Differences Between Objective And Subjective

Differences Between Objective And Subjective: Objective and Subjective are terms which we are familiar with as they are widely used and applicable in various parlance of life such as: Philosophy, Science, English Language, and Examination. The later being the vocal point of it’s popularity especially amongst Student’s because during examination in school teachers set either Objective, Subjective or theoretical questions.

What is the difference between subjective and objective with examples
What is the difference between subjective and objective with examples

An Objective question in an examination is a question where you will be given options to choose the correct answer to the question from, while a Subjective Question is a question with no option to choose from, you are just expected to provide your personal interpretation of the question in form of an answer. For instance,  a Question which asks you to identify an answer is an Objective question, but a question which asks you to describe a thing or give your opinion about a thing is a Subjective question.

This meaning of the terms Objective and Subjective in the parlance of Education and Examination is not far from it’s applicability in the real sense and this Article shall therefore consider the meaning of the term Objective and Subjective from the philosophical, Scientific, and English Language point of view. We shall also examine the differences which exists between Objective and Subjective.

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Meaning of Objective

The term Objective in this parlance is an adjective which means a statement it observation based on verified facts without any form of bias, prejudice of personal opinion. For instance, if I say that Ronaldo has 780 Career goals, this is an objective statement because it’s based on Facts no sort of personal feeling for Ronaldo is attached to that statement.

Differences Between Objective And Subjective
Differences Between Objective And Subjective

An Objective statement is based on Facts which can be quantifiable, provable, and quantifiable. It represents the complete truth devoid of emotions or any personal bias. For instance, Messi is a footballer, Nigeria has 36 States, Human beings can’t live without breathing for a day. These are examples of an Objective statements as Objective statements are commonly applicable in describing things, giving observation, or reporting based on an unbiased analysis of a subject.

From the foregoing, we can all conclude that the term Objective refers to a factual statement based on a factual data or observation. Then what is the term Subjective?

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Meaning of Subjective

The term Subjective is an adjective which refers to a Statement, idea or opinion which is based on personal belief, conviction, or other forms of personal bias. For instance: ‘Messi is not a good footballer’ ‘Red is the best colour’ ‘I don’t like hip hop genre of music’ are all examples of a Subjective statement because it’s not based on verifiable facts but just based on my personal opinion or judgement beclouded with bias.

Subjective vs objective examples
Subjective vs objective examples

The Term Subjective can also be defined as the expression of a truth formed and based on the opinion of a person which can be influenced by the personal feeling, opinion, assumption, rumour, past experience, perception, and understanding.

From the foregoing, we can all agree that the term Subjective refers to the opinion of a person which is not founded in verified facts or universal truth.
I trust we now understand the meaning of term ‘Objective’ and ‘Subjective’? What then are the differences which exists between them?

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Differences Between Objective And Subjective

The following are the differences which exists between the adjective Objective and Subjective:

1. The two terms are the direct opposite of each other, as an Objective statement refers to a statement based on verified facts, but a subjective statement refers to a statement based on personal opinion, bias, assumption, or belief.  So while Objective means fact, Subjective means personal opinion.

2. An Objective statement is totally true, while a Subjective statement is not necessarily true as it is beclouded by the bias or perception of a person.

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3. Objective has nothing to do with the feeling of person, but Subjective is based on the feeling of a person. For example “Jose Mourinho is the coach of AS Roma”  “Jose Mourinho is the greatest Manager of all time”. The first example is an objective statement as it based on Facts, but the second is a Subjective statement as it is based on my personal feeling of affection for Jose Mourinho.

4. Objective statements are usually used in sciences and scientific research, but a subjective statement is usually user in Arts and general life dealings of humans airing their opinion.

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5. Objective statements can be found in Scientific Research, Newspaper, Storytelling textbook, encyclopedia, but subjective statement could be found in Biography, Social Media, Blogs and movies.

For instance, while watching a movie you have a personal opinion or feeling for characters in the movie, but in storytelling you narrate the story based on the verified facts of what happened, you are not going to manufacture your own story. Same is the case in writing a textbook or indulging in a scientific research. Also in reporting in Newspaper, Journalists strives for objectivity by making use of factual data when speaking about a subject they are reporting on.

6. Subjective focus on personal feeling, while Objective focuses on facts and in an objective analysis you are erasing any sort of personal bias off your mind, but in a Subjective analysis you are embracing personal bias.

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7. Objectivity is usually used before arriving at a conclusion or final decision, but subjectivity is not applicable at arriving at a conclusion. For instance, for a scientific to release a report, the report which is the conclusion of his analysis must be based on observation and facts acquired through objectivity, but Subjectivity is not applicable in arriving at a logical, philosophical or scientific conclusion.

8. An Objective statement is an observation made after the source of information has been verified, but a subjective statement is made without verifying the authenticity of the information or statement.

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9. An Objective information is measurable, whereas a Subjective information is not measurable. For instance: My earlier example on the number of goals Ronaldo has is an objective information as the goals are measurable or rather countable, but if I say that Ronaldo is not a good player, then this is statement is Subjective as it is not measurable.

10. Things which are Subjective are open to interpretation, but things which are Objective are not necessarily open to interpretation as the facts speak for itself, so therefore there is no need for further explanation or interpretation.

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These are the basic differences which exists between Objective and Subjective. I trust this Article was helpful and you now understand the differences between Objective and Subjective? For more informative Articles stay glued to this blog.