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How to Discover Your Talent: 10 Effective Tips

How To Discover Your Talent

How To Discover Your Talent: Are you stuck? Found yourself in a creativity block? Relax, you are not alone in your misery.

We are pressured everyday, directly and indirectly by loved ones, social media and indeed, the society at large, to spell out exactly who we are and what we stand for but we find it hard to pin the answers to these questions what with all the stuff life throws at us.

However, we cannot rule out the need to identify ourselves with a distinct cause because how else are we to know the right directions to channel our efforts and strengths in order to achieve the best results in life?

In this article, you will learn how to dig out those precious gems of yours and put them to effective and efficient use.

How To Discover Your Talent

How To Discover Your Talent

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Tips to Find Your true Talents

1. Start with an appraisal of your life so far: some introspection will go a long way here. While this is no magic wand that will provide the much needed answers to your burning questions, a life appraisal test will be effective in helping you look back at what you have been doing with your life in different aspects.

It will also open your eyes to different things that you have been able to achieve with little or no effort due to the passion that you have for such things. On the other hand, you will also find out those aspects of life where you are lacking or not performing so greatly in.

Personality tests usually come in handy here. A number of them can be found online. They help to make you understand yourself better.

When you have undergone these tests, you are bound to make out a pattern from your otherwise complicated and all-over-the-place life.

From this point, you can go on to categorize what areas are your strongholds and which ones are your weaknesses.

2. Follow the money: where does most of your coins go to? It was the holy book, the Bible, that said that where your treasure is, there lies your heart.

A good audit of your financial history is necessary here. To do this, apps like Mint can be useful as they help you to keep track of your spendings and give you a review of how much you have spent over a specified period of time.

How to Find Your Hidden Talent

How to Find Your Hidden Talent

This way, you can pin point those things you spend most of your money on and evaluate them cautiously to see if you are really passionate about them. For example, if you find that you are always buying musical equipments and paying for concert tickets, then you might just be a musical star in the making!

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3. Let your friends rate you: because they have seen you at your best and your worst, your pals are easily some of the best behavior and character judges you can get.

How to Find Your Hidden Talent

How to Find Your Hidden Talent

Try quizzing different unrelated chums of yours to tell you what they feel are your best and worst qualities. This will give you a wholesome survey.

4. Find out from your family, what lit you up as a child: hardly anyone knows you better than and for as long as family. They watched you grow up to the level you are now in life. The things you did, the games you cherished, your favourite books, food, etcetera.

These things, though you have outgrown most of them or stopped indulging in them as you grew older, could pass as reasonable pointers at where your innate talents lie or what you are most productive at.

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5. Start a diary or journal: Put pen to paper and let it go. Pour out your yearnings, expectations and experiences without restraint. Here, you are free of any fear of being judged or mocked by anyone as this is a personal writing.

Return to the diary or journal after some time to do a complete and careful examination of your rants or jottings. You will notice that a good number of your thoughts circle back to one main idea. This is most likely an untapped talent or at least an earnest desire that can help you unearth your true talent.

Other things you can write down to ruminate over include: the things you miss, what you yearn or long for, opportunities you wish will come your way, etcetera. This will help you map out the pattern of your strengths, weaknesses as well as a list of opportunities to channel your newfound talent(s) towards.

6. Search for what you are longing for in other people: You can find inspiration in what talents other people have and are exhibiting. If you love writing, read what other writers have churned out.

How to know your talents when you are young

How to know your talents when you are young

Note that the chances are that you might get jealous while watching other people who have made it in your potential area of talent as you may see your self as just a learner or nobody compared to them. However, you can turn this to your advantage by getting close to those people who are doing pretty well for themselves and building a mentorship relationship with them.

Seek their advice, hang out with them. These connections are sure to form a breeding ground for opportunities and passage for you onto stardom and fulfilment in life.

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7. Do an inventory of what you read, listen to and watch: Your eyes and ears are your windows to the world. The things we view through these windows and decide to hold on to, speaks volumes of what your inherent or core interests and desires are.

How to find your passion and talents

How to find your passion and talents

See if you can find a recurring coherent form in the books you read, the kind of music you listen to or the movies you watch.

8. Find out what you are known for: Recall those good deeds people thanked you for doing for them on a regular basis. From as little as being a good listener to being able to impart knowledge on little children, you will be able to fish out those hidden qualities that point towards your congenital talents.

It need not even be just what you do for others. It could include those special things you do for your own self like how you manage your personal affairs (like school work) efficiently under pressure.

Awards that you have received for exceptional work in any area whatsoever could be just the pointer you need to discover that hidden talent.

Your selflesss assistance to people could be a marker of your caregiving talent.

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9. Be willing to welcome change and adapt: With age comes changes in choices. Do not let age be a barrier to your career prospects or cut short your aspirations.

You are never too old to start doing things that you have always loved to do. Just do it. Do not procastinate.

Being open to change entails shrugging off all stereotypes or tags and fully embracing the things that interest you the most.

10. Make out time for yourself: you may be so caught up in the bustle of everything, helping other people or doing everyday mundane things that you may not have time to sit back and treat yourself. Do some meditation to give you the opportunity for some inward search because what you are looking for is actually inside of you. It is innate.

Before we conclude, i would like your to check out the interesting YouTube video about how to discover your talent. This video was made by one of the most successful entrepreneurs on YouTube. Trust me, you won’t regret it at all:

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In conclusion, It is one thing to discover your talent and another to put it to good use. When you have discovered your true calling, you must waste no time in flexing it. Take courses to master it or get certified. Get mentorship from gurus in that field, go for internships and participate in competitions to sharpen your craft. Do it with passion. Think of ways to commercialize it if the opportunity avails itself. See you at the top!

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