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DELSU news 2020/2021
DELSU news 2020/2021

Above Delta State University (DELSU)

Apparently, Delta State University (DELSU) is one of the popular state universities in Nigeria. The university’s main campus is located at Abraka, Delta State. However, it has two other campuses at Anwai, Asaba and Oleh.

DELSU is a very big university. In fact, the university is one of the biggest state university in Nigeria. According to Wikipedia, DELSU was established in 1992 to help in the growth and development of Delta State. Even till today, the sole aim of the university is to educate and bring about enlightenment amongst in Delta State, Nigeria.

Below are some of the most searched news about DELSU in 2023/2024.

Latest DELSU Admission News 2024/2025

DELSU Departmental Cutoff Marks

As you already know, DELSU departmental cutoff marks are one of the requirements for gaining admission into the university. If you wish to know the current DELSU cutoff mark for all her courses and departments in this session, i enjoin you to read my most recent article on DELSU departmental cutoff points here.

Trust me; you don’t want to miss this one. I also explained what DELSU cutoff mark are, why they are important and how they are calculated. Make sure you check out that work.

News on DELSU school fees 2024/2025

As you already know, DELSU usually release a different school fee schedule every year for both old and new students of the university.

If you want to know the most recent school fee schedule release by DELSU, kindly check here for all DELSU school fee news and update. In this post, i also explained how to can pay DELSU school fees online. You may want to read that too.

Update on DELSU merit admission list

If you want to read my recently post on DELSU merit admission list for this year, check my work on DELSU first batch admission list here. Note that this post contains every single information about DELSU merit/first batch admission list.

Update on DELSU supplementary admission list

Like every other university in Nigeria, DELSU normally release her supplementary admission list around November/December. On that note, if you really want to be updated whenever DELSU supplementary admission list if release, you may want to check my post on DELSU supplementary admission list here.

Conversely, you can also check out the instructions given to all newly admitted students of the university as regards accepting of their admission in JAMB CAPS too.

Update on DELSU requirements on Admission

DELSU is one of the most difficult universities to gain admission into in Nigeria. If you wish to read my latest update about DELSU admission requirements for this year, kindly check DELSU admission requirements for 2023/2024 session here.

Note that this is a must read for every DELSU aspirants.

Above are just some of our most soughted DELSU news 2024/2025. For more updates on DELSU admission and other school activities, kindly scroll below this page to read.