Causes and Consequences of Indiscipline in the Society

Causes and Consequences of Indiscipline in The Society: Indiscipline is the unwillingness to submit one’s desires and actions to the constraints of socially acceptable behavior. It’s difficult to trace the beginnings of indiscipline in Nigeria, but historians and social scientists think that the country’s foundations are the cultural struggle with Western civilization, as well as its expressions in modern Nigeria.

In today’s society, there is a high level of indiscipline, as seen by the level of corruption that exists. Embezzlement of public funds, contract inflation, demand for a 10% bribe in contracts, bribery, forgery, impersonation, neglect of government property, political unrest, neglect of one’s duty, child abuse, stealing, exploitation of weak people, urinating indiscriminately, lack of queue culture, status influence, sexual harassment, cultism, false information and utterances endangering public peace are all examples. As we progress through this write-up, we shall understand the causes and the consequences of indiscipline in our society.

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What Exactly Is The Meaning Of Indiscipline?

Perhaps it is more important to understand what discipline implies before attempting to define indiscipline. Discipline, is the process of developing self-control and the habit of obeying, particularly in the mind and character. Discipline is defined as a rule-following instruction or way of life, as well as control and order. We now know exactly what indiscipline is thanks to the definitions above.

Benefits of Disciplined Behaviour
Benefits of Disciplined Behaviour

Indiscipline refers to a lack of discipline, control, or correct training; it also refers to unruly conduct, rebellious behavior, or chaos. This implies that when students assault instructors, break school regulations, cheat on exams, riot in the dining hall and elsewhere, consume Indian hemp and get drunk, lie and steal, they are committing acts of gross misconduct at the individual institution.

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Indiscipline is defined as a lack of self-control and disobedience that leads to flagrant violations of norms and regulations, culminating in chaos and disorder. Acts of indiscipline are unavoidably caused by a lack of self-control. It explains moral deterioration, dissatisfaction, and voracity, all of which lead to theft, robbery, and other crimes. As we progress, we would understand the causes and the consequences of indiscipline in our society.

Discuss the causes and consequences of indiscipline in the nation
Discuss the causes and consequences of indiscipline in the nation

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What Are the Major Causes Of Indiscipline In Our Society?

Several causes have been highlighted as contributing to the rise in incidents of indiscipline in contemporary society. These factors may be divided into four categories: social, economic, political, and psychological.

Social Causes

Causes of indiscipline
Causes of indiscipline

a. Influence from peers: As a result of their interaction with bad acquaintances, decent and disciplined people might turn terrible and undisciplined. It’s a common phrase that goes, “Tell me who you keep, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

b. Decay of social institution: Many social institutions, including schools, families, and churches, are eroding and failing to fulfill their moral upbringing duties. Because their children are given to hourly caretakers, families no longer have time for them, and schools no longer teach moral education. Teachers are just as worried about student conduct as parents would be if their children were being disciplined.

c. Urbanization: Overcrowding in our cities adds to indiscipline since there is a higher concentration of jobless teenagers in metropolitan areas, which leads to an increase in crime. Everyone is seeking a way to generate money.

d. Values in society are changing: Values are societally treasured behaviors. Honesty, hard labor, hospitality, respect for elders, and other values are all part of it. These ideals are evolving to the point where society respects riches regardless of where it comes from. Our society has suffered as a result of this.

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Economic Causes

Consequences Of Indiscipline On The Individual And Society
Consequences Of Indiscipline On The Individual And Society

a. Poverty: There are many hungry Nigerians. A hungry person becomes enraged. His rage may lead to indiscipline, as he will go to any length to live. Stealing, pilfering, embezzlement, adulteration, smuggling, armed robbery, and other crimes have resulted as a result of this. All of these are in-disciplined behaviors.

b. Policies of the government: Some government rules, such as designating some items as contraband or requiring all projects to be completed by a contractor, can lead to indiscipline. When some items are prohibited, individuals tend to sneak them in, damaging the country’s economy. Instead of engaging direct labor on government tasks, contractors are over-invoiced.

c. Greed: It’s all about the desire to become wealthy quickly. Many Nigerian youngsters have it in their blood. The military is planning a coup so that I may become the president of the country, traders and public servants are engaging in online fraud to gain more money, and all of this is indiscipline.

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Political Causes

Causes and Consequences of Indiscipline on individuals, society and nation
Causes and Consequences of Indiscipline on individuals, society and nation

a. Inequitable resource allocation: Because resources are not distributed equitably, some people have discovered illicit ways to obtain their fair portion of the nation’s resources. Illegal bunkering, abduction, and overall unrest are examples of this in the Niger Delta region of the country.

b. Dominance in politics: When one ethnic group controls the nation’s leadership, other ethnic groups may resort to acts of indiscipline to counteract the dominance.

c. War: When a battle breaks out, law and order tend to fall apart. Everyone is no longer bound by the law. This results in chaos and antisocial behavior.

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What Are The Consequences Of Indiscipline?

1. Social Instabilities: Communities with undisciplined conduct face a variety of issues, including a negative attitude toward labor, low productivity, a casual attitude toward national growth, and a lack of national awareness. These variables are not only detrimental to the proper operation of social activities, but they also operate as a severe stumbling block to growth.

2. Corruption on both the high and low levels: Corruption becomes the norm in a society when there is a culture of indiscipline. Individuals, government entities, and agencies will all be involved in corruption. In this case, the followers will all follow in the footsteps of their leaders. Economic development resources will be redirected for personal gain.

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3. Malpractice in the Examination: Exam misconduct has become the norm, particularly in external tests and in our higher education institutions. Students who do not attend lectures or lessons on a regular basis in an undisciplined culture may turn to examination malpractice and instructor bribery in order to pass their exams.

Five consequences of indiscipline in the society
Five consequences of indiscipline in the society

4. Country stigmatization: Disciplined conduct reflects poorly on the country. Citizens of such a country are secluded and viewed as social misfits, while the country itself is considered a pariah state. Citizens of such a nation are considered and handled as suspects in the case of terrorism. Citizens of a lawless country will find it impossible to go abroad, and if they do, foreign security officials will subject them to intense security scrutiny and harassment.

5. Disregard for authority: Citizens’ indiscipline leads to disdain and defiance of authorities and societal ideals. People do not reject indiscriminately, resulting in environmental issues such as clogged drains, floods, and air pollution, to name a few. Citizens are involved in shady business practices such as oil bunkering, counterfeiting, drug trafficking, and other forms of financial crime. A civilization like this would stay undeveloped.

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6. Underdevelopment: Citizens who are unproductive due to underdevelopment are unlikely to contribute to communal development. Those in positions of power are more prone to be rash and corrupt. They readily steal and misappropriate public funds intended for community development. As a result, indiscipline contributes to underdevelopment.

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Indiscipline is a societal malady that, if left untreated, can have catastrophic consequences for the entire community. Indiscipline has always been a component of civilization, dating back to the dawn of time. Given this, it is only logical to conclude that indiscipline cannot be completely eradicated from society.

Nonetheless, by employing specific techniques that every serious society that views indiscipline as a social concern should aim to utilize in order to preserve a modest environment, this problem may be addressed and decreased to a very little degree.