Qualities of a Good Woman: 10 Attributes to Look Out For

Essential Qualities of a Good Woman: Life is basically the outcome of decisions made by a person. Some of these decisions have a great impact on how life turns out for an individual, others merely affect how a little aspect of an individual’s life turns out. One of the most important decision that a man can make is making the right decision on the woman to share his life with long-term. Most men are left in a very confusing state of mind as they are unsure about what they should actually be in the lookout for when considering a woman for a life-long partnership.

Essential Qualities of a Good Woman
Essential Qualities of a Good Woman

Also, most young ladies and woman understand the need to be better, the need to do this for themselves and for those they will eventually wind up with in the future. But they are unsure what attributes to imbibe exactly and those attributes to drop. Even if they are sure of the right attributes, they are sometimes unsure about how to go about inculcating it. 10 essential qualities every woman should strive to inculcate will be briefly discussed and the skills an individual may develope in a bid to develope these attributes will also be discussed.

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The 10 Qualities/Attributes of a good woman

1. A Good Listener: Many people know how to speak and like to show how well they can speak even in occasions where long speeches are not required. But very few people know how to listen. Good listening skill is one that is very easily downplayed, yet it is of huge importance. Relationships cannot be developed properly if the parties are not good at listening.

Qualities of a good woman in the Bible
Qualities of a good woman in the Bible

A lot of persons are confused as to the meaning of listening. Being a good Listener does not entail being quiet and starring blankly at a person who is taking to you. It involves more. It involves your ability to repeat a few words and statements being used by the person, slow nods to show you are engrossed in the speech, asking the right questions that can spur the person on and occasionally looking at the person in the eyes. The ability to be a good listener cannot be emphasized enough.

2. Great Communicator: No relationship can thrive unless people are in constant communication. Communicating to the other party or persons there needs, concerns, thoughts, feelings and whatever. Communicating with the other person does not necessarily involve just talking.

Unique qualities in a woman
Unique qualities in a woman

A lot of persons talk, yet they barely communicate. Perhaps having to reflect on what they have said occasionally will give them a fair idea of how terrible they are at communicating. A woman must learn and quite early on in life, how to communicate.

Communicating with the other person without sounding manipulative, overly emotional or irrational are skills that must be learned. Communicating with another person is only possible when you make the other person want to communicate and you are able to sustain the interest of the other person.

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3. Loyalty: It is only when a person is perceived as a completely loyal person that we can consider letting down our guards around the person. Loyalty is simply the state of being completely faithful and honest to another person or cause.

Essential Qualities of a Good Woman to marry
Essential Qualities of a Good Woman to marry

It is not enough to just say a person is loyal until such acclaimed loyalty is put to the test. When that time comes and a lady is able to show that her loyalty is not and cannot be easily compromised, the level of trust skyrockets in the relationship. It is worth saying that it is easier to be loyal when the other person is loyal.

But this is an attribute that a woman who wants to be held in very high regards must strive to inculcate.

4. Show Intelligence: The ability to demonstrate intelligence in seemingly intricate situations is an attribute every woman should crave. Intelligence in academic activities is quite important, but raw intelligence demonstrates in real life thorny situations should be more desirable.

Qualities that Define a Good Woman
Qualities that Define a Good Woman

All great women with names that resonate through the hearts and minds of many always showed their raw intelligence in the game of life. Everyone will always need a partner or friend who they can rely on her intelligence in difficult situations. Develope strong raw intelligence and people will naturally gravitate towards you.

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5. Dress Properly: The people we move with and interact with are supposed to be a reflection of who we are. This means that moving about with a person who doesn’t dress well has a way of affecting our reputation. One of the indices used in adjudging a person in the absence of other facts is the persons appearance.

A woman must know how to dress appropriately for every occasion. It is not enough to dress good, but a woman must know how to dress for any occasion. Remember, it’s better to be overly dressed, than being shabbily dressed. So when unsure, over dress. Dressing appropriate also has a way of affecting our self worth and confidence, so it must not be treated lightly.

6. Have a career/ life plan: We are way gone past the century when all a woman was expected to do was look decent and know how to manage a home. Now, in this era we find ourselves, a woman can be a lot more, so why be less? A woman must have a solid career/ life plan. A woman who shows she has a good plan of what she wants from life is usually considered a woman of prospect.

Also, having a good career plan and pursuing it vigorously also keeps a woman busy. The worst state any human can be is to be idle. Idleness had a way of numbing the mind and dulling the spirit. Thus, a woman can get busy by building a career or life project or business. This also gives her experience in the intricacies of human nature and gives her better understanding of herself and life.

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7. Keep Good Friends: The friends we keep always rub off on us. So when we keep good friends with strong career/ life paths, it is only reasonable for us to build a strong career/life path ourselves.

Where on the other hand, such friends have no direction in life or have very terrible traits, in most cases, these rub off on us, even without we knowing. Having very good friends as a woman cannot therefore be emphasized enough.

8. Home Management: Most women would want to eventually have a home of their own and build a family. It is therefore a key attribute for a woman to be good with managing the home.

Preparing great meals, keeping the home neat, inculcating good attributes in the members of the family. All of these are key for proper home management. And a woman who has this skill is a great added advantage to those around her.

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9. Be a Helpmate: We are all supposed to be helpful to those around us from time to time. Our friends, colleagues, partner, et cetera will rely on us for assistance at one point in time or another. It is a key attribute and added advantage for a woman if she is able to render assistance when she is called upon to help out with something.

This will only be possible when such woman is not bare, when she has some underlying skills or talents that she can leverage on to give the desired assistance.

10. Don’t be Boring: No one wants to be with a woman who is boring or those not offer anything fun. Your friends, associates, partner, kids and family members should be excited to be around you as a woman.

This is because a woman at some point transcends into a Mother. And a mother must learn how to keep all those around her and those who depend on her safe, comfortable and very importantly, happy.

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These are some of my top 10 attributes every woman should have. Learning to inculcate these qualities are not difficult. It’s as easy as just learning any other thing we really are interested in learning. Starting is the difficult part, after we have started, it is always a surprise how easily all other things fall into place.