Easiest Jobs In The World That Pays Well: Top 12

Easiest jobs in the world: There are a good number of easy jobs all around the world but they are in different categories because the word “easy” may mean different things to different people.
This is so because as regards to jobs, it may mean “a short period of time” to one and then mean “a smooth ride on something” to another. This implies that what an easy job is requires a subjective approach as it depends on the nature of the job in question and to an extent, it may mean a job which is not stressful (even though may have a low stress) and which the person doing it finds fun.

So it may be explained by too many factors in which one may apply in a particular case. They include: soft contact between the job and the public, no or low stress levels, extent of enjoyment in the job tasks, the period of deadlines or other time pressures, extent of criticism from the job, few physical demands or physical comfort e.t.c and these factors necessitates some of the categories of the jobs contained in this article. Now let us see the easiest jobs in the world.

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Top 12 Easiest Jobs In The world That Pays Well

1. Aviation Porter: This is a person who is employed at the airport terminals in order to help air passengers or patrons in carrying their baggage in or out of an aircraft or airport taxi. A fairly straightforward job. This employee is only charged with the duty to ensure that the aforementioned passengers are well taken care of when it comes to loading or offloading their baggage at the airport and to ameliorate any issue as to that regard.

Easiest and Best Paying Jobs in the World
Easiest and Best Paying Jobs in the World

So, his jobs are straightforward and simple and they include: taking care of the baggage and ensuring that the passengers and their baggage arrived at the destination terminal safe and once these duties are discharged, the aviation porter or attendant has done his job which have not imposed any stress on him at all. Today, it is easy to do this job even without experience but the basic requirement is to know the technique for customer service. The aviation porters earn $56,640 yearly (the lowest pay) on this easy job.

2. Massage Specialist: Becoming a specialist in massaging people’s bodies does not require any license or training but a person who enjoys helping people who have certain bodily conditions to relax will do well as a massage specialist or therapist.

Low-Stress and Fun Jobs That Pay Well in 2022
Low-Stress and Fun Jobs That Pay Well in 2022

This job is so easy that the specialists (who do it on their own) can even fix or be in control of their duty plans even though those who work with retail spas or clinics may not find it easy to do so.
Today, a massage specialist is paid an annual salary which is close to $42,820 (the lowest pay) for the easy job they do.

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3. Physical Fitness Trainer: If you are physically fit and are ready to help others to be so, then you will do well as a trainer for physical fitness. This job only entails helping other people to boost their health and get fit and working with them in order to be sure that they are safe while using the proper form for their physical fitness.

Which is the easiest job in the world?
Which is the easiest job in the world?

This job is easy but active in that it gives the trainer the chance to always work with individuals or groups in order to improve their skills for stress management, level of fitness, and overall health.

This trainer gets to know his clients and to assist them in the strenuous journey towards improving their physical fitness. Today, this job does not require that the trainer should have any form of technical training or license, but needs to acquire some certificates (such as High School Diploma) so as to help in boosting his payments or earning potentials. Most recently, this trainer is paid an annual salary of $40,390 (the lowest pay) in just doing this job.

4. Librarian: Those who loves books and filing them will do well if they work at libraries. The library work is very easy in that they only have to ensure that book materials are properly kept or stored at the library shelves and that the library is always organized. This is so important because if anyone checks an item or material out in the library, such materials will be recorded properly and corectly.

Easy Jobs That Pay Well
Easy Jobs That Pay Well

One of the major duties of a librarian is Cataloguing of materials, it is not stressful and its actual work environment is quiet and calm and this makes its other tasks (such as: assistance in reading and research) so relaxing. It is even easy to employ librarians because their services are needed in: school or public libraries, other corporations which include: healthcare facilities, law firms, museums, government institutions, and non-profit organizations (NGOs).

However, this job is easy but requires certificates and today, if the librarian has a minimum of Master’s degree certificate in library science, he could be paid an annual salary of $59,050 (the lowest pay).

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5. Sales Representative: Today, this is an easy job for those who are persuasive and social in that they use the most of their time in expatiating the qualities of a product or service, convincing prospective purchasers in order to make purchases, and proffering answers to questions from the purchasers.

Low Effort Jobs That Pay Insanely Well
Low Effort Jobs That Pay Insanely Well

It also requires that the representative need to build and maintain professional relationships with people in other companies or organizations. This implies that those people need to become his friends and so, he has to take them out for nice meals and drinks, which his employer (whom he represents) is liable for the expenses.

The selling is usually stress-free and requires friendly conversations about the needs of potential or existing customers. It also often involves little or no cold-calling and plenteous downtime. However, sale representation is an easy job but requires certificates and a bachelor’s degree (minimum) in an area related to science, engineering, or technology can go for it.

For instance, as at 2022, a bachelor’s degree in biology (as it is science related) could help one qualify for sales jobs in the industry of biotech and will be paid an annual salary of $53,310 (lowest pay) for the easy job he does.

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6. Tutor: A person who is knowledgeable in some subjects (or even a particular subject) and has some skills needed in teaching will easily do the tutorial job and make income from it. He can also control his tutorial plams and make his choice as regards the number of clients (as in tutees) to tutor.

Today, this simple job can fetch the sum of $39,350 yearly (lowest pay).

Easy jobs to get with no experience
Easy jobs to get with no experience

7. Photographer: This job is so easy that it only requires a digital camera to accomplish. Thereafter, the photographer’s job are: shooting pictures or videos with the job guidelines, editing them, and discussion between the photographer and the clients on the job goals.

Easiest jobs for teens
Easiest jobs for teens

In addition, the job does not require a certificate for a start, but may require a certificate in a subject which relates to it so as to help the photographer develop the knowledge that he needs for the job.
Most recently, photographers are paid the total sum of $52,305 (lowest pay) annually for just the shooting jobs they do.

8. Electrician: Today, the services of an electrician is so much needed in our society as light or electricity is important in homes, offices, and workplaces. This service is so simple for a skill operator of electricity in that he has been trained in that respect and it will not take much of his time to connect or reconnect it anywhere.

Easiest jobs in the world
Easiest jobs in the world

The major job of an electrician is to regulate the functioning of residential and commercial electrical wiring, and lighting systems. However, there are some requirements for this job before it can be easy for him to operate and they are: he must have obtained the certificate of High School Diploma, attended a vocational school on order to complete a license course and thereafter, he must a attend the necessary apprenticeship which is for 3 to 5 years.

Recently, electricians are paid an annual salary of $49,000 (lowest pay).

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9. Painter: Painting is an easy job for someone who has the basic knowledge of it in that he only uses his portable tools (such as: buckets, roller, brush, wall cleaner, paint tape.e.t.c which could be easy to afford) and applies them in different coatings such as: paint, sealants, or primer.

Some of the painters did not even learn how do it it before going into it but learnt it after they have started the painting job. So, it is so easy that a special learning before the job is not required but it can be learnt while on it and today, painters are paid a total of $40,280 (lowest pay) in a year for just painting houses and structures.

10. Software Builder: Software builder work almost everday but the work is so easy, enjoyable, and stress-free even though they need to have acquired high certificates and have been knowledgeable in computer science, thinking innovatively, and must have developed capacity for problem solving. After all these qualifications, he finds it very simple and easy to do his work in that he will remain on it throughout the day.

What is the laziest job in the world?
What is the laziest job in the world?

Another advantage of software building is that it can qualify the builder for other easy jobs or skills that relates to it and also gives time for him to do his work at home or other place of his choice. Today, this job pays an annual salary of $65,210 yearly (lowest pay) just by working at freelance and will. To earn higher as a software builder, you have to be working in any of the top companies that pays well. 

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11. Truck and Taxi driver: As at 2022, this job is one of the easiest jobs in the world in that the only requirement is driving skill, the driver’s license, and some knowledge of road linkages. Driving is an industry that provides easy supplementary job to other sources of income and offers a simple way to make a living.

Even though there are few instances where the driver needs to load or offload goods at different destinations (in cases of truck driving), but the job is an enjoyable one (this is because in cases of taxi friving, it entails more of picking commuters and travellers from different locatiins to another) without any stress.

Today, another easy aspect of driving is that it can be done on part-time basis and the income of drivers vary as it depends largely on their respective licenses and carriage. So, in the case of a truck driver, if the truck has a long carriage (that is he drives a trailer), he earns up to $45,260 (lowest pay) annually while some may be up to $66,840 but in the case of a taxi driver, he earns up to $32,320 (lowest pay) annually.

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12. House Sitter: The major duty in this job is to ensure that the house in question does not sit empty without a person to keep and maintain it and other duties include: checking the mail, watering of plants, and some other light cleaning. However, he is not expect to be in that house the whole day.

This job is so simple because the Sitter is not expected to be in that house the whole day and so he can even have many other jobs in addition to it. Today, House sitters actually earn $34,768 yearly (lowest pay) just for being available in the house of another so as to keep and maintain it.