Most Popular Nigerian Dishes/Foods (With Pictures): Top 10

Most Popular Nigerian Dishes/Foods: Nigerian cuisine is incredibly diverse in its own recipes and methods of preparation. For instance, it is common knowledge that leftover Jollof rice tastes better. Nigerian dishes are flavorful, spicy, and always prepared with love.

Nigerian cuisine is unsurprisingly filling and delicious. Nigerian cuisine will make you a fan of African food in no time, from the intriguing texture of pounded yam to the widely consumed variants of Ogbono and Egusi soup. Do you need some assistance choosing your Nigerian food? The ten Nigerian delicacies listed below are good options to start with!

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Top 10 Most Popular Nigerian Dishes

1. Jollof Rice: This traditional cuisine, which is popular in several West African nations, is a must-try if you are visiting Nigeria. But we must caution you! Be prepared to participate in the friendly battle between Nigeria and Ghana over who creates the best Jollof rice.
Rice, tomatoes, and peppers make up the main ingredients of the Nigerian Jollof rice.

Nigerian Recipes You Need To Try
Nigerian Recipes You Need To Try

Then, a lot of folks include delectable combinations of other ingredients, including prawns, peas, or onions. Jollof rice is frequently served with juicy foods like chicken or minced pork. It might even include plantains or stew. To add some spice, combine it with some Nigerian pepper sauce.
This dish, in our opinion, is so delicious that it ought to be considered a World Wonder.

2. Pounded Yam: Nigeria is one of the countries that produces the most yams, thus it is not surprising that Iyan (pounded yam) is one of the dishes that Nigerians adore so much. In fact, the proverb “yam is food and food is yam” is well-known throughout the nation.

In Nigeria, crushing yams into a rather firm paste is a common way to prepare them. The method used to prepare the dish may vary depending on the ethnic group using the yams. The yams are first boiled, ground into a smooth paste, and then they are rolled into balls. Iyan, these pounded yam balls belong to a wonderful category of dishes known as “swallows“. Other swallows include Fufu, amala, eba, and two shinkafa.

The pounded yam is frequently served with a soup, like a vegetable stew. Use this fantastic recipe to make it at home!

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3. Tuwo Shinkafa; The Hausa people of northern Nigeria are renowned for their tuwo shikkafa, or swallow food. While short-grain rice is the typical ingredient, rice flour can also be used to make it.

When rice is prepared, it is cooked to allow the water to seep into the grain, making the rice soft and sticky. It is then formed into balls, added to the container, and served as a side dish with Nigerian soups such miyan kuka and miyan kardashi after being mashed into a soft dough.

4. Ewa Agoyin: In Nigeria, notably in Lagos, ewa agoyin (or ewa aganyin) is a wildly popular street snack. It’s a sort of beans porridge.

To prepare it, a fiery stew comprised of bell peppers, chili peppers, onions, and palm oil is served with extremely soft or mashed beans. Black-eyed peas can also be used, but Nigerian honey beans, or ewa oloyin, are preferred. Although it is frequently prepared in many Yoruba homes as well, ewa agoyin is frequently marketed as street food. This hearty dish is typically served with soft bread, boiled yams, or dodo.

5. Dodo (Fried Plantain): Plantains are the solution to any issue in Nigerian cooking. Whether they be grilled, fried, or dried makes no difference. Did you know that the location and method of serving plantains at the table depend on the cut? This delectable delicacy is presented as a component of the main course when you notice big, lengthy slices of it.

What is Nigeria most popular food?
What is Nigeria most popular food?

Dodo includes deep-fried, cubed plantain slices that are popular all over the nation. It is frequently offered as a delectable snack or as the meal’s appetizer. The only ingredients required to make this recipe are plantains and palm oil, or vegetable oil if you want to reduce the amount of fat. It is that easy to prepare!

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6. Egusi Soup (Melon Soup); Egusi soup is the recipe for you if you’re looking for something to warm your heart and satisfy your tummy, and everyone likes it because it is simple to make. Some individuals even add it to rice. Instead of using crushed melons, Nigerians may choose to use toasted pumpkin seeds when preparing this soup. The seeds provide a wonderful layer of warmth after a long day of walking. A popular swallow used to enjoy this soup is pounded yam.

Traditional Dishes to Try in Nigeria or At Home
Traditional Dishes to Try in Nigeria or At Home

7. Akara (Fried Beans Cake): Traveling across Africa as a vegetarian? Do you want something flavorful, crisp, and substantial?
The Nigerian food for you is akara. A tasty black bean paste is deep-fried to create this delicacy. The majority of individuals additionally include onions and various spices.

Popular and Traditional Dishes to Try
Popular and Traditional Dishes to Try

This cuisine was invented by the Yoruba tribe, but other West African nations have adopted it since it is so delicious. It is frequently eaten as a warming snack or with fresh bread.

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8. Moi Moi (Bean Pudding): In America, pudding is frequently associated with a sweet, dense dessert. Even if Moi Moi isn’t by any means a dessert pudding, you must try it while visiting Nigeria.

Nigerian food names and pictures
Nigerian food names and pictures

Either brown beans or black-eyed peas are used to make this pudding. This mouthwatering dish is made by combining steamed beans with tomato paste, onions, garlic, a variety of peppers, and spices.
Many Nigerians steam their moi moi while it is covered in banana leaves, but some bake their moi moi.

9. Ogbono Soup: Although the texture of this soup might astound you, we guarantee you’ll like it. A slippery draw soup called ogbono soup is produced from ground ogbono seeds.
This style of soup is common in southeast Nigeria, but you may also get it in the southwest. You’ll receive a ton of nutrients from it, including proteins, fiber, good fats, and calcium, whenever you eat it.

Nigerian Foods That Will Blow Your Taste Buds
Nigerian Foods That Will Blow Your Taste Buds

The soup will be made according to the preferences of the cook, who may include extras like melon seeds and different veggies. You can eat this veggie soup multiple times and never have the same sensation.

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10. Pepper Soup: Try Nigerian pepper soup if you want something spicier to eat. But if you can’t feel your tongue for a few hours, don’t whine!

Nigerian Dishes
Nigerian Dishes

Goat meat is frequently used to make this kind of soup. For a flavorful punch, spices like ginger and red chili flakes are utilized. There are a ton of soups and stews in African food, but once you sample pepper soup, you’ll want to eat it all the time. You can warm yourself up during the cold weather by eating this soup.

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Although jollof rice is among the most well-known Nigerian cuisines, and for good reason too, there are a lot more to try, as shown by this list of 10 other Nigerian recipes. I hope this post makes you even more eager to try out Nigerian food if you have not done so already since more and more Nigerian restaurants are appearing in major cities throughout the world. The foods mentioned here are some of the best traditional foods you must experience while visiting Nigeria. Be sure to pop into bukas (casual Nigerian restaurants), as those are where you are most likely to find the local dishes on the menu.