How to Know Your True Friends: Top 10 Signs of True Friendship

How to know your true friends: We are all fortunate to have some amazing acquaintances in our lives. And a few of them are actually exceptional. But have you ever considered the characteristics of a true friend? How can you tell if someone is merely your friend or a true friend? Well, I’m afraid I have to disclose that this post was written only for this purpose.

How to know your true friends
How to know your true friends

I’ve used words like “best“,”real“, and “genuine” to describe the depth of friendship at various locations. It all has the same meaning. So here are ten characteristics of a true friend.

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Top 10 Signs of True Friendship

1. Enjoys your company: This should go without mentioning… A true friend will be delighted to be with you because they simply enjoy your company. They’d be overjoyed to see you and have some lighthearted moments with you. Most of you will understand what I’m talking about; there’s a tremendous difference between being with your greatest buddies and being with simply a friend.

Differences Between Real Friends and Fake Friends
Differences Between Real Friends and Fake Friends

When you’re around your genuine pals, there’s a feel-good element and a sense of liberation that you can’t get anywhere else. Because you are always “in a groove,” you don’t have to think about what to say next. When you’re among your best friends, time flies and the memories endure a lifetime.

You may be the goofiest with your closest friends and share almost anything without concern of what they will think of you (you get the freedom to say or act without dread of how they will perceive of you), but doing so especially in public may make you look stupid. The finest aspects of being among real friends is being able to do so.

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2. Accepts you just as you are: Every one of us is born with flaws. Our true friends are people who are aware of the situation yet do nothing about it. They grin as they tolerate such little flaws, knowing that true friendship is defined by the ability to overlook such flaws and cherish each other’s presence.

Signs That Prove Your Friendship is the Real Deal
Signs That Prove Your Friendship is the Real Deal

They won’t try to correct you unless you’ve made a serious mistake or behaved badly. You can feel the care and love they show you since if they criticize you, it’s because they care about your well-being. In summary, your genuine friends will always make you feel secure and happy, no matter who you are.

3. Requires no reason to keep up: Do you have pals that call you and say, “Look, why I phoned you is because…” in a matter of seconds? True friends, on the other hand, don’t need an excuse to call you. They contact you or phone you because, as previously said, they enjoy your company. If you have so-called friends who only contact you once per few months or years to beg for a favor or to discuss their concerns, they are obviously not our greatest friends.

How to know if Your Friend is a True Friend
How to know if Your Friend is a True Friend

They would just contact you for their personal gain, and as soon as they have it, you may expect another extended period of silence from them. After all, staying in touch with your greatest friends on a daily basis isn’t vital; after all, it’s the content of relationship that counts.

A real friend is concerned about your well-being before speaking about themselves because they care about you. Furthermore, regardless of their schedules, they will constantly stay in contact with you, whether through phone calls, emails, or personal encounters.

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4.  Knows a lot about you: When do you feel awesome, awful, happy, sad, or any other emotion? What are some of your favorite things? What’s your overall preferences? All of this, and others are known to your closest buddies. That you’ve been friends for years and have shared many experiences, they know the correct time playfully tease you or when to get a serious conversation with you.

A true friend is someone who?
A true friend is someone who?

It requires learning about all of these things, and some people have a natural curiosity in learning more about their friends. True friends recognize how you are feeling right now, what you could say next, and so on since they have known you for a long time.

5. With you in all conditions: How many times have you confided in your closest pals about your problems? What’s the point of sharing them? Because you know that they can either assist you find a solution or help you find calm. If you’ve ever had friends that abandon you whenever you have a difficulty, it’s important to recognize that they aren’t your true pals.

Signs of a good friend
Signs of a good friend

Likewise, if you meet some of them and they suddenly contact you because you’re having a ‘good’ time, it’s an indication of friends who are thinking about “what advantage I can get from them.” Determine who your genuine pals are based on these encounters. A good friend wishes you happiness and rejoices in your accomplishments. If you have any difficulties, they will still be the first to encourage you.

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6. Not too formal: Your finest pals, as previously stated, know you inside and out…. It takes a while to call someone your best friend; in certain circumstances, it might take months or even years. However, if you designate them as best friends, they become a permanent fixture in your life. Between such pals, there aren’t many formalities.

You’ll always know if they’re happy or sad, thus the relationship is free of queries like “Can I, Shall I, Is it fine if, I hope you don’t mind, etc…” All of these were in the early stages of friendship. It’s now evolved into “Dude, let’s meet this evening” with a confident swagger

7. The Factor of Trust: Among the most crucial characteristics of a real buddy needs to be this. We can’t call someone a friend if we don’t trust them. And this is among the reasons why so many friendships fail. You may tell a real friend anything and be certain that it will be kept private. Similarly, unlike some common folks, they will never speak behind your back.

Trust is earned by positive prior encounters. A reliable acquaintance is usually better than a hundred untrustworthy friends.This is an important factor to consider while selecting your best mates. Friendship cannot exist without trust.

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8. The Ego factor: It is a reality that everyone have an ego. Most of you, I’m sure, have had arguments with your best friends at a certain point in time due to a few little disagreement. After a time, though, you returned to your pleasant ways. Because you regard each other so highly, it may be you who calms down and apologizes at times, and it may be your buddy at other times.

In any scenario, the mere placing your ego aside and acting in forgiveness will do wonders for your friendship. Subsequently , you will notice that you seldom have even minor disagreements with your buddy; this requires awhile, but it is worthwhile it in the coming years.

9. Remember your Special Days: How many of you have pals that don’t remember your birthdays? Nowadays, owing to social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp, it’s much easier to remember someone’s birthday. Thus, if we claim that we are too occupied to recall our friend’s birthday or other significant occasions, we should reconsider.

People often use their weak memory as an explanation in this situation. Special occasions occur only once a year, on average. If you’re not following this guideline, consider remembering and congratulating your best friends on their birthdays or other important events.

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10. They encourage us to accept ourselves more: Negative self-criticism is among our greatest flaws, yet real friends help us get back on our feet when we’re down. When you have close, supporting, and encouraging individuals in your life, you will feel better about yourself.

Signs Of A Genuine Friendship
Signs Of A Genuine Friendship

If we’re still feeling insecure at a work meeting or just don’t like what we see in the mirror, our best friends are people who argue with us when our self-esteem begins to deteriorate. Genuine friends increase your self-esteem, and assisting a close friend in this manner might help relieve  yourself as well.

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Making true friends has no age limit. If you’re unsure who your true friends are, the ten points listed above may be of assistance. Friendship develops over time and requires a great deal of understanding. The majority of the time, best friends have a lot in common. It’s critical to stick with someone you consider your best friend throughout life. Life is a finite resource. Keep your true pals close to your heart.

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