Differences Between Praise And Worship

Differences Between Praise And Worship: The theories of creation and how living things came to be, including human beings has remained a mystery since there is still no generally accepted theory about how the world and its inhabitants came to be. Notwithstanding the vagueness of some theories as a result of not having factual proofs to support such theories other than abstract belief and claims of which some have been considered superstitious. Aside plants, animals has a distinct feature that is quite interesting. Their ability to respect and respond to higher authorities. This involves identifying a particular animal amongst a particular specie and according it some level of respect willingly or out of fear of being harmed or being preyed upon.

What is the difference between praise and worship?
What is the difference between praise and worship?

This feature is also found in men. Humans has the trait of reverencing a fellow human or being believed to be superior in intelligence or skill, power or endowed with some special abilities that makes them special and worthy of reverence. Reverencing the person or being and sometimes objects, come by way of praise and worship. Praise and worship are concepts relating to veneration and sometimes submission. It suffices to state that praise and worship are not peculiar to religion or religious practices however, religion has been identified to be making use of these concepts more often and to have attached a deep sense of value to them.

To religious believers, for someone or something to be worthy of praise and worship, that person or thing or being must have proved themselves worthy in some spectacular way or ways. The person or thing just have to do something extraordinary and unusual to earn such praises and worship. In the circular world or social arrangement, for someone or something to earn reverence of praise and worship, they should or must have performed excellently well or in a certain way that seemed appreciated.

What is the difference between worship songs and praise songs?
What is the difference between worship songs and praise songs?

It mustn’t be extraordinary or out of this world. So, with the brief introduction to the concept of praise and worship, we will take a look at what the concepts actually mean in themselves and identify if they share some common similarities or most importantly, to see the differences that exist between them. Not minding the fact that praise and worship in most cases and sentences follow each other, they are two different concepts that cannot and shouldn’t be used as one or interchangeably because, their meanings are not the same in any way.

Praise can be said to be a form of veneration or respect, emotional reaction and a feeling of appreciation expressed either by word of mouth, in writing or gesture to a person or thing or even a being that is believed to have earned it. Praises are complements either to a person or thing for what they they did, who they are, how they look or appear to look, and how they behave in the society.

Praises are quite inferior to worship but most often expressed simultaneously. Praises can be in form of songs of appreciation, dancing in appreciation for what has been done or expected to be done in the nearest future, cheering to an awesome performance and event. Praises maybe expressed in favor of an individual, two or more persons or a group of people as a collective unit. Praises are offered in religious houses (places of worship by different religious believers), in a market place, on transit, at home, over the phone, in proxy, any time of the day or night, in different languages and any form of expression that the recipient is believed to understand.

In a nutshell, praise is intelligible and considered praise if it is not offensive to the person or thing intended to be praised. Let’s take for Instance, it would be a praise to see a handsome young man who is also well spoken and say to him; you look very handsome and your eloquence melts the heart. However, such praise might be construed as offensive and insulting to another. For example; it would be an insult and offensive to see a bad looking young man, shabbily dressed, ill-mannered and has difficulties with speech and say, you’re such a handsome young man and your eloquence is quite incredible.

So, this explains that praises has to do with complements that aligns or conforms to the recipients nature, appearance, performance and status and sometimes with a little exaggeration. Praises are a subtle way of encouragement. It is used to encourage the doer to continue doing the things they do and also a way of showing gratitude and acceptance.

Worship on the other hand is a more superior way of showing reverence. It is the act of showing total submission to the supremacy of a being, or person as the case may be. Sometimes, objects are being worshipped. Worshippers are believers. The worship because they believe in the thing, being or person and it’s supremacy. They bound themselves to certain practices and laws of that being and makes rules that guide the way they should be worshiped and most times, where they are to be worshiped.

What is Praise and Worship?
What is Praise and Worship?

With the above definition and succinct explanation in the subject matter, it becomes imperative to point out that both praise and worship are acts of veneration however, they share some disparities which we shall see in this part of the article.

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Differences Between Praise and Worship

1. Praises can be offered to anyone or anything but only beings and elements considered superior in nature and performance that are being worshipped

2. Praises can be offered or expressed anywhere and at any time of the day or night, in so far as the purpose was achieved. When it comes to worship, time and place matters, the environment plays a role too and when worship, in some cases are carried out in places other than designated place if worship, it might attract some form of consequences of considered inappropriate or even invalid.

What's the difference between praise and worship?
What’s the difference between praise and worship?

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3. A certain level of commitment is required for a worshiper which is quite not obtainable in expression of praise. One could just praise someone for the sake of it but when it comes to worship, the person need to believe in what he or she is doing and show true commitment to it.

4. Praises are a part of worship as in the course of worship, praises may be used and expressed. However, worship may be expressed in full without being accompanied by praises. One could worship by just observing the doctrines and rules of that religion or worship.

Differences Between Praise And Worship
Differences Between Praise And Worship

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5. Praises has no religious laws or rules guiding it. It is always the norm that worshipers has a guiding principles that outline how their worship may be offered for it to be acceptable.

6. Praises can be offered by none worshipers or unbelievers but in most cases, only believers show or express worship to what they believe in.

7. Praise is not peculiar to religion as anyone can decide to praise anyone or anything but worship is more of a religious affair.

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8. Worship is a higher level of praise that requires a certain way of expressing it unlike praises that just requires the expression to be made without it being made in a certain specified way.

9. Worship might still be expressed even when the object of veneration has done nothing spectacular just as could be seen in the case of idol worshipers but praises comes as a response or reaction to certain happenings or performances that are intriguing or fascinates the audience.

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10. Praises can be expressed in proxy in which case, some might decide to contract or seek the help if another to praise someone or complement them on their behalf when they are indisposed to do so by themselves and in person. This is usually not the case when it comes to worship, worshipers worship in person and not in proxy as worship is more of a personal act.

For example, one might say; please praise that man on my behalf for what he did, and it might take the expression of “congratulations on behalf of another”. This is usually not the case with worship.

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In conclusion, praise and worship are very important concept among humans as they play vital roles such as encouraging one another, showing reverence and appreciation and also, defining our belief and philosophy about our very existence.