Best Courses to Study in Canada 2024: Top 12

Top 12 best Courses To Study In Canada: Studying a course in the university is a great thing and its better when the course is in line with your abilities, that is, what you are likely to do well in. Take for example; a person in love with playing instruments would most likely study music in the university, as it is a field he is likely to thrive in.

However, in considering the abilities and interests of the individual, it is also important to check the culture and geographical location of the university and the availability of jobs. The question to be asked is this, ‘are there jobs for this course?’, ‘is this course/job high in demand?’, ‘how much is the pay?

This is the basic idea of this article. For students hoping to relocate to Canada, this article would be important to guide you on the courses to read.

About Canada and Education

Canada is a country located in North America, covering 9.98 million square kilometers and it is the world largest country by area. By reputation, it is ranked among the friendliest countries on earth and open to immigration. The country also employs skilled workers from across the globe with intent to grow its economy. Life in Canada is safe, healthy, clean and quality. There are also quite a large number of job opportunities.

Education in Canada is taken very serious, as it is very compulsory for citizens, and is even funded by government most to the times, to encourage studying and interest of its citizens. The scholarship is either funded by provincial government, local or territorial government.

The education cycle in Canada is of three stages; Primary education, secondary school education and universities offering undergraduate programs, and other  educational programs like masters degree, phd, vocational colleges and institutions etc. It is worthy of note that the primary language spoken and taught in schools is the English language

For Admission into universities in Canada, it involves meeting certain criteria’s. Criteria’s like; having  good grades in secondary school leaving examinations, which are usually calculated in form of percentages and expressed in transcripts, additional academic achievements apart from results, and extra- curricular activities.

In cases of more prestigious universities, reference letters are needed, student awards, scholarships, evidences of volunteering services, and a personal statement of experience, written by the student and submitted to the appropriate university department in charge of the admission programs.

Example of the most prestigious institutions in Canada are; university of Toronto, The university of British Columbia, Redeemer University college, Mount Allison university, McGill university etc.

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Top 12 Courses Studied in Universities in Canada 2024

1. MBA Courses: MBA, short form for Master of  Business Administration. It is a program designed to manage and develop careers in business administration and investment.

Best courses to study in Canada 2021
Best courses to study in Canada 2021

Management courses and other linkable courses like consulting, banking, investment are in high demand in Canada. This is due to the increase in digitalization, automation and data. MBA degrees offer a wide array of career opportunities, high paying jobs, new skills and knowledge and an insight into the world of business giving the leverage to participate in the economy.

Studying management courses are usually expensive, however these courses are cheaper in Canada, as the country has already signified interest in the promotion of management related programs and its benefits to the economy and is slowly incorporating the course into its system. Also, there is an incentive for graduates who have studied the course and intend to work in line with the courses.

2. Computer Science: Computer science is basically the science of computers and principles guiding them. These principles include algorithm, computations and information.

Top courses to study in Canada
Top courses to study in Canada

Computer scientists are in high demand in Canada, and there are so many job opportunities. Some of the jobs related to computer science which are in high demand are; information systems analysts and consultants, software engineers, computer programmers, web designers, Database analysts and data administrators, and a few others.

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3. Engineering and Engineering Management: Engineering studies involves the study of how social and economical dynamics affects technology and innovation.

The engineering field is quite competitive, and is growing by the day. However, in Canada, the country recognizes the need and importance of engineering in the economy. The lowest earning engineer earns 51,100 dollars.

Most lucrative courses in Canada
Most lucrative courses in Canada

Some of the engineering jobs highly valued in Canada and in high demand are; mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical- economics, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, engineering management etc.

4. Physical and Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy: They are in high demand in Canada and there are always available jobs in the sector as the country recognizes the need for renewable energy careers to help fight against the climate change and depletion of fossil fuels and environment.

Some of the areas under this course which are in high demand are; physics and astronomy, medical physics, mining, geology, geo – informatics, renewable energy, nanotechnology, oil and petroleum engineering and a few others.

So far, the country, with the rate at which it promotes renewable energy and conversion of natural resources, generates electricity from hydroelectric dams, uses solar system as alternatives to electric.

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5. Agricultural Science and Forestry: The importance of agriculture in a state cannot be over emphasized. This sector has been recognized by the Canadian government and they promote this sector by creating jobs in the sector with high pay.

Which course is the best in Canada for international students
Which course is the best in Canada for international students

Some of the areas with high interests under this sector are; Agricultural science, Agronomy, forestry consulting etc.

6. Bioscience, Medicines and Healthcare: The human body needs attention from competent medical professionals to help prevent illnesses and cure sickness when needed. It is important for there to be available in hospitals, skilled and adequate officers to help manage patients.

Best courses in Canada for international students
Best courses in Canada for international students

In Canada, the government recognizes this need and its importance, hence the push by the government by creating incentives for competent medical professionals to take up the medical profession in the country.

Some of the jobs under this sector which are high in demand are; nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, gynecology, radiography, medical laboratory etc.

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7. Media and Journalism: The media industry is a growing one. Journalism equips people to become radio presenters, tv presenters, social media influencers, reporters, public relation officers, even teachers. In Canada, these jobs under these courses are in high demand and the pay is huge.

8. Graphic Design: This course involves creating picture- like designs bearing certain information. Students basically live their lives in studios creating and making design.

In Canada, graphic designing are in great demand and they often are employed in large studio and large companies working with photographers, marketers and artists.

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9. Psychology: Psychology is basically the study of the human mind, way of thinking and emotions.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, one in every five persons has mental health problems. It is noteworthy to recognize now the importance and need of psychologists in Canada. The government being a responsive one recognizes the importance of psychologists and has created jobs in that sector. The average psychologist in Canada, earns not less than 97,451 dollars.

10. Teaching: Education degrees prepare students to become good teachers.  To become a teacher, it is required to have a provincial teacher’s certificate and a bachelor’s degree in education. It usually takes within four to six years to finally qualify to become a teacher.

Top 10 courses in Canada for students
Top 10 courses in Canada for students

Some of the teaching subjects in high demand are English, Mathematics, Biology, History, Music etc. The average school teacher’s salary is 46,800 dollars per year.

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11. Finance: Choosing to study finance in Canada means being thrust into the centre of a major international financial centre. Financial analysis, investment management, and risk assessment are just a few of the many financial disciplines covered in the demanding finance programmes offered by Canadian colleges. The incorporation of real-world business insights and exposure to state-of-the-art financial technology distinguishes Canadian finance education and guarantees that graduates are not only academically gifted but also knowledgeable about the most recent practices and trends in the industry.

Best course to study in Canada for PR
Best course to study in Canada for PR

The multiculturalism that is ingrained in Canadian society also has a big impact on how financial education is delivered. Students’ knowledge and flexibility are improved via exposure to a variety of financial markets and procedures, preparing them for jobs in corporate finance, investment banking, and banking. Graduates are significant assets in the constantly changing financial sector because of the emphasis on critical thinking and analytical abilities, which guarantees that they are prepared to handle complicated financial difficulties.

12. Project Management: Canada is a great place for anyone who want to study project management because of its importance in the field. Comprehensive project management programmes, including planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, are available in Canadian universities. In order to ensure that graduates are ready for the demands of the professional landscape, the curriculum incorporates the newest industry techniques and tools in addition to exploring classic project management approaches.

Most demanding courses in Canada
Most demanding courses in Canada

Canada is unique in that it places a strong focus on multidisciplinary and collaborative project management education. Instead of being seen in a vacuum, project management is seen as a crucial component of many different sectors and businesses. This all-encompassing perspective encourages adaptation, which is an essential quality for professionals in a constantly shifting corporate climate. Graduates can pursue fulfilling professions in a variety of industries, including information technology, construction, and other fields, due to the need for qualified project managers in Canada and throughout the world.

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In conclusion, these courses are relevant in Canada, and people who are professionals in these fields tend to work in highly placed jobs and are paid well.