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About the University of Lagos (UNILAG)

The Universityof Lagos (UNILAG) is one of the popular and most prominent schools in Nigeria and in Africa at large. The university is one of the top 3 federal universities in Nigeria according to Wikipedia. Accordingly, it is recognized both in Nigeria and every other parts of the world. UNILAG was established in 1964 as one of the 6 (six) federal universities that will consolidate the standard of education in Nigeria.

In case you do not know, UNILAG is a very competitive university. The school usually have thousands of aspirants applying for admission through JAMB every year. This has also contributed to the reason why gaining admission into the institution is very difficult today.

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UNILAG News 2024/2025 News On UNILAG Departmental Cutoff Marks

UNILAG Admission News 2021/2022
UNILAG Admission News 2021/2022

UNILAG cutoff marks are one of the major requirements for admission into the institution. On that note, it is very important that you follow all our updates on UNILAG cutoff marks for this session.

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UNILAG 2024/2025 School Fee News

As a newly admitted or an old student of UNILAG, the first thing you are supposed to do every session, is to pay your UNILAG school fee for the year. Kindly scroll below to read our recent publication on UNILAG school fees for this session.

Not that this article will also educate you on how you successfully pay your UNILAG school fees online. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.

Update On UNILAG Admission Requirements

To gain admission into the University of Lagos (UNILAG), candidates must meet all the general requirements for gaining admission into the university. We have already made a publication concerning all UNILAG admission requirements for this session.

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News On UNILAG Merit Admission List

UNILAG merit list is usually released around August of every year. If you need information about this list or you want to know how you can check your name in the list, read our article on UNILAG merit admission list here.

Note that this page also contain other information like, instructions for candidates admitted through UNILAG merit admission list.

News On Unilag Supplementary Admission List

Apparently, Unilag supplementary admission list is normally released around November or December. if you need details about this admission list, kindly read our article on unilag supplementary admission list for this session here.

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