Cheapest Universities In India For International Students 2024: Top 14

Cheapest Universities In India For International Students: India is a great place where almost everybody would like to study. India is the second-most populous country on the planet. India is also the world’s seventh biggest country. It is a place brimming with diverse cultures, true history, and distinct traditions.

With a fast-growing economy, India’s tertiary institutions have emerged as among the best and cheapest in the world for overseas students during the last decade. There are several universities and institutes to pick from, and the country is well-known for its engineering and technology programs.

International students have a low cost of living, with accommodation and energy expenses ranging from $250 to $500 each semester, depending on the university’s location. While the cost of lunch is inexpensive, depending on the eatery, you may have a delicious dinner for $1 to $5.
According to a poll conducted by HSBC’s Retail Banking and Wealth Management unit, India has regularly been listed among the cheapest nations for overseas students to study. India was named the cheapest destination to study for international students. There are hundreds of institutions in India, but the few institutes listed here are among the cheapest for overseas students.

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Top 14 Cheapest Universities In India 2024

1. Osmania University

Annual Tuition: US$400

It is situated in the Indian city of Hyderabad. Osmania Institution is a low-cost university in India that also happens to be one of the country’s oldest. In addition, this was India’s first university to provide Urdu as a medium of teaching. With a total student population of over 300,00 and a dense confederation of colleges and related or connected institutes around the country, Osmania University is the largest campus in the area.

Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad for Indian Students
Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad for Indian Students

This school has attracted a large number of international students throughout time, and it now has over 4,000 scholars from all over the world. The Humanities, Commerce, and Sciences programs of Osmania University are particularly well-known. This university is one of the top ten state universities in the country, as well as one of the top 300 in the Asian continent.

2. University of IEC (India Education Centre)

Annual tuition: US$365

It is a private university in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India, that was founded in 2012. The cheapest Indian institution on our list is IEC University, which has the tagline “the knowledge experts.” Through efficient and accessible methods, the IEC University provides multidisciplinary world-class education. Because of their automated system, all financial transactions are simple and accessible.

Cheap Indian Universities
Cheap Indian Universities

Each of the University’s twelve schools offers a variety of courses aimed at generating exceptional graduates.

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3. University of Gujarat Law Society

Annual tuition fee: US$502

Gujarat Law Society University is a private institution based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It was founded in 2015 with the goal of delivering a flawless and innovative learning environment while also preserving the university’s reputation for quality education.

Affordable Universities in India
Affordable Universities in India

The school’s mission is to generate value via economic, social, and environmental development while also becoming the finest in the world at offering education in a way that is domestically rooted, regionally recognized, and internationally significant.

Through its many programs, this institution is likewise dedicated to fostering committed, conscientious, compassionate, and capable leadership. This university has quickly established a prestigious reputation, making it one of the greatest private institutions for international students.

4. Jamia Islamia University

Annual tuition fee: starts at US$4500

Jamia Islamia Institution is an Indian university located in New Delhi. In the year 1920, the institution was founded. It is a school that provides a varied range of students, especially Muslim kids, with progressive education and Indian nationalism.

Cheapest Private Universities in India
Cheapest Private Universities in India

It is comprised of nine major colleges that offer a wide range of academic degrees in areas like law, psychology, engineering and technology, architecture, humanities, visual arts, social and natural sciences, and more.

With a student population of nearly 20,000, it is the largest institution in terms of student enrolment.

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5. Jadavpur University

Annual tuition fee: starts at US$800

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is home to Jadavpur University. It is one of the state’s oldest of its kind, with a total student body of 12,000 students.

All Cheapest Universities in India for International Students
All Cheapest Universities in India for International Students

It runs two main campuses in Jadavpur and Salt Lake and manages other institutes such as the Jadavpur Institute of Business Management. There are more than 200 courses and programs to choose from.

Furthermore, the institution places a strong emphasis on research, and it is one of the few universities in the region to have some cutting-edge research facilities. In fact, the university has continuously been listed among the top 650 universities in the world and among India’s top 20 universities.

6. Nirma University

Annual tuition fee: US$516 

The Nirma University was founded in 2003 and is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. This institution is one of India’s fastest-growing private institutions. Since its inception, this university has added more programs. The institution prides itself on being a center for personal and social growth, as seen by its academic and extracurricular activities. Nirma University has grown into one of the greatest institutions in the country, with cutting-edge infrastructure and amenities.

Because integral research is frequently carried out in undergraduate and graduate programs, this prominent institution prefers to be referred to as a research institution. It is an affordable private Indian institution with a difference because of its desire for excellence as well as its focus on personal and societal greatness.

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7. Bahra University

Annual tuition fee: 532 USD

Bahra University is a private university in Waknaghat, Himachal Pradesh, India, that was founded in 2011. With its records, this institution is considered one of India’s most unusual private universities.

Cheapest universities in India
Cheapest universities in India

There are almost 23,000 campus placements, two overseas campuses, and 35,000 full-time students at this school. It’s possible that you’ll desire to study here. Hotel Management, Basic Sciences, Physiotherapy, Engineering, Computer Applications, Pharmacy, and other courses are among the regular offerings. Bahra University also has a number of scholarship programs.

8. Kaziranga University

Annual tuition fee: 453 USD

Kaziranga University is a university in Assam, India, that was founded in 2012. This university is regarded as one of India’s best private research universities, with a strong research track record.
Kaziranga University holds seminars and workshops for its employees and students to keep them up to date on the newest developments. The school’s industry and academic affiliations make it simple for them to do research with the greatest instruments and methods available.

Cheapest Universities In India For International Students
Cheapest Universities In India For International Students

A visit to this institution will introduce you to a well-structured system for increasing production at all levels. This school has about 3100 students, over 140 faculties, and more than 50 courses.

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9. Navrachana University

Annual tuition fee: 668 USD

Navrachana University, located in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, was founded in 2009. Professional, disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and general education are all important to this university. It has been carrying out its aim to instill ideal behaviors and mindsets in its students since its inception in 2009 under the Gujarat Private Universities Act.

One of Navrachana University’s educational approaches aims to provide interdisciplinary education that enriches learning by combining fresh ideas from disparate disciplines, resulting in appropriate interrogations and creativity. This institution has a long history of producing outstanding graduates.

10. Uka Tarsadia University

Annual tuition fee: 556 USD

Uka Tarsadia University, located in Bardoli, Surat, Gujarat, India, was founded in 2011. With approximately 10,000 students currently enrolled, this institution is one of India’s fastest-growing institutions. Its large number of institutes indicates that you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a curriculum.

Sporting halls, magnificent accommodations, and wi-fi are just a few of the advantages available at this university. Recommendations and prizes for this school’s faculty are good, indicating that they have a strong aptitude for research and general improvement.

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11. ITM University: One of India’s top 10 inexpensive universities, ITM University is renowned for its academic prowess. ITM accepts students from various backgrounds and offers top-notch programs to meet their educational needs.

ITM offers a wide variety of courses that one can select from. Engineering, the fine arts, science, nursing, administration, the social sciences, and other fields all provide courses. The top programs offered by the university, listed by duration, are as follows: BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) programs last one year, LLB (Bachelor of Law) programs last three years, M.Pharm (Master of Pharmacy) programs last two years, and M.Sc (Master of Science) programs last two years.

12. Teri University: The TERI School of Advanced Studies is an independent research university founded by The Energy and Resources Institute and situated in New Delhi, Delhi, India. The institution, which was established in 1998, has three locations and offers more than 25 degrees at all levels.

Even in 2012, India Today honored Teri University with the Award for the Most Innovative Curriculum! For overseas students, it provides affordable tuition for scientific and MBA programs.

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13. University of Rai

Tuition: $700

Given that it was founded in 2012, Rai University is one of India’s newest universities. Since its founding, it has aimed to rank among India’s top private institutions.

Free and Cheap Universities in India for International Students
Free and Cheap Universities in India for International Students

In order to achieve greater societal impact, sustainable growth, and long-lasting transformation, it has sought to do this through its mission to “enable vital connections and collaborations among the spheres of academic and research elaboration, industry innovation, and community needs.”

The institution’s mission statement expresses a great desire to improve the state of Gujarat through empowering those who are less fortunate, with a particular emphasis on girls.

One of the university’s primary strategies for realizing its objective is to share and expand knowledge through interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder seminars, conferences, fairs, executive education, publications, and community contact and development activities.

14. The University of Lucknow

Tuition: $600

The University of Lucknow was founded in 1921 and enjoys a prestigious reputation in India’s academic history. It provides a wide range of academic programs in fields like the arts, sciences, business, law, and more. The university’s magnificent campus offers a warm environment for learning and personal development because it is furnished with contemporary comforts including well stocked libraries, cutting-edge labs, roomy classrooms, sports facilities, and dorms.

Free and Cheap Universities in India for International Students
Free and Cheap Universities in India for International Students

For its academic excellence, research-driven teaching strategies, and dedication to the entire development of its students, the University of Lucknow has won accolades. It inspires students to develop their intellectual potential and pursue their areas of interest because to the wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees available.

The University of Lucknow draws a varied student body and offers a forum for intellectual interaction and cultural enrichment by placing a strong focus on high-quality education. Its committed teachers, extensive academic offerings, and active campus community all contribute to a rewarding educational experience.

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India’s universities are well-known for their excellent and welcoming programs in computer programming, humanities, social sciences, and, of course, medicine. For overseas students on a tight budget, it is true that Indian institutions have lower tuition prices than universities in the Western world. In case you ever wish to study at a low-cost university in another country. India is a decent choice.