Best Websites To Learn Python Online 2024: Top 14

Best Websites To Learn Python: Python is a high-level, Interpreted and Object oriented Programming Language which is used to create a variety of different programs and perform multiplicity of functions. Python is one of the best Programming Language and it has been often referred to as the King of Programming Language, and as a result is therefore one of the most desired programming languages to learn.

Websites to Learn Python Coding for FREE
Websites to Learn Python Coding for FREE

In case you are desirous of learning Python Programming Language, this Article shall examine some of the best Websites for you to learn Python.

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Top 14 Best Websites for Python Online 2024

Some of the best Websites for learning Python are:

1. Udemy: Udemy is one of the largest Education website which is tailored at improving lives through learning and it massively contributes to the life of a prospective programmer by offering courses on Python; which will help teach beginners this programming Language.

The official Python tutorial
The official Python tutorial

Impressively, this site has a couple of free python courses such as Introduction to Python Programming (which will teach you the basics of Python, Python got Absolute Beginners, Python from Beginner to Intermediate), Python Web development, Learning the building blocks of Python for absolute beginners and much more which will perfectly teach you Python Programming Language without you paying a dim.

Udemy equally has a couple of paid Python Courses such as Python beyond the basics, learning Python: The Complex Python Programming Course, Python for Data Structures, algorithm and Interviews, Python Mega Course: Build in Real world Application, the Complex Python Developer Course and much more.

These paid or free python courses on Udemy site will definitely teach you Python Programming Language effectively with illustrations and interactive videos.

Best Way to Learn Python in 2022
Best Way to Learn Python in 2022

2. Coursera: Coursera is an open online course provider affiliated with a couple of Universities and Organizations to offer online courses and certifications on various areas; the area of Python Programming Language inclusive.

Coursera provides a great platform for a Beginner to learn Python free of charge or in a more extensive manner with it’s paid courses in this area. This Site has Courses such as Programming for everybody (getting started with Python), Python got Data Science, A1 & Development, Introduction to Programming with Python, Concepts in Python, Python 3 programming, Python basics, Applied Data Science with Python and many more Python Courses which are largely free of charge.

Best website to learn Python for free with Certificate
Best website to learn Python for free with Certificate

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3. Codecademy: Codecademy is an online interactive platform specializing in offering coding class ad quality courses on twelve (12) different Programming Language; the Python Programming Language inclusive.

Codecademy is one of the best recommended websites for learning Python as a beginner as it incorporates both theory and practical in teaching which will therefore effectively help you to learn Python.

Which is the best way to learn Python?
Which is the best way to learn Python?

This Site further has a Text bar embedded code editor and numerous video explanations for difficult concepts on it’s numerous Python Courses available on it’s Website.

4. Educative: Educative is a really educative and interactive online platform which equips an individual with the requisite coding skills and offers great courses on Python Programming Language; from it’s basics to it’s complex concepts. Thus, making it a perfect learning environment for both beginners and pros to study Python with a Certificate to show for the knowledge you acquired during the duration of the Course.

Educative is a great Website Resource for learning Python as it will equip you with a theoretical and practical knowledge of Python Programming Language.

best and free websites to learn Python
best and free websites to learn Python

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5. Microsoft: Codewars is an online coding educative and practice Website founded by Nathan Doctor and Jake Hoffner in 2012, and has since then established itself as a great educational community for Educators and developers as a comprehensive training ground in numerous programming language; Python Programming Language inclusive.

Codewars offer a unique and fast learning of Python Programming Language through it’s interactive tutorials and training katas which is in form of puzzles that will test your knowledge of Python, access your strengths and weakness and fast track your learning process of Python through the completion of your Katas, checking of the solutions of other experienced Programmers in the Codewars online community and learning from these their solutions.

The resources and practice method on this website will technically equip you with a great practical knowledge of Python Programming Language.

6. Microsoft (edX): Microsoft offers free online courses on its Microsoft Education (edX) taught by Microsoft experts with expertise in each teaching area, and Python is one of it’s teaching area as Microsoft edX offers a couple of Python online courses for beginners and with a certificate to certify your completion of the course once you are done.

Where I can learn Python for free?
Where I can learn Python for free?

Microsoft edX is therefore one of the best Website for beginners to learn Python.

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7. Programiz: Programiz is a website created by passionate Developers in order to create Programming resources that are accurate and easier to understand. It therefore offers Programming resources, Courses, and Tutorials to learn Python Programming Language in an accurate, beginner friendly and easier to understand manner.

This Website will effectively enable you to learn Python and combine your learning of this on its available courses and tutorials with practice which will make you master what you are learning. It is therefore one of the best recommended Websites for learning Python.

8. Simpliu: Simpliu is a great online learning platform with a variety of free and paid courses and tutorials for beginners in Python Programming Language available in over 181 countries worldwide.

Simpliu offers Python Tutorial: Python Certification Course online which is designed to exclusively teach beginners about all they need to know about Python, which Python version to choose,  how to start their Python Programming skills, and how to get around the interface.

Which is the best website to learn Python?
Which is the best website to learn Python?

Simpliu also has Certified Python Courses such as the Complete Python Course which  give you a complete understanding of Python from the scratch, and give a comprehensive knowledge of Python to people new to Python, Professionals with little or no Python experience and People interested in building Python Programming Projects.

It also has other Courses which will do a world of good to equip every beginner seeking to learn Python with the right knowledge of Python Programming Language.

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9. Solo Learn: Solo Learn offers a great learning resource for beginners of Python Programming Language with it’s step by step lesson module and it’s short and easy to digest lessons which will make it very easy for every beginner to comprehend and effectively learn Python Programming Language.

The features of this site and it’s Python Courses may be accessed by visiting it’s page.

10. Python Tutorial: The official Python Tutorial is an online resource created by numerous language creators and designed to teach one the basics of Python.

This Site uses a slow paced clear imagery with Python tips and tricks laced with an in-depth Tutorial about Python which will help you grasp the requisite knowledge and get the understanding about Python Programming Language as a beginner.

Websites to learn Python
Websites to learn Python

This site will also show you how to apply Practical programming techniques to your programming challenges. These great resources available on this site easily makes it a great online resource center to learn Python.

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11. DataCamp: In terms of teaching individuals about data science, DataCamp excels. They provide this course, Introduction to Python, to assist you in mastering the fundamentals of data analysis in Python and enhancing your knowledge by studying Numpy for scientific computing.

What Are The Best Platforms To Learn Python?
What Are The Best Platforms To Learn Python?

There are 57 exercises and 11 videos in the course, both of which are available for free. The fact that DataCamp offers an amazing user interface and a web compiler rather than requiring you to install Python on your computer is another advantage. Making students learn Python for data science is the USP of this course that differentiates it from other online Python lessons. You will discover here:

A. Effective methods for manipulating and storing data

B. Tools for data science analysis

C. principles of Python

D. Interactive Python use techniques

E. How to use Python through a script

G. Python data types may be created as variables and concepts

12. is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking for a text-based resource to learn Python. It is an interactive instructional that is beneficial to everyone, regardless of expertise level. Join their Facebook group to participate in debates, get updates, and ask questions.

The lesson covers subjects like:

A. lists, operators, conditions, loops, functions, lists, string formatting, string operations, objects and classes, packages and modules, and dictionaries are some of the other sorts of variables and their types.

B. Pandas fundamentals and Numpy arrays are covered in data science lectures.

C. Advanced lessons on topics like Reduce, filters, maps, closures, partial functions, regular expressions, exceptional handling, generators, sets, list comprehensions, and function arguments.

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13. LinkedIn: LinkedIn provides a wealth of tools for learning many different skills, including Python, in addition to being a platform for professional networking. By registering for LinkedIn Learning and beginning your free month, you may access their free Python Essential Training.

Best websites to learn python online for beginners
Best websites to learn python online for beginners

The teacher uses Python 3 to create well-designed programs and maintain ongoing projects in this course. It is beneficial for both beginning and intermediate students.

Course content includes:

Python’s fundamental grammar, application, and sophisticated features, including objects, exceptions, generators, and more.

what connections values and types have with objects.

How to use loops, control statements, and functions.

module system in Python.

Using decorators and generators.

Examples demonstrating the use of Python scripting in the real world.

14. Simplilearn: Simplilearn is a top provider of online education, offering in-depth programs in data science, software development, IT, cloud computing, digital marketing, project management, and other cutting-edge technologies.

The Python Tutorial for Beginners at Simplilearn is made to make learning the language as simple as possible while providing exercises. It makes it simple to understand ideas like classes, attributes, threading, scripting, and other OOP principles. Beginner and intermediate learners can benefit from the training. This course will teach you:

Python setup instructions for Windows

OOPs notion

NumPy and PyCharm

Variables, integers, loops, functions, conditional expressions, lists, strings, slicing, RegEx, threading, sets, dictionaries, etc. in the Python programming language.
Pandas, Tuples, IDEs, Matplotlib, classes, and threading in Python

Frameworks for Django and Scikit

Requisite Python development abilities

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In conclusion, these 12 examined Websites will give you a world of knowledge about Python Programming Language and will help you learn it better and faster. In addition to these aforementioned sites, there are a couple of books and online YouTube Videos which will also teach you  appropriately so as to enable you perfectly learn the Python Programming Language.