Difference Between Love And Crush

Difference Between Love And Crush: Love is a complicated blend of emotions, behaviors, and ideas involving intense feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person. Non-human animals, values, and religious beliefs are all examples of love. A person might remark, for example, that he or she loves his or her dog, or that he or she loves freedom, or that he or she loves God.

There has been significant discussion regarding whether love is a choice, whether it is permanent or ephemeral, and whether love between family members and partners is biologically or culturally instilled. Love can differ from one person to the next and from one culture to the next. Love is something that all humans are born with. It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t have love or at least a semblance of it.

Crushes might provide us with a spark of love while we’re still young. True love is only possible until we have attained a certain level of maturity. Even as adults, we all experience crushes at some point in our life. When you’re on the hunt for real love, how do you tell the difference between a crush and true love?

Am I In Love 20 Signs It's More Than Just A Crush
Am I In Love 20 Signs It’s More Than Just A Crush

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Components of love


Acceptance entails deciding that someone is “OK” and you have no desire to change them. It doesn’t matter who they are to you. You place no restrictions on whether or if you will adore them. This is what is known as unconditional love. When your love is conditional, the instant they break one of your rules, love vanishes.


Appreciation is one step ahead of acceptance. It’s when you concentrate on what you admire about someone else. When we look at them, we are filled with admiration for who they are, their delight, their insights, their wit, their friendship, and so on. When someone says they’re “in love” with someone, they’re implying that their admiration for them is so strong that it consumes all of their thoughts.

Love wanting to make someone else happy is.

We want our loved ones to be content, safe, and healthy. We want children to be happy in all aspects of their lives, including their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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Fundamental Differences Between Having a Crush and Love
Fundamental Differences Between Having a Crush and Love

How To Know It’s Love And Not Crush

1. Examine whether you can imagine a future without your loved one: You shouldn’t be able to imagine your future without them if you’re truly in love. The fact that you can’t stop, whether it’s at night, in the morning, or with your friends, implies you’re in love and may have discovered “the one.”

Whether you’re considering moving to a new city, starting a family, spending a year abroad, or achieving any other future ambitions, you should consider doing so with your significant other. You may be truly in love if you can’t picture going through life without your significant other – not just next summer, or next year, or anytime.

2. Try to go a few hours without thinking about your loved one: You don’t have to be obsessed with your loved one to be in love; in fact, the reverse is true. You should be able to spend time away from your loved ones without stressing about what they’re doing every five seconds if you have a good caring connection.

If you can go an entire weekend or a month without thinking about your loved one, you may like them a lot, but you may not have reached the love stage yet.

Crush vs love psychology
Crush vs love psychology

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3. When you’re with your loved one, see whether you feel like the greatest version of yourself: If you’re in love, your partner should bring forth your greatest qualities. After all, if you’re in love, you should want to spend the rest of your life with the person you’re with, therefore they should make you feel your best.

You may not be in love if you feel that you can never truly be yourself around your loved one, or if you feel inadequate in any manner.

4. Examine whether you appreciate your loved one’s viewpoint: If you’re truly in love, you won’t think of your partner as a flawless object to worship, but as a living, breathing human person with a fascinating point of view and a variety of distinct viewpoints.

If you’re truly in love, you should appreciate and care about your loved one’s opinion, whether it’s about your next professional move or the political situation in your nation. You don’t have to care what they say about everything, but if you don’t appreciate their opinion, you might not be in love yet.

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5. Check to see whether you’re willing to go above and beyond for your loved one: If you truly love someone, you should be prepared to attempt something new and unexpected for them, even if it makes you nervous or nauseous.

This does not imply that you should walk through burning coals or humiliate yourself to win the person you love, but it does imply you should be to do things like go a long distance to visit your loved one’s distant family.

6. Examine if you are aware of and accepting of your loved one’s imperfections: If you’re truly in love, you should be able to view your partner as a real person with genuine imperfections, not as a god or goddess. You have a serious problem if you insist on your loved one being flawless.

However, if you’re okay with acknowledging that your partner may be a little selfish or isn’t the best listener in the world, you’ll have a more realistic view of the relationship and are far more likely to be in love for real.

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7. Check to see whether you’re willing to make an exception for your loved one: If you’re truly in love, you should be aware that you won’t always be able to have your way. You’re not genuinely in love if your partner continually gives in to your requests because you’re so obstinate.

Being in love entails obtaining what you want when you want it and allowing your loved one to have what he or she wants when he or she wants it; or, better yet, finding a solution that makes both individuals happy.

love vs crush
love vs crush

8. Check to see whether you’re okay with retaining your uniqueness: If you’re truly in love, you shouldn’t try to become a clone of your partner, adopting all of their interests and activities while letting go of everything that made you happy before you started dating.

Instead, you should be able to keep your sense of self while evolving with the person you care about.

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9. Check to see whether you’re comfortable sharing your flaws with your partner: If you’re genuinely in love, you should feel free to show your partner the true you, even if it means revealing your less-than-pleasant side. If everything you say is designed to make your significant other like you or want to be with you even more, then you aren’t truly in love with them.

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Similarities of crush and love
Similarities of crush and love


Difference Between Love And Crush

A crush is nothing more than a basic infatuation. It’s simple to distinguish this from real love because it’s mostly based on physical attraction. A crush is a strong sensation of adoration for someone you’ve met or are already acquainted with. It may be intense, which frequently leads to your thoughts being consumed by that other person, their appearance, their words, their movements, and so on. In some ways, a crush is unfavorable since, unlike real love, it rarely lasts long in the heart. In many circumstances, it is as intense as it is short-lived.

Arguments, envy, vast miles apart, and the lure of other possible relationships don’t last. Crushes, unlike real love, seldom last for lengthy periods. This explains why you could run across someone you used to have a crush on after a long time away and not experience the same intensity you had when you first met. True love, on the other hand, may or may not be as passionate as a crush, but it lasts a lifetime.

True love, as opposed to a crush, allows you to see a person for who they truly are, rather than a sugar-coated vision you’ve made up in your own.