Countries With The Most Spoken Languages 2024: Top 12 Highest

Countries With The Most Spoken Languages In The World: With more than 6,500 languages international, it isn’t unusual for nations to have more than one reliable language. An official language has a prison reputation and is the maximum used at some point of the state in politics, authorities and education.

However for numerous reasons, now not every us of a can agree on simplest one language, and that effects in nations having as many as 37 respectable languages

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Top 12 Countries With The Highest Number Of Languages They Speak


Average Number of Languages Spoken by Country 2023
Average Number of Languages Spoken by Country 2023

Papua New Guinea, a sovereign Country in Oceania, is the most linguistically numerous united states in the world. In keeping with Ethnologue, there are 840 living languages spoken within the Country. Tok Pisin, an English-based totally creole, is the maximum extensively spoken, serving because the country’s lingua franca. Papua New Guinean sign Language became the fourth officially acknowledged language in May 2015, and is used by the deaf populace at some stage in the united states.

2. INDONESIA: Indonesia ranks 2nd with 725 languages. With a population of around 275 million, this is a touch much less unexpected, however still thrilling for the reason that the wide variety of languages spoken is extra than doubling in some in addition sized countries.

Which country speaks 700 languages
Which country speaks 700 languages

The range of languages possibly also comes from the isolation. Indonesia has 17,508 islands, lots of that are inhabited through indigenous peoples.It is simple to look how specific languages can form in unique geographic regions.

These numbers mean that Indonesia has about 10% of the world’s languages, cementing its reputation as the second most linguistically diverse country after Papua New Guinea.

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Languages Spoken in Each Country of the World
Languages Spoken in Each Country of the World

About 200 million human beings live in Nigeria and the populace speaks approximately 500 special languages. A number of those languages have been around for over four,000 years. The legit language of Nigeria is English.

Hausa was the official language of the Northern States from 1951 to 1967. It is the most widely spoken language, although English is the official language in Nigeria. In addition to English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani and Creole are widely spoken. Many languages exist in written form.


Which country has 400 languages
Which country has 400 languages

The languages spoken within the Republic of India belong to numerous language families, the maximum essential of which is probably the Indo-Aryan languages, spoken by means of manner of 78.05% of Indians, and the Dravidian languages, spoken via 19.64% of Indians. Those families collectively are every so often called Indic languages. Languages spoken in India is 780.

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5. UNITED STATES: According to america Census Bureau, US citizens talk over 350 languages.Of those who claim to talk a language aside from English, almost two-thirds talk Spanish. And the languages spoken by means of US residents aren’t geographically lightly distributed across the usa.

In lots of areas, English is the handiest language spoken via over ninety five% of the populace; someplace else in the united states, a language aside from English is the number one language of greater than half the population.

Top 20 countries with the most languages
Top 20 countries with the most languages

A small but very crucial subset of the non-English languages spoken within the america consists of the 169 local American and Alaskan native languages listed via UNESCO as endangered or endangered (indicating that the language n only spoken to a limited quantity, e.G. At domestic, or is not spoken or taught as a mother tongue). A number of a success language rehabilitation initiatives goal to increase the wide variety of audio system of local American and indigenous languages over the following few years.

6. CHINA: There are several hundred languages in China. The most important language is wellknown chinese language, that is primarily based on important Mandarin, however there are masses of associated chinese language languages, together called Hanyu, which are spoken by 92% of the population.

Top 20 Countries by Number of Languages Spoken
Top 20 Countries by Number of Languages Spoken

The chinese languages are usually divided into seven primary language groups, and their examine is a awesome educational area. They differ a whole lot from every different morphologically and phonetically as English, German and Danish, but meanwhile share the identical writing machine (Hanzi) and are at the same time intelligible in written form.

There are similarly about three hundred minority languages spoken by the final eight% of the population of China.

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7. MEXICO: Mexico does not have an professional language but Spanish is the countrywide language spoken via the big majority of the populace, making .The indigenous languages are from 11 language families, inclusive of four isolates and one which immigrated from the us.

Which country has 2300 languages
Which country has 2300 languages

The Mexican authorities acknowledges 69 national languages, 63 of which might be indigenous, such as around 350 dialects of these languages. The massive majority of the populace is monolingual in Spanish. A few immigrant and indigenous populations are bilingual, at the same time as a few indigenous humans are monolingual of their languages.

Mexican signal Language is spoken by using a good deal of the deaf population, and there are one or indigenous signal languages as well.

8. BRAZIL: The populace of Brazil speaks approximately 218 languages, of which 201 are indigenous and 17 are non-indigenous. In 2005, fewer than 40,000 humans spoke any of the indigenous languages.

Number of languages by country
Number of languages by country

Portuguese is the primary language of the large majority of Brazilians, but numerous distant places words have prolonged the countrywide lexicon. The Portuguese language has long gone via many adjustments, each inside the mother usa of the united states and in its former colony, because it changed into first introduced into Brazil inside the sixteenth century.

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9. ZIMBABWE: With 16 reliable languages, Zimbabwe won the Guinness global file in 2013 as the usa with the most legit languages at a country wide stage!

In their 16 languages, Shona, Ndebele and English are the maximum used ones. And even though English isn’t always the local language for most of the population, it’s far utilized in government and respectable communications. In Zimbabwe, the attractiveness and use of English grew especially for monetary reasons, on the grounds that they incorporated the USD greenback as their forex.

World's 33 Most Spoken Languages (2022)
World’s 33 Most Spoken Languages (2022)

Of their charter, it’s far required that every one languages are treated similarly through institutions and the authorities, but this isn’t always the case, since the Zimbabwean populace complains that the other languages frequently come 2nd after English.

10. SOUTH AFRICA: With 35 unique local languages, South Africa most effective recognizes 10 of them as authentic. English changed into later delivered to the listing due to colonial have an effect on. Although the Netherlands came first in South Africa, the Dutch persecution resulted in the introduction of the language Afrikaans, because local humans weren’t allowed to talk Dutch.

Top 10 Countries that speak the most languages
Top 10 Countries that speak the most languages

In contrast to different nations occupied by means of colonizers, the use of nearby languages in South Africa become encouraged, but no longer always for proper motives as you’ll examine.

It become used to culturally segregate the native populace and prevent them get right of entry to to positive institutions that had been White-dominated. Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, and English are the maximum spoken languages and maximum of the citizens in South Africa communicate multiple language.

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11. Australia: Australia is a unique nation renowned for its varied cultural environment. Although it may not be well known, the country does in fact have a rich linguistic diversity of spoken languages. This variety is further enhanced by the use of indigenous languages, which include those used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups. It is believed that there were over 250 different Indigenous languages spoken before Europeans arrived. But many of these languages are now endangered or extinct because of historical reasons.

world's most multilingual countries
world’s most multilingual countries

Australia is a diversified nation with a sizable immigrant population, aside from its Indigenous language community. As a result, speakers of many different languages may be found in Australia. The most widely spoken languages are Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, Greek, Punjabi, and Vietnamese, which reflects the population’s broad ethnic and cultural roots.

12. Cameroon: Spoken inside its boundaries, Cameroon, a country in Central Africa, has a linguistic patchwork with over 250 languages. Reflecting the nation’s diverse ethnic groups and cultural traditions is its linguistic variety. The languages of Cameroon can be largely divided into two categories: Niger-Congo and Afro-Asiatic. The nation’s colonial past with both Britain and France has left English and French as its official languages.

Countries With The Most Linguistic Diversity
Countries With The Most Linguistic Diversity

There are several indigenous languages spoken in Cameroon in addition to the official tongues. Fulfulde, Bamileke, and many more Bantu languages are widely spoken, along with Duala and Ewondo. Every linguistic community frequently supports particular ethnic groups, which adds to the country’s rich cultural diversity.

The variety of languages spoken in Cameroon is evidence of the nation’s rich cultural heritage and its dedication to valuing the wide range of languages spoken by its people. In light of the significance of conserving and honoring Cameroon’s distinctive linguistic legacy, initiatives to support linguistic variety and multilingual education are now under progress.

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Conclusion: Multilingual international locations take the authorities language as the primary one, and maximum of the data and paperwork is in that language. Regardless, many countries assure communication in several languages, to engage higher with the extraordinary groups.

However in office work, training, the media, occasions, or maybe reputable web sites, the government’s language is used and very few countries offer the records in other languages, even if they’re official ones. This could leave a massive chew of the populace feeling misrepresented or set abandoned in their very own.