How To Be A Toxic Boyfriend: 15 Traits To Learn

How to be a Toxic Boyfriend: Yes, you read the topic right the first time. You’ve probably come across a lot of content on how to a good boyfriend and many other good things but someone has to be the toxic guy. We all can’t be good. Besides, girls can’t seem to get enough of the toxic guys. In fact, the toxic guys get the best girls! So if you want to be the hot cake, here’s some tips on how to be a toxic boyfriend.

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1. Talk Down on Her: It’s nothing but annoying when someone speaks down to you, regularly uses sarcasm, or acts in a condescending manner.

As annoying as it can be coming from someone you’re not close to, imagine how much more infuriating it’d be coming from a person you’re in a relationship with. So talk down on her. And don’t stop even if she points it out to you.

What are the signs of a toxic girlfriend/boyfriend?
What are the signs of a toxic girlfriend/boyfriend?

2. Master the Art of Gaslighting: Gaslighting is a form of manipulation. It’s also a type of emotional abuse. While we must be careful that we don’t confuse toxicity with abuse and think it’s always the exact same thing, in some cases, it inevitably overlaps.

Gaslighting is when someone makes you question yourself or your own sanity. For instance, you might say something and when she recalls it later, you pretend you never said it. Then leave her to doubt whether she heard it or not. Trust me, this will do the necessary emotional damage.

Traits of a Highly Toxic Boyfriend
Traits of a Highly Toxic Boyfriend

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3. Be Controlling: Being regularly controlling is one of the telltale indicators of a toxic partner. Although she may be an adult and have her own opinion, you must assume the responsibility of dictating to her what she can and cannot do. Begin by telling her what kinds of clothes you prefer she wear and what ones she must not. She’ll start needing your approval for things as time goes by. You can manipulate her when you do this because you are in charge. Try it!

4. Play the Jealous Boyfriend Always: Let’s be honest – it’s nice when someone is occasionally a little jealous in a relationship. Like when another guy looks at her  in a certain way and you put your arm around her to let the guy know she’s yours.

However, being the toxic boyfriend, you’ve got to step it up a notch. Make it constant and if possible, restrict her movement and association with the opposite gender. Extreme jealousy is an essential ingredient for a toxic relationship.

Traits & Signs of a Toxic Boyfriend that Predict a Painful Relationship
Traits & Signs of a Toxic Boyfriend that Predict a Painful Relationship

5. Feel Free to Tell her Lies: Liar, liar, pants on fire! Lying basically means that you’re deceiving your partner, and it’s one of the biggest signs of a toxic boyfriend.

Start with always lying about the small things, then let her go crazy wondering whether or not you’re lying about the big things, too. Lies erode trust, so trivialize it or apologize when you’re caught then do it again.

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6. Showcase Sudden Mood Swings: It’s no fun for her when she’s never sure what mood you’re in and so has to walk on eggshells around you to avoid drama. It’s toxic because she can’t relax and can’t be free to allow the relationship to develop. That way, you’ve got her emotions wrapped around your fingers and you decide how she feels by the attitude you display.

 Obvious Signs of a Toxic Boyfriend That Raise Red Flags
Obvious Signs of a Toxic Boyfriend That Raise Red Flags

7. Always Put Yourself First: Do not buy the idea that her needs are of equal importance to yours. You must make it clear that your needs are of the utmost priority and must always be met even at the expense of hers. It doesn’t . matter if this means that she’s never going to be happy or always going to be lacking what she needs. It’s one of the definite qualities you must exhibit if you want to be a toxic boyfriend.

8. Disespect Her: You can be disrespectful to someone in a myriad of ways. It could be by not respecting their boundaries, showing off in front of others when they’re around, or not taking what they say seriously. At the slightest mistake or error she makes, be quick to lash out at her even in public. Tell her how stupid she is for making such a blunder, jokingly ask if she even has a brain or makes use of it.

If you constantly disrespect her, and make it seem like it’s not a big problem, then you’ve got this toxicity thing on a lockdown.

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9. Never Give any Support: Ordinarily, you’re supposed to be her biggest supporter. If you never have her back and never sticks up for her when others talk about her, you leave her wondering if you even care.

It’s definitely one of the signs of a toxic boyfriend, and it’s something you should master if you’re going to be a toxic boyfriend.

 Traits Of A Toxic Boyfriend
Traits Of A Toxic Boyfriend

10. Flirt with other People in Front of Her: This is another point of disrespect. Flirting with other people in front of her is toxic on so many levels. Doing this will drive her nuts with jealousy. Hug her friends tightly, and hold them in your embrace for a little too long, just enough time to get her suspicious. Now what’s more toxic than that?

11. Do not Agree to Commit: While she may not expect you to commit straight away, she will finally get around to demand it from you after a considerable amount of time. Simply refuse. This will make her wonder if the relationship is going anywhere. Give her a ray of hope, then kill it. Toxic guys never fall in love. It’s a no no.

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12. Hang Out With your Friends rather than Her: It’s normal and healthy to spend time with your guys once in a while, but you have to do more than that. You must ensure that you two are never spending quality time together. Instead spend your time partying it up with your buddies and not taking your relationship seriously.

13. Borrow Money from Her All the Time: It’s normal for people in a relationship to help one another out occasionally, so she’s not going to be so pissed. Borrow money from her and come up with excuses when it’s time to pay up. She’s probably going to be worried but won’t complain so much since she feels safe because you’re her boyfriend.

You can turn her to your personal cash machine whenever you have a need, rather than work your ass off trying to fix the situation.

14. Complain About Everything: Even if everyone had a great time, a toxic person will still find a way to complain. Maybe you went out to have a beautiful picnic with your partner, but the weather was a little cloudy, so you talk badly about it. Or, maybe you both went out with a group of people and had fun, but when you come home, you complain that her friends are annoying. This will give you all the attention, and being negative is the only way to get it. After spending time with her family, complain about how often she sees them or how much time they take up.

How to be a Toxic Boyfriend
How to be a Toxic Boyfriend

15. Blame Her for Everything: Never take responsibility for anything that goes wrong in your life and in the relationship. Even if you are the only person to blame, you must find a way to shift it onto someone else. Do this when you tell her stories about your day: never admit fault, make it to seem like everyone around you is terrible, especially your partner.

A classic example is calling all of your exes “crazy.” You might also make it worse by telling her about how terrible your friends are or how everyone in your life lets them down.

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So there you go! If you want to be the mysterious bad boy that all the ladies want a taste of, then these tips are just what you need. Beware that, you’re going to have a lot of broken hearts on your hands and be sure not to fall in love or you’d ruin the whole thing. Whatever you do, stay toxic!