in most situations; emotional balance. Job opportunities abounds in practically every aspect of life ranging from the simplest job one could engage in, like housekeeping, down to professional jobs like being a banker or effectively running a business empire, medical doctors, legal practitioners and many others. The advent of AI has been advanced to a stage where human characteristics has been simulated and roles taken by robots even in places of employment.

It is a welcome develpment to have more Technology involved and being deployed to ease life activities however, the source livelihood of many seem to be at stake and the fear of being redundant while artificial intelligence take up human roles keeps growing. In as much as the scope of AI is yet to be ascertained, there are quite a number of job description that requires real human effort and Intelligence to execute and so, these jobs are most likely not going to be taken over by robots. We will consider some of them below.

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Top 14 Jobs That Cannot Be Replaced By Robots Yet

1. Legal Attorneys: The role of a lawyer otherwise known in some jurisdictions as attorneys cannot be easily replaced by the introduction of AI. There is no doubt about the importance and immense assistance it could be to the legal profession but it cannot ultimately replace legal practitioners.

Jobs That Won't be Automated
Jobs That Won’t be Automated

The job description of an attorney is one that is not just delicate (considering the fact that in some cases, human lives may be hanging in the balance) it requires a lot of logic based on dynamic circumstances. Law is not static and so is it’s application. Circumstances varies and so, it takes human effort to steer the legal wheel through the tides in order to achieve substantive justice. AI is programmed in a certain pattern and once events occur outside it’s scope, it’s easy for it to run into errors.

2. Leadership: Leadership and leadership roles are another area of human life and job that would hardly be overtaken by robotics anytime soon. The concept of leadership is based on human administration on certain basis that aligns with the people.human behavior can be unpredictable sometimes and that is what brings about enacting of new laws and rules on regular basis to cover those novel areas as them come up.

Jobs That Robots and AI Can't Do
Jobs That Robots and AI Can’t Do

Assuming and exhibiting leadership roles requires a touch with life and human dispositions at all times to be able to feel the needs of the people which is what representation is all about. Robots cannot possibly lead humans because they lack emotions and dynamic behavioral dispositions to analyse human existence in it’s totality.

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3. Medical Professionals: The life and well-being of humans and even animals are very dear and sensitive. Taking care of lives can be a noble duty. It requires a lot skill and mastery (above average)  to carry it out. The job specifications of medical practitioners includes diagnosis, physical examination and treatments.

What jobs cannot be replaced by robots?
What jobs cannot be replaced by robots?

Treatments in this case also includes surgical operations and live assessment of the patient during such periods. To do this, you need to be observant, passionate and meticulous. Where there are minor or major complications, one could speedily and rationally take calculated decisions to save the patient’s life. This is something that requires the human brain to calculate and effectively manage and so, AI might not be taking the job anytime soon.

4. Healthcare Practitioners: The job of Medical practitioners and healthcare practitioners may have some form of overlap but are quite unique and distinct to an extent. The healthcare practitioners provide services to patients using the non- pharmaceutical intervention and approach like therapy and others. It is something that requires physical examination in most cases, it is usually commenced by an interactive session between the healthcare practitioner and the patient.

finance jobs that won't be automated
finance jobs that won’t be automated

The patient gets to give detail account of how he or she feels and the physical cause of their situation or how long it had started in order to narrow and aid in proper diagnosis and treatment or prescriptions. AI may lack the Intelligence to ask the most relevant questions and to logically sieve the answers and process the possible cause of a situation.

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5. IT Professionals: Information Technology is the new trend and ways of simplifying life. According to Wikipedia, Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to create, process, store, retrieve, and exchange all kinds of data and information. This is something that requires human effort to program, input or upload, retrieve and effective managed.

jobs that can't be replaced by technology
jobs that can’t be replaced by technology

One thing is sure, a robot can’t independently create itself and store all the necessary data it needs to function. It cannot create and specify it’s scope of operation and so, the human effort will always be required and that makes it one of the jobs that cannot be replaced by robots.

6. Human Resources Professionals: In most establishments, human resource professionals are employed to help in recruiting employees, training them and assigning them to their areas of job portfolios. To do this, one has to be an expert with a top-notch skill and penchant for details.

Jobs That Cannot Be Replaced By Robots
Jobs That Cannot Be Replaced By Robots

Knowing the best applicant to employ has to be an objective exercise and it is certainly a quality that an AI lacks. AI might be able to program a basic requirement or test but is some situations, the right applicant may be required to show extra quality over and above others. In such situation, the robots may be required to be going through constant reprogramming which is something that would pose a lot of time and resource wastage.

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7. Creativity: Live is dynamic and so, humans are predisposed to life changing events. Life is full of creativity from art to science. In this instance, we consider art. Artistic displays are works or cognitive development and optimal imaginations. Humans are prone to lively imaginations that could spur creativity or creative art.

jobs robots can't do
jobs robots can’t do

Songs and drawings, designs and plannings are all examples of artistic dispositions spurred by human imagination. An AI or robot (in simple terms) cannot effectively think or imagine because it lacks the brain and ability to do so. It only operates based on the available data stored in it.

8. Occupational Therapists: A therapist is someone that engages in therapy sessions with his or her clients. They are professionals in different fields and so provides therapy based on their area of expertise. An occupational therapist handles the psychological well-being of those engaging in different line of business. Engaging in trades and other occupation comes with lots of challenges like stress and it affects human relations.

Jobs That Will Never Be Replaced By AI
Jobs That Will Never Be Replaced By AI

The stress involved could trigger other negative or positive reactions on the client and so, the therapist tries to help the individual manage their stress by advicing them on how to channel the energy into something more productive. The AI cannot effectively do these because it doesn’t look or observe certain features like human demeanor, language tone and expressions that could ordinarily reveal certain dispositions that couldn’t be put in words and so, AI can’t possibly replace the job.

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9. Emergency Management Directors: From time to time, emergency situations arise, these are real time events and situations that require real life assessment and analysis in order to come up with possible human solutions. Emergency directors or emergency management directors are people who are skilled and knowledgeable in the area of emergency management using or comparing situations with empirical evidence or assessment in order to come up with a lasting solution.

Jobs that AI will never replace
Jobs that AI will never replace

It is something AI may not possibly be able to achieve because it has been programmed in a way that it lacks basic dynamic structure that can handle unpredictable and unforeseen emergency situations.

10. Engineering: It is no doubt how much technology has fused in the area of engineering, production and many others. It is also no doubt that these technologies used can break down at some point and would need repairs.

what jobs robots can't do
what jobs robots can’t do

Some are built in a way that they could even efficiently manage some form of minor defaults by self repairs but; at some point, it eventually breakdown beyond self repair and would need a professional engineer to fix it and get it working again. This is the point where the human effort beats that of AI and so, no matter the stage of technological advancement we get to, AI can never replace human Engineers.

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11. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs): The position of an entrepreneur is one that will hardly ever be filled by machines rather than men. Although grit, instinct, persistence, and leadership qualities cannot be replicated by a machine, man can only gain enormously by the application of technology, as is now the case.

The jobs AI won't take yet
The jobs AI won’t take yet

Chief executive officers are responsible for leading large teams of employees, articulating the goals and purposes of their organisations, and guiding overall strategy. Humans will also always feel more at ease investing in businesses operated by people rather than machines.

And chief executive officers’ roles are primarily dependent on capacity to direct and manage resources. Such skills cannot be automated at all. The subjective nature of leadership makes it challenging enough to teach to machines.

12. Graphic Designers: It takes a great deal of technical and aesthetic ability to comprehend the needs of the clients. AI currently lacks the originality and creativity necessary to produce anything fresh. It can only process the data that is already in its database by according to the instructions.

ChatGPT Says Artificial Intelligence Cannot Replace These Jobs
ChatGPT Says Artificial Intelligence Cannot Replace These Jobs

Despite numerous initiatives to allow AI for creativity, it seems doubtful the at AI will ever completely replace human digital artists.

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13. Editors: While artificial intelligence (AI) technology can check writing for clarity, plagiarism, and spelling errors, it currently lacks several in-depth features required for content assessment. Editors must go over the text and take the intended audience and writing style into account.

Which jobs are in danger due to AI
Which jobs are in danger due to AI

Additionally, editors must check the work for accuracy and thoroughness. The thinking and fact-checking abilities required for this undertaking are now solely possessed by humans.

14. PR Managers: Building relationships and widening your network are the two main goals of public relations. Managers of public relations must deal with a variety of audiences that may be addressed via various channels of communication.

What jobs will disappear due to AI
What jobs will disappear due to AI

Additionally, PR managers must employ the human element in order to increase awareness, inspire support for a cause, generate buzz, or raise money. The emotional connection between AI technologies and the human brain is now not possible.

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In conclusion, AI or robots has really shown to be of great advantage and value to man in so many ways. In recent times, there are quite a number of jobs that has been taken over by robots such as clerical positions, documentations and call attendants. It is a welcome develpment but, some jobs are well managed by humans and should be left for them to effectively handled.