Best Power Bank Brands In Nigeria 2024: Top 8 Most Popular

Top Power Bank Brands In Nigeria And Their Prices: The usage of electronic gadgets has become commonplace in Nigeria, where it is typical to observe people using their phones and tablets for extended periods. Yet power outages are frequent in Nigeria due to its weak power infrastructure. Power banks are therefore crucial for those who depend on their devices for work, communication, and leisure.

In as much as power banks are essential items in Nigeria due to the country’s unreliable power supply, the harsh reality is that there are many poor-quality power banks on the market that do not last long and may even damage your device. The vast majority of people have been conned into purchasing subpar, expensive power banks. On that note, below is a rundown of some of the top power bank brands in Nigeria and their prices.

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Best Power Bank Brands In Nigeria And Their Prices 2024

1. Oraimo: One of the best power banks brand available in Nigeria is Oraimo. Oriamo is a global accessory brand that partners with Tecno, Itel and Calcare, and its power banks are awesome and feature cool-looking designs. Largely noted for its rapid charging potential, certain models feature a 2-way rapid charging and a multi-protection safety system to prevent overcharging and overheating. Oraimo power banks are also equipped with LED indicators, and some models have LED flashlights integrated right in. Customers have given the brand’s power banks generally favourable feedback, praising their quality and durability. Oraimo power banks cost anywhere between N5,000 and N40,000 depending on the model.

15 Best Power Bank Brands in Nigeria and their Prices
15 Best Power Bank Brands in Nigeria and their Prices

Some specifications and prices:
Oraimo OPB-P118D 10000 Mah Power Bank: N 8,500

Oraimo Power Oraimo Bank OPB-P208DN 20000mAh: N 12,700

Oraimo 27000mAh Massive Power Charing Bank Traveller 3 Byte: N 19,000

Oraimo 30000mah Superior Quality Ultra Fast Charging Power Bank: N 23,950

Oraimo 40000mAh Strong Massive Power Charging Bank Traveller With Cord: N 35,000

2. Firman: Firman power banks are renowned for their robust design and quick charging abilities. Hence, Firman is regarded as one of Nigeria’s top power bank brands. The brand’s power banks have garnered generally favourable consumer responses, with buyers appreciating their durability and quality. Certain variants come with LED flashlights. The cost of a Fireman power bank varies according to the model and ranges from between N4,000 to N20,000.

Top 10 Best Power Banks To Buy In Nigeria
Top 10 Best Power Banks To Buy In Nigeria

Some specifications and prices:
Firman 10000MAH Firman SuperPower Bank: N8,675


Firman P15 – 15,000mAh Marvel Series Portable Power Bank: N9,250


Firman 20000mAh Power Bank Universal Digital Mirror: N13,500

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3. Generic: With capacities ranging from 2,000mAh to 50,000mAh, Generic power banks are among the top power banks in Nigeria. Additionally, they are quite renowned for their affordability. Customers have given the brand’s power banks a mixed review; some have praised its cost and portability, while others have voiced concerns about their durability and charging speed. Generic power banks cost between N2,000 and N20,000, depending on the model.

What is the best power bank product in Nigeria
What is the best power bank product in Nigeria

Some specifications and prices:
Light Display 10000mAh Power Charging Bank Premium Black: N 4,990

Collapsible Phone Holder With Powerbank: N 7,500

Fast Charging 20000mAh Power Charging Bank Mirror Black: N 8,590

2 In 1 LED Light Wireless QI 10000mAh POWER BANK Charger: N 10,880

50000 Mah Fast Charging Power Bank With LIGHT: N 25,900

4. Anker: Anker is a well-known brand that creates high-quality power banks with lengthy battery lives. From 5000mAh to 26800mAh, they have various capacities. Anker power banks are renowned for their ability to charge quickly, and some of their models come equipped with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Also, they are designed with a multi-protect safety system to guard your electronics against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting.

Furthermore, consumers have overwhelmingly praised Anker power banks for their durability and quick charging capabilities. Anker power banks cost between 10,000 and 40,000 Naira, depending on the capacity and features.

Which brand is best in power bank
Which brand is best in power bank

Some specifications and prices:
Anker PowerCore Select 10000 Power Bank: N 15,000

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000mah PD PowerBank: N 20,999

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) Magnetic Wireless: N 30,000

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger:N 53,000

Anker PowerCore Metro Essential 20000 PD (20W PD) Black Fabric: N 59,000

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5. New Age: New Age is another top power bank brand in Nigeria that makes power banks with a range of capacities, from 4000mAh to 20,000mAh, which are also reasonably priced. The power banks generally have a streamlined and fashionable style, and certain models also feature an LED display that indicates the amount of battery life left. To guard against overcharging and short-circuiting, New Age power banks also feature a multi-protect safety system.

When it comes to its reviews, consumers have typically given New Age power banks high marks for cost and design. Moreover, the cost of a New Age power bank varies from 5,000 Naira to 20, 000 Naira, depending on its features and capacity.

How much is the best power bank in Nigeria
How much is the best power bank in Nigeria

Some specifications and prices:
New Age 22500 Capacity Power Bank: N 12,399

New Age NewAge Virgin Power Bank 15000mah Fast Charger Power Bank: N 8,999

New Age 30000mAh Power Bank Fast Charge Type C Input &Output: N 20,890

New Age 22500 Capacity Power Bank: N 12,500

New Age 33000mAh Massive Power Bank: N 22,990

6. Havit: With some models having a capacity of up to 30,000mAh, Havit power banks are renowned for their high-capacity designs. LED lamps and several charging outlets are also included in some variants. Customers have given the company’s power banks generally excellent reviews, praising their durability and charging efficiency. Depending on the model, Havit power banks can be purchased for anywhere between N5,000 to N25,000.

What are the top 10 power banks
What are the top 10 power banks

Some specifications and prices:
Havit H584 Slim Design Fast Charging PowerBank 10000mAh: N 9,500

Havit PowerBank Havit HV-H5221 Solar 10000mah: N 12,999

Havit 20000mAh Input & Output Type C Fast Charging Power Bank: N 17,000

Havit PB5644 LED Display PowerBank 25000mAh: N22,500

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7. Romoss: Renowned for producing high-quality gadgets for more than 15 years, the Romoss brand rank among the elite power bank brands in Nigeria. Its power banks have fast charging capabilities, which are absent from the majority of conventional power banks.

It also features three output ports such that three gadgets can be charged simultaneously. On its LED display, you can monitor the battery level, charging voltage, and current charging status. The Romoss brand gives customers a range of options and capacities that are readily available and reasonably priced in the market.

Strong Power Banks in Nigeria with Best Battery Life.
Strong Power Banks in Nigeria with Best Battery Life.

Some specifications and prices:
Romoss Power Bank 10,000mAh: N9,000 – N13,000

Romoss Power Bank 10,400mAh Sense 4: N10,500 – N14,500

Romoss Power Bank 10,400mAh Solo 5: N8,500 – N14,000

Romoss Power Bank 16,000mAh: N11,000 – N15,000

Romoss Power Bank 16,000mAh Solo 6: N15,000 – N19,000

Romoss Power Bank LT20 20,000mAh:N13,000 – N15,000

Romoss Power Bank 20, 000mAh Sense 6: N11,500 – N14,000

8. Remax: The Remax Power Bank has different specifications which make it rank among the most preferred brand of power banks. These brand of power banks are fast charging, features multiple input ports and an LED indicator.

Best Power Banks and Prices in Nigeria (2023 Latest)
Best Power Banks and Prices in Nigeria (2023 Latest)

The details of some of its specifications and their prices include:

Remax Lipmax Power Bank 2,400mAh: N4,000

Remax Lipmax Power Bank 8,000mAh: N8,000

Remax Lipmax Power Bank 10,000mAh: N12,000

Remax Lipmax Power Bank 20,000mAh: N14,000

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Whilst it can be frustrating to live in an area with no/inadequate power supply, sadly that’s the harsh reality in a country like Nigeria known for its poor supply of electricity. However, the introduction of Power Banks has helped many mitigate this situation. Whilst there are many power bank brands in Nigeria, there are some that have a correct blend of execution and components. Because they offer quality features and capabilities, many regard them as some of the best power bank brands in Nigeria.

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