Lessons From The Story Of Hannah In The Bible: Top 4

Lessons From The Story Of Hannah In The Bible: The Bible doesn’t say how long Hannah prayed for a boy, but after countless years of wishing, praying, and hoping some more, this is the point at which Hannah is found sobbing in the sanctuary. She asks God for a boy and swears to return him to God after having him. While she is wiping her tears, Eli, the priest, accuses her of being intoxicated and she responds by telling him that she is in profound anguish and praying to God. After that, Eli blesses her and asks God to grant her wish.

She returned to their house after her early prayer and adoration of God. A boy she named Samuel was shortly born after it became clear that her womb had been unsealed. Chapters 1 and 2 of 1 Samuel contain Hannah’s life story.

One of Elkanah’s two wives was Hannah. The Bible doesn’t say much about Hannah other than the fact that the other woman had kids while Hannah didn’t. Hannah had no children in a society where having kids for your spouse added worth and significance.

The name Hannah, which in Hebrew means “grace” or “favor,” seems to guarantee nothing in this tale. You’ll notice as you read the sections that Peneninah, the other wife with children, made light of Hannah’s condition and irritated her.

Biblical Teaching from Hannah
Even though Hannah’s tale only spans one more episode, it could still go on for a very long time. Because she had maintained her word to return her promised infant to God, her influence on Israel’s destiny was immeasurable.

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As Samuel matured and gained knowledge from Priest Eli, he heard God’s speech, discovered how to work in the sanctuary, saw Eli’s sons disobey God, and then was required to inform Eli of God’s message regarding his sons.

Samuel took over as the nation’s priest and prophet as Eli grew elderly and frail. God used Samuel to lead and direct his offspring, selecting the kings, teaching David, and following God’s leading at every turn.

Hannah could have clung to Samuel after he was born, but she stayed faithful to her vow to return her boy to God. Hannah praised and thanked God in her supplication.

Her obedient vow to God consequently altered the course of many generations of Israeli leaders. What can we take away from Hannah’s devotion to God then? These biblical teachings can be learned from Hannah.

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Four (4) Main Lessons From The Story Of Hannah In The Bible

1. Hannah Prayed To God Constantly: The Bible informs us that Hannah was praying about her difficulties, though of course we can’t read between the lines and can only get a glimpse in these two chapters.

Lessons of biblical motherhood from Hannah
Lessons of biblical motherhood from Hannah

Hannah went to worship when Peninnah drove her to tears. She prayed even though her heart was breaking year after year. There are numerous situations in life that we may find overwhelming or unjust. We’ll go through struggles that feel overwhelming.

But the only location where our concerns, frustrations, and tears can be transformed and healed is when we bring them to God (in prayer). After six months, Hannah continued to hope for a boy. The Bible mentions that she continued to be childless year after year, though it does not specify how long she hoped for a child.

She kept praying and thanking God for his gifts after Samuel was delivered. She continues to pray to God through happy and difficult times, and it is captured in her lovely supplication. Remember to give God credit at the conclusion of your period of prayer. Give thanks to God for the daily provision of supplication responses. In both the good and the bad circumstances, keep your connection with God strong and your eyes fixed on Him.

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2. Hannah Persisted In Pursuing Her Goal: After six months, Hannah didn’t give up on having a kid. The Bible doesn’t specify how long she delayed before having her own child, but it is clear that she had an idea for her boy before becoming a mother. She promised God what she would do with complete certainty.

Uplifting Lessons from Hannah's Life and Prayer
Uplifting Lessons from Hannah’s Life and Prayer

When a goal isn’t fulfilled, it’s simple to loose heart because it wasn’t realized for a while. Many women aspire to be mothers of their own children. Women who yearn for a husband, desire a lucrative career, financial stability, or simply want to feel appreciated and cherished. Take courage and consider your heart’s wishes as you consider Hannah and her singular concentration on her goal of having a son. What is God telling you to prepare for in order to be prepared to see that goal come true?

3. Hannah Was Trustworthy: It can be very simple to make a commitment, particularly when you believe it will help you achieve your goals. Hannah vowed God something. If God were to grant her a boy, she would surrender him back to God.

Powerful Life Lessons From Hannah in the Bible
Powerful Life Lessons From Hannah in the Bible

Considering how long I’ve wanted a kid, this seems like an enormous, unattainable pledge. It seems strange to wait so long for something and then give it back. But Hannah had sworn an oath to God, and she was devoted to upholding it. She also diligently cared for Samuel, sewing clothes for him and bringing them to him every year after she had taken him to the sanctuary. In addition to having a loyal affection for her boy, her mother also had a loyal heart toward God.

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4. Hannah Was Resistant Too Being Provoked: Hannah didn’t strike out when Peninnah persisted in pestering and making fun of her until she cried. Hannah probably had moments where she wanted to give up, leave, or retaliate against Peninnah. She could have said, “You have children, but Elkanah adores me more and gives me a double share,” or something to that effect. She might also have questioned Peninnah’s parenting and her kids’ behavior.

Significant lessons from the life of Hannah
Significant lessons from the life of Hannah

With the exception of a few verses, we don’t know much about their relationship, but what is clear is that Hannah didn’t go tell her husband when she was overcome with weeping because of Peninnah’s comments. Elkanah had to instead inquire as to what was amiss. When life gives you challenging individuals, it can be simple to spread unfavorable information about them everywhere you go. “Do you realize what that person just did? They are so impolite!

Hannah didn’t share her woes with Eli while she was in the temple praying, telling him how tough her life was and what a terrible individual Peninnah was. She merely stated that she was pleading out of tremendous agony. Remember to talk to God about a difficult relationship rather than airing your filthy baggage in front of everyone. Be mindful not to engage in a vocal altercation when you have the option to leave.

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You can plead like Hannah, no matter what your conditions or how hopeless your position may be! Bring your worries and sorrows to God, and let Him mend your rifts. Pray fervently and consistently as you give God your heartaches. Like Hannah, you might not see results for years, but you can rest assured knowing that God is dependable and genuinely cares about you. Then offer God your concerns, apprehensions, frustrations, tears, and grief. Ask God to give you a faithful spirit and a melody to chant to him in praise.