12 Differences Between Management and Administration

Differences Between Management and Administration: Management and Administration are two terms which are synonymous, but not conterminous, in that they are similar to each other, but cannot be used in place of one another as they both represent a distinctive meaning. Both Management and Administration are similar to each other as they are instrumental to the daily running of an organization and determination of the objectives and Policies of such an Organization.

However, there is a world of difference which exist between them. Do you know these differences which exist between them? Well, it is understandable if you do not know them because both terms ‘Management’ and ‘Administration’ could mean the same thing in a work place; referring to the people at the zenith of such organization, managing the affairs and daily running of the organization, but Stricto Sensu, this is not factual as Management means one thing and is applicable to some type of organization, while Administration means another thing and is applicable to some type of Organization.

This Article therefore examines the meaning of both a Management and an Administration, and the differences which exists between them.

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Meaning of Management

Management can be defined as the act of controlling and running the affairs of a business brand, enterprise or an Organization. Management could also be defined as the process of planning, decision making, Organizing, motivating, and controlling the resources of an Organization in order for it  to reach it’s goals efficiently.

Similarities between administration and management
Similarities between administration and management

Furthermore, Management is popularly said to be the Act of Managing people and the systematic process of Managing people, their work, tasks, and responsibilities in a work place for the purpose of achieving a common goal through the utilization of the resources of the Organization.

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The definition of Management can be viewed form three Points:

a. Management as an Economic Factor: Management is said to be a Factor of Production as it assembles and integrates other factors of production such as Land and Capital which depends on Labour which is governed and utilized by Management. Thus, as an Economic Factor, Management deals with the productivity and profitability of an Organization.

b. Management as a System of Authority: Management is Administration, and Administration is all about leading people. A Management is usually at the Apex of an Organization, controlling it’s affairs. Thus, it is a System of Authority as the Management authorizes and control it’s workers towards achieving it’s Organizational goals.

c. Management as a Status System: Management is an Economic factor of Production, System of Authority, and importantly a Status system because Management is reserved for some class of people depending on the need of the organization.

Such class of person could be dependent on; Academic Qualifications, Resource skill, Management skills or other top skills which sets a person apart from his counterparts. Thus, Management is not for everyone, but is only for some people based on Status or other qualifications.

Differences Between Management and Administration
Differences Between Management and Administration

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From the above definition and concept of Management, we can all agree that Management involves the following:

a. Group Efforts: Management involves group Efforts as it is associated with controlling and managing a group of individuals towards achieving a set goal.

b. Goals: Every Organization has a set of goals, and it is one of the duties of the Management to set such Goals and means of accomplishing such Goals.

c. Accomplishing such Goals through group effort: Management involves setting of goals, Managing a group of people towards achieving such goal, and accomplishing such a goal through the spirited efforts of these group of people.

d. Being core of an Organization: Management is the core of every Organization, as no Organization can operate without a Management.

All in all, a Management is greatly responsible for Planning, organizing, leading, motivating, controlling, coordinating, and decision making in an Organization.

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Meaning of Administration

An Administration can literally be defined as the people who plan, organize and run a business brand, Organization, or other institutions. Formally, an Administration can be defined as the systematic process of administrating the Management of a business Organization, Educational institution, government office or non-governmental Organization.

Management vs administration Meaning and comparisons
Management vs administration Meaning and comparisons

Furthermore, an Administration can be defined as the act of running and Managing a business, organizing an institution, and performing it’s Administrative duties.

From the above definitions, Administration involves the following:

a. Laying  the Framework for an Organization

b. Setting up policies within a Work place

c. Formulating plans and procedures as well as the goals and objectives of an Organization

d. Enforcing rules and regulations within the Organization

e. Planning, organizing, and decision making at the highest level of the Organization

f. Management of a whole Organization, Institution, or enterprise.

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Differences Between Management and Administration

The close resemblance between Management and Administration makes it imperative for us to consider the distinctive meaning of both and the differences which exists between them.

What is the difference between 'administration' and 'management'?
What is the difference between ‘administration’ and ‘management’?

The differences which exists between Management and Administration are:

1. Firstly, both terms share different meaning. Management is the systematic process of organizing people and resources towards achieving a set organizational goal. While an Administration is the process of setting up the objectives and crucial Policies of an Organization towards achieving it’s goals.

2. Management involves the process of Managing resources and people within an organization, while Administration involves administering the functions performed in the Organization by a group of people. Thus, Management deals with Managing people within the Organization, while Administration deals with managing and administering the whole Organization by a group of people.

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3. Management focuses on Policy implementation, while Administration focuses on Policy formulation. This means  that administration deals with setting out and developing the policies of an Organization, while Management deals with implementing and executing this set out policies.

4. Management performs an executive role such as controlling the core daily operations of the organization, while Administration performs a decisive role such as making key decisions, Rules and regulations, legislation, and policies of the Organization.

5. An Administration makes all important decisions in an organization, but a Management makes only decisions within the boundaries and laid down rules set by the administration.

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6. The activities of a Management is at a functional level of the daily operations of the organization, while that of an Administration transcends to a higher level.

7. Management usually operates at a profit oriented organization, while an Administration usually operates at service oriented organizations such as Governmental organizations, government offices, business, enterprise, Military, hospital, and Educational institutions.

8. The Primary focus of a Management is managing work, deciding who will do the work, and how it should be done, but the primary focus of an Administration is assembling resources of an organization, and making policies as to what should be done and when it should be done.

9. A Person in charge of a Management is called a Manager, while a person in an Administration is called an Administrator.

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10. Management generally refers to a group of employers who oversee the daily running of an organization or company, while an Administration generally refers to the owners of such a Company or Organization.

11. As elucidated above, the Management/Manager is responsible for managing the activities of an organization, whereas an Administrator is responsible for the Administrating of an organization.

12. A Management deals with the creation of strategic plans and actions of the Organization, but an Administration deals with procedures and making of policies which will enhance the set out objectives of the organization.

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Conclusively, I trust you now understand the differences which exists between Management and Administration. While Management and Administration seems alike, theoretically there is a wide difference between them as elucidated in the Article, but practically in some Organization; Management and Administration are fused and perform the same functions as a Manager could perform both Managerial and Administrative functions in an organization and vice versa.

Moreso, some Organizations especially Profit oriented organizations such as business brand and enterprises may not have a large scale, Much work Space, activities, and workers. Hence, it is usually the owner of such business brand that performs both the Administrative and Managerial functions of the business brand, but where the Organization has a large scale or is a service oriented organization, there is usually a Management who is responsible for the daily operations of the organization, and an Administration which consists of the owners or shareholders of the organization who just supervise the management and general activities of the Organization.