How To Choose The Right Girl/Woman Between Two

How To Choose The Right Girl Between Two: The point of choosing a spouse is a very critical point. The decision one makes at this point is what he lives with for a long term. The choice of a right partner goes a long way dictating one’s success and longevity in his remaining lifetime. So, everyone is usually meticulous in making this decision.

How does one get to choose the right girl between two? There is a general saying that every girl is a right girl for someone. It is not uncommon to see a man surrounded by two or even more ladies whom he is emotionally attached to, to a degree convincing enough that love exists between them. The issue of choosing the right girl always arises whether the intended relationship is for a long term or short term. If one must get the best out of a relationship, then such a person must reason beyond feelings while heeding to his heart.

I have two girls that I really like. How do I choose between them?
I have two girls that I really like. How do I choose between them?

People who never found themselves in this dilemma of choosing between a two, may not appreciate how lucky they were. The fear of settling with the wrong one and the fear of regrets can be overwhelming after decisions have been made. But then, inasmuch as everyone must not be lucky, one has to play his own part in choosing the right partner, by employing certain practical recommendations which are certified to yield positive outcomes. If you are faced to choose the right girl between two, here are the paths to troll:

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1. Find out why you like them: Often times, people do not have a conclusive answer of why they like a person until the question is thrown at them. By then, they would be struggling to find reasons as though he is surprised that he likes the person. Now, you don’t have to wait for the question to be thrown at you. You should ask yourself why you are emotionally entangled with the two girls. Do you really like them? If yes, what makes you think so? What extent can you go for each of them? Here is a good offshoot to begin.

Ways to Choose Between Two Girls
Ways to Choose Between Two Girls

2. Look out for positive and negative qualities: When you claim to like someone, you should be able to point out certain positive qualities which you like about them. There are always something good about a person; positive attributes. Evaluate whether the qualities are mostly physical. Now, look out for the positive abstract features and focus on them because they are the substance. Weigh the abstract qualities of the two girls side by side and see which one the girls’ weighs down.

Of course, it is possible that they share similar positive qualities. On the other hand, look out for their negative qualities too. This will enable to evaluate the ones you can cope with and see the ones you can help either of them modify in the long run.

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3. Evaluate your compatibility with each: As earlier pointed out, love is beyond mere feelings. Love translates more to relationship with each other. One may be confused as to which of the two girls to settle with, but amongst both of them, there is always one that you have better relationship with. There is always one that you are most compatible with. Their compatibility level cannot be the same.

Compatibility entails the practicality of getting along well and existing with easy interaction with little or no conflicts. Compatibility check is a long term consideration. Here, your focus should be on the long term possibility settlement with each of girls, having regards to their attributes as well.

How to Choose Between Two Women
How to Choose Between Two Women

4. Consider the girl that treats you better: Do not be blinded wholly by what you see. Give room for consideration of what you feel as well. You’ll definitely know when someone is treating you well but it is possible that other factors would sway you not to pay attention to your feelings.

Being treated well is a feeling and it cannot be denied unless you are not being honest with yourself. You deserve a girl who is kind, who loves and cares for you. You should all the time, give this advantage to the girl that treats you better.

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5. Distinguish between connection and attraction: This is very important. One must at this point of dilemma distinguish and evaluate the degree of connection and attraction that exists between him and each of the girls. Yes, it is very recommended to settle with a girl you are very attracted to. But then, connection is a feeling beyond attraction. Often times, you cannot have a connection with a girl you are not attracted to.

It means that these two factors go together. When you are connected with a girl, it follows that you are attracted to her as well. Attraction may not be enough. You should give an advantage to the girl you connect more with. Go for connection as opposed to mere attraction.

How To Choose Between Two Girls That You Like
How To Choose Between Two Girls That You Like

6. Be the priority this time: At this point of dilemma, you have to be a bit selfish. Worry more about your stance and your future. Worry about what you want and what you can get, how well you can be treated, how much peace you can have and so on.

Now, relate the things you want to each of the girls and their qualities and evaluate who your instinct feels more comfortable with to guarantee them.

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7. Consider the one who brings out the best in you: Amongst the two girls, there could be the one you feel better with. She is more of your strength and motivation and she brings out the best in you. This amongst other signs dangles to the fact that she is the right girl amongst the two.

8. Consider like principles: This is similar to compatibility but it is capable of standing on its own for clarity sake. You are most likely to be compatible with someone whom you share similar principles with. Having similar principles is a lot had in common. The point counts in favour of the right girl.

How to choose between two lovers
How to choose between two lovers

9. Do not be biased in response to your instinct: Your instinct has a major role to play in decision making, because all the time, the conclusive decision falls back for your instinct to draw the line and take the action. Following your instinct simply means following your heart after consideration series of available events.

Human instincts are always right but most times hard to trust. The earlier you begin to trust your instinct the better for you. Not trusting your instinct translates to not trusting oneself. You must trust your convictions. People who do not follow their instincts end up regretting. Therefore, in choosing the right girl between a two, believe in your instinct.

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10. Stick to your choice in the end: After you have finally arrived at a decision through the boisterous evaluation process, you should then stick to your decision. Do not go back and forth if you must have peace. There is never a perfect girl, neither is there a perfect guy. Both must work hand in hand to bring out the best in themselves, and that is all that matters.

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The dilemma of choosing the right girl between the two of the girls of your heart is an overwhelming situation. The recommendations highlighted above are practicable in helping you manage the situation and arrive at a best decision.