Biggest Hospital in the World 2024: Top 8 Largest

Biggest Hospital in the World: A hospital is a facility that offers sick and injured patients appropriate nursing care in addition to specialised medical and surgical care. Hospitals provide patients with severe injuries, urgent medical issues, unexpected illnesses, and uncommon diseases with round-the-clock care. In addition, some function as educational establishments for allied healthcare professionals and health science students, offering them the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are vital for the growth of medical science and future research.

Hospital bed capacity and size have been more public than ever during the coronavirus epidemic, since several healthcare facilities entirely ran out of beds. The world’s biggest hospitals are listed in the article that follows, arranged according to staffing levels and bed counts.

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Top 8 Biggest Hospital in the World

1. First Affiliated Hospital Of Zhengzhou University, China: With 7,000 beds and over 7.5 billion Yuan in yearly income, Zhengzhou University’s First Affiliated Hospital is now the largest hospital in the world. The hospital was first founded in September 1928 and was a member of Henan University Medical College. It was located in Kaifeng, the capital city of Henan Province at the time.Biggest-hospital-in-South-Africa

Relocating to Zhengzhou, the current capital of Henan Province, in 1958, the hospital was renamed the “First Affiliated Hospital of Henan Medical College.” It was once more dubbed the “First Affiliated Hospital of Henan Medical University” in 1985. After merging with Zhengzhou University, Henan Medical University, and Zhengzhou Institute of Technology with backing from the Central Government, the hospital was renamed as the “First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.” Currently the largest Level-3/Grade-A hospital in China, it combines medical care with scientific research to deliver the best possible medical care.

2. West China Medical Center, China: With 4,300 beds, the West China Medical Centre at Sichuan University is the second-largest hospital in the world. The hospital is situated near the banks of the Jin River in Chengdu’s downtown. Originally established as the private West China Union University in 1914 by Western missionaries, the centre amalgamated with Sichuan University in 2000 and is currently run by the Ministry of Education of the nation.

World biggest hospital in which country
World biggest hospital in which country

The institution now houses five schools and four linked teaching hospitals. With 25 open labs, 36 clinical departments, and 15 medical technology departments serving over 3.5 million outpatients and 173,000 inpatients, it is also the largest hospital in the nation. Additionally, the centre maintains collaborative relationships with over 150 universities across 43 countries.

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3. Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, Turkey: With 3,810 beds, Ankara Bilkent City Hospital is the fifth-largest hospital in the world. This full-service city hospital is located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, in the Bilkent section of the Cankaya district. It officially opened for business on March 14, 2019.

Biggest hospital in the world by area
Biggest hospital in the world by area

The largest hospital in the nation, it spans 0.18 square kilometres in land and has 700 intensive care units, 904 polyclinics, 132 surgical rooms, 1,554 single-bedded rooms, 725 double-bed rooms, and 82 VIP rooms. The hospital treats more than 8,000 emergency patients every day. A 100-bed Medical Observation Clinic and 38 beds in the Dialysis Clinic are also located on the hospital grounds. Two helipads are also available on campus to enable the safe landing of ambulance helicopters transporting patients.

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4. Clinical Centre Of Serbia, Serbia: The Clinical Centre of Serbia, with 3,150 beds, is the ninth-largest hospital in the world. Located in Belgrade, this academic medical centre is the main medical facility for both the city and Serbia. 41 organisational entities make up the Clinical Centre of Serbia.

List of largest hospital campuses
List of largest hospital campuses

The Clinical Centre occupies 34 hectares and is made up of 50 buildings with a combined floor area of 280,000 square metres. This hospital, which has more than a million beds and treats over a million patients annually, is thought to have the most in all of Europe. It also performs over 7,000 births and 50,000 operations annually.

5. Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan: The Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, often known as Chang Gung Hospital, is the fourth-largest hospital in the world with 4,000 beds. Situated in Taoyuan City’s Guishan District, it is also Taiwan’s largest hospital. The hospital is a part of the Chang Gung Medical Foundation’s network of hospitals.

World's Best Hospitals
World’s Best Hospitals

The Chang Gung Hospital was first founded in 1978 and is primarily a multi-hospital medical facility. Every year, this esteemed hospital sees 167,460 surgical patients, 2.4 million inpatients, and over 8.2 million outpatients. Furthermore well-known for having successfully completed over 1,000 liver transplant procedures is Chang Gung Hospital.

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6. Jackson Memorial Hospital – Miami, Florida: In the southeast region of the country is Miami, home to Jackson Memorial Hospital. When it comes to patient beds offered, it is the largest hospital in the United States. Each year, the hospital treats around 70,000 patients and has 2,000 beds available. For the University of Miami’s Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, the hospital serves as a significant teaching resource. It is regarded as a medical research magnet and a referral centre. Ryder Trauma Centre is also housed at Jackson Memorial. In the whole county, this centre is the sole Level 1 trauma centre for adults and children.

What is the top 1 hospital in the whole world?
What is the top 1 hospital in the whole world?

In terms of organ transplants, the hospital is regarded as one of the biggest in the world. Each year, it performs more than 400 transplants.

7. Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg: Africa’s largest and the third largest hospital worldwide is called Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. Johannesburg, South Africa, is where it’s situated. Having a total floor space of 233,795 square metres, the hospital has 429 distinct buildings that can house 3,400 patients. As a military institution during World War II, the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital was created. Following that, the hospital provided civilian treatment to those of African heritage during the apartheid era in South Africa.

Largest Hospitals In The World 2024
Largest Hospitals In The World 2024

The Gauteng Province’s Department of Health now oversees the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

8. Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, India: With gifts totaling 96,000, the hospital was established in 1858 with the assistance of donors Shri Hutheesing, Shri Premabhai, and Surgeon General D Wyllie. There were 92 inpatient rooms available. The hospital handles an average of 6,500 births annually, 26,000 procedures, and over 70,000 patient admissions. This governmental hospital in Ahmedabad, India, offers advanced medical diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services to patients.

Europe's biggest hospital opened in Ankara
Europe’s biggest hospital opened in Ankara

The Gujarat Medical Council and Gujarat Nursing Council are housed on the 110-acre (45-hectare) hospital site. The B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad is connected to it.

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It’s important learning about the largest hospital in the world, even though other hospitals have astonishing capacity. The number of buildings, hospital beds, size, and the daily, monthly, and yearly patient intake are some of the characteristics that make up the largest hospital in the world. It is remarkable to learn about these hospitals’ exceptional personnel, size, and administration, especially in light of the global advancements in the medical and health sectors.