Anyway or Anyways, Which is Correct? (Answered)

Anyway or Anyways, Which is Correct?: In the midst of tussle of grammatically correct words in English Language, two words: ‘anyway‘ and ‘anyways‘ has been subject of debate over the years. As I have previously distilled in previous articles, the grammatically correct words of most conflicting words in English Language, In this Article, we shall once again look at two conflicting words: ‘Anyway‘ and ‘Anyways‘, examining which of them is grammatically correct.

Anyway or Anyways Which is Correct?
Anyway or Anyways Which is Correct?

Before we proceed further, It is imperative that we throw light on the meaning of these two words.

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Meaning of Anyway

Anyway is a Adverb (a word which modifies or qualifies an Adjective, Verbs, or other Adverbs), used when adding something to support an idea or argument. For example, Tochukwu this book is too big to finish reading, anyway it’s not even worth it.

Anyway may also be used when changing the subject of a Conversation. For example: When I am talking to a person, to revert the attention of such a person or bring up a new subject matter, I may say ‘Anyway, as I was saying’, ‘anyway, has the meeting been postponed?’

Anyway may also be used to illustrate that regardless of an Obstacle, you still proceeded with doing a thing. For example: Despite the Snow, I bathed with a Cold water anyway.

Finally, the Word Anyway may be used in a Situation where you want to change what you have said earlier. E.g. Frank is a smoker. He was when I last saw him anyway.

What Is The Difference Between “Anyway,” “Anyways,” And “Any Way”?
What Is The Difference Between “Anyway,” “Anyways,” And “Any Way”?

Meaning of Anyways

Anyways is an informal way of saying Anyway, or better put it is an informal substitute of Anyway. Hence, it has the same above considered meaning as Anyway. For example: The Situation is Complex, so you wouldn’t understand, anyways.

The fact that both words ‘anyway’ and ‘anyways’ have the same meaning and context begs the question which forms the subject matter of this Article.

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Which is correct between anyway and anyways

Generally, Anyway is the grammatically correct word in English Parlance, and Anyways is just a colloquial variant. Hence, it is considered as just a Slang, informal, or non-standard word. Thus, it is my considered opinion that Anyway is the Correct word in English Language, however anyways may still be used in some instances.

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Instances Where You May Make Use of Anyways

1. Colloquial Speech: Colloquial Speech Is a Casual communication which entertains the use of informal words and phrases. Hence, anyways may be rightly used in such conversation or communication. An example of it in such conversation is: I was drunk, but was able to go home anyways. I understood him anyways. Anyways, we will still see tomorrow.

2. Informal Situation: The word Anyways may conveniently used in informal situations such as Informal speech, writing, or letter as the case maybe.

In these instances, it is correct for you to make use of Anyways.

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In conclusion, it is instructive to note that as established in this Article, Anyway is the grammatically correct word, this is due to the fact it’s universally recognized in English Language as correct, and it is also an adverb. One rule of an adverb is that an Adverb cannot be plural. Thus, it is wrong to add ‘s‘ to anyway, as it will make the adverb ‘anyway‘ plural. Hence, rendering it grammaticality incorrect.

Furthermore, as stated in this Article there are some instances ‘Anyways’ may be used. However, the fact Anyways may be used in those instances doesn’t make it grammatically correct in English Parlance, as those instances are informal. So therefore it is apposite you make use of ‘Anyway‘ whenever you are speaking or writing.