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UNILAG School Fees: 2020/2021 UNILAG School Fees For Old & New Students

Recently I have been receiving mails from old and newly admitted students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), seeking to know UNILAG school fees for 2020/2021 academic session. The mails was even more last week and that is why i decided to share everything about UNILAG school fees for 2020/2021 academic session here.

Consequently, i am inviting all the new and old students of UNILAG to quickly gather here as I disclose UNILAG school fees for 2020/2021 academic session, how to pay UNILAG fees online and also how to pay acceptance fee as well (for the newly admitted students).

If you just to enquire about the amount paid as school fees in UNILAG, this will also be useful to you. Just scroll below to see the school fees for all the new students of UNILAG.

UNILAG school fees 2020/2021

UNILAG school fees 2020/2021

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Is UNILAG school fees for 2020/2021 out?

Yes! The University of Lagos (UNILAG) has finally release her 2020/2021 school fees for all old and newly admitted students of the institution. This notice want made recently at the university’s official website website.

The university has also announced that all new students should endeavor to pay their acceptance fee as soon as possible as anyone who fails to do that will be deemed to have rejected the admission offered to him/her.

UNILAG school fees for a Newly admitted students

Below are the fees paid by all the newly admitted students of UNILAG in 2020/2021 academic session:

  • Registration – N5,000
  • Identity Card – N1,000
  • Result Verification – N5,000
  • Examination – N2,500
  • Sports – N1,000
  • Medical Services – N2,500
  • Laboratory Services – N10,000 while Non Science Students Are Expected Not To Pay Lab Sciences
  • Library Services – N2,500
  • Students Handbook – N1,000
  • Information Technology (IT) – N2,000
  • Endowment Fund – N5,000
  • Hire of Gown for Matriculation – N1,000
  • The Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP) – N5,000

This makes it a total of N63,500 for the Science Students and N53,500 for the Non Science Students together with the Acceptance Fee i.e with acceptance fee included.

UNILAG 2020/2021 school fees for old students of the university

2.Identity CardN1,000.00N1,000.00
5.Medical ServicesN1,000.00N1,000.00
6..Lab. ServicesN5,000.00
7.Information Tech. (IT)N1,000.00N1,000.00
8.Library ServicesN1,500.00N1,500.00
9.Endowment FundN1,000.00N1,000.00

How to pay UNILAG school fee online

Kindly follow the steps below to pay your UNILAG school fees online:

Step 1: Login to your UNILAG student dashboard using the link below: https://studentportal.unilag.edu.ng/

Step 2: On your student dashboard click on PAY ONLINE.

Step 3: Now, you will see an option to either acceptance fees or tuition fees. Choose school fees.

Step 4: You can decide to pay either through your bank or direct bank transaction. To pay through bank, choose TRANSGATE.

NOTE that N500 charges will be deducted from you as bank charge

Step 5: As soon as you submit 2 things happens, an sms is sent to your phone of successful payment

Step 6: A receipt is generated within your dashboard which you can click to view and then download to your computer or smartphone.

Step 7: For direct bank payment, note that the banks inside UNILAG are the only banks used for this purpose.

The banks for these transaction are:

  • GTB

The bank charges for direct bank transaction is just N250. This will be paid directly to the bank which you want to USE. You are also recommended to pay only to any of the bank provided above. UNILAG does not accept payment from any other bank in Nigeria.

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Candidates Are To Note The Following

  • Lab. Services are to be paid by:
  • All Science Students
  • All Science Education Students
  • All Engineering Students
  • All Language Students (Art & Education)
  • All Mass Comm. Students
  • Loss of I.D. Card N2,000.00

Payment should be made into UNILAG TSA via Remita Platform at any Bank Nationwide.

How much is UNILAG acceptance fee?

As you may know, UNILAG acceptance fee for 2020/2021 academic session is just #20,000 (Twenty thousand naira only). Payment of this money is compulsory for all newly admitted students of UNILAG.

In fact, it should be the first thing all newly admitted students of UNILAG should pay for because, failure to pay on time will not be tolerated by the institution.

How to pay UNILAG acceptance fee

The process of paying UNILAG acceptance fee is not different from the school fee payment. All you have to do is to make sure you select ACCEPTANCE FEE in the option that appears when you click on pay online.

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Wrapping up

Okay! This is all I have to say about UNILAG school fees for 2020/2021 academic session. It is important that you pay your school fees on time to avoid any punishment by the management of the institution.

Hope this satisfied you reason for visiting this page? Meanwhile, if you still have any question concerning how to pay UNILAG school fees, kindly use the comment section to let me know.

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