Is True Love Real? Here Is The Truth

Is True Love Real? True love is one of those sensations that is better lived than read about or explained since it is so difficult to put into words. What, then, is true love? True love is more than just an emotion; it involves intense passion, warmth, sensitivity, sentiment, and an unwavering desire for your spouse.

People frequently get confused by these emotions because they can still exist for someone you’re fascinated with and it can be difficult to discern the difference, especially when the feelings are intense. True love is nevertheless fiercely sought after. Everyone aspires to discover their “one true love” and be together forever. True love, however, may not only last a lifetime and is not always restricted to just one person. There are a ton of things that people don’t know about true love, so if you’re in a hot, steamy relationship and you’re asking, “What is true love, really?” then read on as I list some of the qualities of true love and instances to show that it still exists.

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1. True Love is Unconditional: Unconditional love is one way to define true love. A telltale indicator that you’ve found true love is when your feelings for your lover are unconditional. But these feelings need to be returned, so it doesn’t end there. This implies that your feelings for one another remain the same regardless of the situation.

Is true love real psychology
Is true love real psychology

Would you still care for your spouse, for instance, if you two ended yourself in debt or if you discovered he had a drug or alcohol addiction? Would you support him through the problem’s resolution or management? You could have just discovered genuine love if you can honestly say that you would.

2. You’re Willing to Share Anything with Them: Being with someone you can’t be open and honest with or who isn’t open and honest with you is not worth it. When you’ve found true love, you should be able to speak frankly and honestly with your partner about anything.

Signs Of True Love in a Relationship
Signs Of True Love in a Relationship

For instance, you don’t hide a problem from your past or experiences you may have had, and you don’t hesitate to communicate even your difficulties with this individual. If it’s true love, it implies they’re one of the first people you turn to for guidance or a shoulder to weep on when you’re facing a challenging scenario. True love should be intimate both emotionally and physically, without fear of being vulnerable, because healthy communication fosters closeness.

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3. True Love Means Mutual Respect: Respect for both parties can also be used to characterise true love. Finding true love is fundamentally about being able and willing to accept each other’s boundaries, dislikes, likes, and wants as well as our decisions and values.

i believe that love that is true and real
i believe that love that is true and real

True love can also be a decision; you can decide that you want to love someone deeply and that you won’t settle for anything less. By doing so, you may also make the decision to cherish your spouse and all about them as well as to not put up with disrespect from your partner. You won’t have any trouble showing or receiving kindness if you and your partner are truly in love. Regard encompasses tenderness, thoughtfulness, kindness, and compassion. You would observe that you frequently empathies with one another, handle conflicts fairly, are willing to consider concerns from one another’s viewpoints, and resolve issues thoughtfully.

4. Complete Acceptance: Another characteristic of pure love is unconditional acceptance. True love entails accepting your partner for who they are, as opposed to only admiring their greatest traits. This means that even if they reject some of the things you love, you still need to love, care for, and accept them.

Is true love real in a relationship
Is true love real in a relationship

They may also disagree with some of your beliefs or still need to improve in some areas of who they are as people. Understanding that your partner may never be ‘perfect’ but that you still love them despite this is the key to acceptance. You fully grasp that they are who they are, and you are not attempting to convert them into someone else. This is where understanding also comes into play.

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5. You Don’t Feel the Need to Pretend around your Partner: Instead of stifling your authentic self, true love should bring it out. The best manifestation of your true self should be induced by your spouse, and vice versa. It’s probably not true love if you can’t be who you are around your lover.

Is True Love Real?
Is True Love Real?

Never let fear of losing someone force you to feel as though you have to act in a way that you believe the other person expects you to. True love is that you’re not scared to be yourself with your spouse. Rather than trying to impress them by pretending to be interested in the things they like, you should instead be yourself.

It implies that you are able to behave and communicate in a way that is true to your character, letting your partner see the whole person in you.

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Does True Love Really Exist?

Want to learn more about true love and rekindle those long-forgotten stomach butterflies? By the end of the list, you might discover that you once again believe in real love.

1. Old Married Couples: It’s one thing to get married in a grand ceremony with an orchestra playing all the best love songs; it’s quite another to actually keep that everlasting pledge. Anyone can say they love their partner, but only if they remain by their side through the ups and downs of time and destiny can true love blossom. When you see old married couples strolling together, holding hands, looking at each other as if it were yesterday, all of your scepticism melts at the sight of enduring love.

How do you know it's true love?
How do you know it’s true love?

For the romantic, their definition of true love may consist solely of love songs, bouquets, and hugs. For the realist, however, true love’s existence is demonstrated by the quiet, the arguments, and the perseverance through the years in spite of all difficulties.

You can tell an old married couple’s relationship may not be a fairy tale union when you see them. But they persisted in their relationship, prioritising love over all else. This is the true love that is so hard to come by.

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2.  You: You can see that true love does exist if you look in the mirror. You are driven by a desire to pursue your hobbies, career, passions, and other endeavours.
You are motivated by this want, and from this abstract desire, you create opportunities and bring about outcomes. You possess an inner fire that is a genuine, breathing example of pure love in addition to the love you feel for yourself.

3. Literature: You can get a deep glimpse into the writer’s heart and soul and how they see the world through their works of literature. The depths and breadth of true love are depicted in literature, including poetry and other genres like fiction. You can understand how true love can be so real and so sincere even via novels by looking at the characters in the story and the way the plot develops.

True Love: What Love Is and What It Is Not
True Love: What Love Is and What It Is Not

You, like millions of other readers, are moved and inspired by this kind of reading. It teaches you more than you ever imagined it could about true love.

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4. Music: You are moved, inspired, and transformed by true love. Have you ever heard a sonata or a song that made you cry? Ever experienced euphoria while attending a concert? Or attend a concert and be moved to your feet by the music’s utter beauty, receiving passionate acclaim and admiration?

You can sense true love even if you haven’t felt it for yourself by simply listening to someone else play their guitar, play the piano, or sing their heart out. You experience their love through the song as if it were your own. Every note and melody can evoke feelings of passion and deep love.

You are inspired and deeply moved by true love. That love is well expressed through music. You’ll be astounded by the variety of music that exists and conveys the pristine and delicate emotions of real love.

Characteristics Of Real Love
Characteristics Of Real Love

5. Your brain: If the aforementioned arguments aren’t enough to persuade you, examine your brain. In a study, couples were shown images of their loved ones while having their brains scanned by experts. According to the results of the brain scans, seeing images of the people they love created significant chemical changes in their brains.

People who have been in a relationship for 20 years or longer revealed identical chemical changes in their brains to people who, prepare yourselves, have only lately fell in love! Researchers have found that processes in the ventral tegmental area of the brain are what cause euphoria or pleasure and addiction.

They also exhibit prefrontal brain activation, which is linked to cognition, memory, and reward. Even while science is yet unable to fully explain the causes of romantic love or how it might be sustained, research have provided some important insights into what makes love last. To do this, treat each day of your relationship with your lover as if it were fresh new.

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I sincerely hope that you found this post to be interesting. To attract someone who will love you equally, you must be patient and love yourself first. Don’t try to force it or change it into something it isn’t. In the comment box, please let us know what you think about this subject, and kindly spread the word.