Best Places To Live In Japan 2023 (With Pictures): Top 6

Best Places To Live In Japan: Japan, a land of captivating contrasts, offers a remarkable blend of tradition and modernity, where ancient temples stand in the shadows of futuristic skyscrapers. Renowned for its captivating culture, technological innovation, and breathtaking natural beauty, the Land of the Rising Sun offers a plethora of enticing choices for those seeking to call it home.
From bustling metropolises to tranquil retreats, Japan’s cities provide a diverse range of lifestyles and experiences. This is why it is not surprising that about 2.6 million foreigners now live in Japan.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re embarking on a virtual exploration of the five best places to live in Japan, each with its unique allure and reasons to be considered. Whether you’re captivated by urban excitement or yearning for serene landscapes, Japan has a place that suits your desires.

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Top Six (6) Best Cities To Live in Japan

1. Tokyo: Tokyo, the pulsating heart of Japan, seamlessly weaves together ancient traditions and cutting-edge trends. Boasting a mesmerising skyline, a myriad of entertainment options, and a thriving cultural scene, Tokyo offers an urban experience like no other. Tokyo is number one on our list because it offers migrants all the resources they need to start out life in Japan. It is also the best place in Japan to start your job search.

Cities To Live In Japan For Expats
Cities To Live In Japan For Expats

Tokyo is also the best option for people who are moving to Japan with their families. The city offers access to top notch educational facilities. The highest ranking schools in Japan would not be complete without multiple options from Tokyo. The city also offers enterntainment facilities that are family friendly.

Reasons to Choose Tokyo:

A. Cultural Diversity: Tokyo’s cosmopolitan atmosphere welcomes people from around the world, offering a global community and diverse culinary experiences.

B. Economic Opportunities: As an international business hub, Tokyo presents a wealth of career prospects across industries, from finance to technology.

C. Dynamic Lifestyle: From fashion-forward districts like Harajuku to tranquil pockets like Ueno Park, Tokyo caters to a wide range of interests.

D. Efficient Public Transportation: Tokyo’s efficient train system ensures hassle-free travel within the city and beyond.

E. Family-Friendly: Tokyo’s educational system and its wide range of entertainment options makes the city the best option for migrating families.

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2. Kyoto: For those enchanted by Japan’s historical charm, Kyoto stands as an unparalleled destination. With its exquisite temples, serene gardens, and traditional tea houses, Kyoto offers a peaceful retreat into Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

Cheapest place to live in Japan for foreigners
Cheapest place to live in Japan for foreigners

Kyoto is also one of the best cities for people who do not do too well with extreme heat or cold. The climate is perfect.

Reasons to Choose Kyoto:

A. Cultural Treasures: Kyoto is home to UNESCO-listed sites such as the Kiyomizu-dera Temple and the Fushimi Inari Shrine, preserving centuries of tradition.

B. Seasonal Delights: Witness the ethereal beauty of cherry blossoms in spring and vibrant red maple foliage in autumn, transforming Kyoto into a living canvas.

C. Zen Aesthetics: Kyoto’s Zen gardens and meditation spaces provide a haven for reflection and tranquillity.

D. Tea Ceremony Tradition: Immerse yourself in the art of tea, as Kyoto is the birthplace of the revered Japanese tea ceremony.

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3. Osaka: Osaka, often referred to as the “Kitchen of Japan,” tantalises the senses with its delectable street food, lively markets, and warm-hearted locals. No wonder it is referred to as the country’s culinary capital.

Best Places in Japan ranked by Quality & Cost of living
Best Places in Japan ranked by Quality & Cost of living

However, Osaka is more than just the best place to get Okonomiyaki. The city’s energetic vibe and culinary wonders make it an attractive choice for those seeking a unique blend of culture and modernity.

Reasons to Choose Osaka:

A. Culinary Paradise: Explore the vibrant Dotonbori district, famous for its mouthwatering takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and diverse street food.

B. Friendly Atmosphere: Osaka’s welcoming inhabitants create a sense of community and belonging for residents and newcomers alike.

C. Business Hub: The city’s strategic location and thriving economy offer abundant job opportunities and career growth.

D. Festive Spirit: Experience the lively atmosphere of festivals like the Tenjin Matsuri, celebrating Osaka’s rich cultural heritage.

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4. Fukuoka: Nestled in Japan’s southernmost main island of Kyushu, Fukuoka offers a blend of urban convenience and relaxed island living. With its mild climate, coastal beauty, and vibrant arts scene, Fukuoka provides a refreshing alternative to Japan’s larger cities.

Best Places to Live in Japan as an Expat or Foreigner
Best Places to Live in Japan as an Expat or Foreigner

Reasons to Choose Fukuoka:

A. Mild Climate: Enjoy a more temperate climate compared to other Japanese cities, making Fukuoka a comfortable year-round destination.

B. Cultural Fusion: Fukuoka’s proximity to other Asian countries has led to a diverse cultural scene, reflected in its cuisine and festivals.

C. Artistic Vibes: Explore the trendy neighbourhoods of Tenjin and Nakasu, where art galleries, music venues, and cafes thrive.

D. Access to Nature: Experience the stunning landscapes of Kyushu, including hot springs, beaches, and nearby scenic islands.

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5. Sapporo: For those enchanted by winter wonderlands and outdoor pursuits, Sapporo beckons with its snow-covered landscapes and vibrant seasonal festivals. As the capital of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, Sapporo offers a unique living experience for snow enthusiasts. The city’s beauty is unmatched during winter, and it is one of the most affordable cities to live in. So if you are not afraid of the cold, Sapporo is a great place to start your new life in Japan.

Best Places To Live In Japan For Expats
Best Places To Live In Japan For Expats

Reasons to Choose Sapporo:

A. Winter Sports Paradise: Indulge in skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating during the snowy months, taking advantage of Hokkaido’s renowned powder snow.

B. Sapporo Snow Festival: Witness the magical transformation of the city during the annual snow and ice sculpture festival.

C. Breathtaking Landscapes: Explore Hokkaido’s natural beauty, from the picturesque Otaru Canal to the serene shores of Lake Shikotsu.

D. Culinary Delights: Savour Hokkaido’s famed seafood, including succulent crab and fresh seafood bowls.

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6. Nagoya: A Fusion of Heritage and Industry

Nagoya, often overlooked, is a hidden gem that seamlessly combines history with modernity. As a hub of manufacturing and innovation, Nagoya offers a unique living experience with a touch of tradition.
The city is rich in history that can be traced back to the Jomon period in Japan. It is home to about 2.3 million people and is the third largest city in the country.

Best cities in Japan to visit
Best cities in Japan to visit

Reasons to Choose Nagoya:

A. Historical Treasures: Explore Nagoya Castle, an iconic symbol of the city, and Atsuta Shrine, one of Japan’s most revered Shinto shrines.

B. Automotive Heritage: Nagoya is home to Toyota, and car enthusiasts will delight in the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology.

C. Local Cuisine: Indulge in hitsumabushi, Nagoya’s famous grilled eel dish, and other regional specialties that tantalise the taste buds.

D. Accessibility: Enjoy easy access to nearby cities like Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo through efficient transportation networks.

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Japan’s cities offer a kaleidoscope of possibilities, catering to a diverse range of lifestyles and preferences. And while a move to Japan is definitely a positive one, choosing from one of the numerous cities can pose a challenge.

To help with that, we have curated a list of some of the best places to start your new life in the land of the rising sun. Whether you’re drawn to Tokyo’s electric energy, Kyoto’s timeless elegance, Osaka’s culinary delights, Fukuoka’s laid-back charm, or Sapporo’s snowy adventures, each city presents a unique tapestry of experiences waiting to be unravelled. As you contemplate your move to the Land of the Rising Sun, consider the city that resonates with your aspirations and embark on a transformative journey to your own Japanese haven.