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10 Effects Of Overeating: This Is What Happens When You Overeat

Effects Of Overeating: It is a well-known phenomenon that humans love to stay together in a define habitat making man one of the most gregarious animal in the world. Being gregarious in nature explains the innate trait in man to always prefer and appreciate communal living and interdependency over isolation and absolute solitude. Humans have been able to understand what solitude really means and how it affects his well-being and general human existence.

Solitude is the situation where someone is made to exit or detach him or herself from the company and congregation of other people to stay and carry on life in a lone environment. Sometimes this situation is voluntarily assumed by an individual and sometimes it is imposed on the individual. In most cases, it comes as a punitive measure and consequence for unruly behaviors expressed by a person. It is a saying that; there is strength in unity. This witty saying must have resonated at its conception which is believed to have stemmed from a careful study and considerations on the pros and cons of having to stay around others and living in isolation. It is always a better idea to share a common habitation with other people.

Man is a unique creature with special abilities and interests however, man has his shortcomings. As a matter of fact, every human has their strength and weaknesses. The strength are their strongest points and interests. It is characterized by zeal and will and great interest to explore that area while weaknesses talks about their lowest area of interest. It is a natural phenomenon and has never posed to be a barrier to man in his quest to achieve perfection.

Harmful Effects of Overeating
Harmful Effects of Overeating

This is because, man has been able to identify that the best way to make up for his shortcomings and imperfection is to accept a level of vulnerability and rely on others for help. By so doing, your strength becomes a shield to another person’s weaknesses and vice versa. This way, everyone get to value each other and recognize their importance and contribution to maintain a harmonious social interaction among them.

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Man is an intelligent being and considered a higher animal as a result of man’s ability to think and act in a more refined and articulate manner. Man has numerous other features distinguishing him from other species of animals. One of them is emotions and emotional intelligence. Although emotional reactions may be attributed to other animals considering the fact that they equally express some emotional feelings like anger and joy, it is seemingly not the same when compared to that of humans.

One major difference is that, humans feel or experience more emotional feelings when compared to other lower animals. Man could feel comfort, discomfort, impressed, disappointment, depression, ecstasy, hatred (which is different from anger) and then could also feel anger, happiness and many others. In all these feelings, man has been endowed with the ability to control these feelings and the ability to respond to them in a more controlled and rational manner.

This is a feature that lower animals lack. Animals react to their feelings at impulse. They have no time to consider or process the feeling, they respond to it right away without giving it a second thought as to whether it is right or wrong or even consider the consequences that might result from such actions. Humans on the other hand think before they act, they react based on reasoned judgments that stems from careful consideration and analysis.

For instance, when a person feels happy, he or she might express it for some reasons. He or she might want to experience the feeling of being happy by expressing happiness, also, he or she might want to prove to a second or third party that what they did is an acceptable behavior or gesture. And so, reactions are subjected to reason. Same applies to hate and anger. A person may choose to express the feeling in other to show dissatisfaction to a particular behavior or response gotten from another person or the environment and sometimes, they feel angry and hate but choose not to express it on the premise that they do not intend to attract the consequences.

long-term effects of overeating
long-term effects of overeating

These set of rational and controlled behaviors are what is summed up as emotional intelligence (Being able to control your emotions). Based on the foregoing, it has been established that humans react to feelings. The main concern now would be, based on individual differences, what is the commensurate extent that one should react when he or she feels emotions. It is believed that every reaction should be proportionate to the feelings felt by the individual. Let us consider the effects of overreacting.

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Short and Long Term Effects Of Overeating

1. It paints a bad impressions of the person. Every individual has regard for themselves and other people, when they associate with people who overreact to certain issues that could be reasonably handled, it changes the impression others have regarding them.

2. It speaks more about the person’s emotional intelligence because how we handle issues and react to them speaks more volume of the level of our emotional intelligence and not just what we say about it ourselves.

Diseases caused by overeating
Diseases caused by overeating

3. It makes others uncomfortable to have someone who constantly overreact to issues especially when the situation doesn’t always call for such absurdity.

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4. It creates a feeling of pain and discomfort in the person because it creates a feeling of unstable esteem which hurts the individual and makes them uncomfortable about themselves.

5. It Ruins interpersonal relationships because there’s always a limit to what people can take from others when they interact with them. People enjoy interacting with calm and rational individuals more than they would want to hang around someone that overreacts.

6. It could lead to regret because it is an expression made at the heat of the moment without allowing reasonable time to pass and for reasoned judgment to take place, at that instant, one might end up taking actions they wouldn’t have considered appropriate should they have allowed themselves to think about it. It then ends up spurring a feeling of regret in them.

Here is What Happens in Your Body When You Overeat Just Once
Here is What Happens in Your Body When You Overeat Just Once

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7. It could result in destruction of properties and sometimes loss of human life because the person in most cases begins to act out of control and might take the situation to the extreme which might become disastrous at the end.

8. It sometimes spur a sense of shame and embarrassment in the person if such a person had been looked upon as a rational individual and a well respectable member of the society, he or she might feel ashamed and embarrassed at their ineptitude.

9. It might grow to become a habit if not checked in time. It is better to acknowledge that it is a negative disposition and requires attention, if such attention to remedy it is not given to it within reasonable time, it might become a habit.

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10. It could be interpreted as irresponsibility on the part of the person reacting as it weighs on the mind of others who access his personality from a distance and within his immediate environment to make a subjective conclusion about his general personality.

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In summary, our emotions are part of our innate characteristics and we can’t get separated from it. It is equally understandable that some people get provoked to overreact, it is a great virtue to keep your emotional outburst in check.

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