Best Muslim Football Players In The World: Top 10

Best Muslim Football Players in the World: Islam is a universal religion like all others, and its adherents come from a wide range of backgrounds. There are Muslim footballers who merit mentioning and attention because of their great sportsmanship. In this article, we’ll go over a list of the best Muslim soccer players.

This list includes the top Muslim soccer players who will grace the field in 2023. A genuinely international sport is soccer. On a grassroots level, millions of young men and women participate as well as  players who are well-known at the highest level.

The majority of the world’s nations have players. The majority of players for the best teams in the English Premier League are actually foreigners. There are numerous Muslim soccer players. Muslim names have been adopted by some. And some of those people play soccer while they are practicing Muslims.

A football player from a different country, with a different culture, and a different faith can occasionally be found in the world of sports, and it can all seem very natural. A crucial component of the beautiful game has always been Muslim players.

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Top 10 Best Muslim Football Players in the World 2023

The top Muslim soccer players who play professionally are listed below:

1. Karim Benzema: First on the list is famous Muslim soccer player Karim Benzema. He competes for both the French national team and the Spanish club Real Madrid. Additionally, he has participated in UEFA Champions League finals, UEFA European Championship, and FIFA World Cups. He is well known for having excellent shooting abilities.

10 of the Best Muslim Footballers in the World
10 of the Best Muslim Footballers in the World

In terms of his religious beliefs, Benzema is extremely forthright about being a Muslim and engaging in Muslim traditions. In 2016, he and his family performed the Hajj in Mecca. Meeting individuals from all around the world who share his faith and views was an incredibly moving experience for him. And it has aided his involvement in the Islamic society at large.

He also admires Islamic beliefs, particularly those that pertain to Ramadan fasting. He actually played multiple games during this month while keeping fasts for Ramadan.

2. Sadio Mane: A dynamic attacker with quick footwork and merciless finishing, Sadio Mane is an excellent footballer. He was up playing soccer with his siblings and sisters on a little dirt pitch while growing up in a Muslim home in Senegal.

England Muslim football players
England Muslim football players

Scouts first saw him while he was very young, participating in a small league in his hometown. The top young training program in the nation then chose him to play for them, sending him to Europe in the process. At age 16, he participated in his first professional game. And in nearly every league he has played in since, he has proven his talent as an attacker.

His speed and capacity for finishing chances make him most well-known. But is also well-known for his love of Islam, commitment to Islamic sports, and strong work ethic.

According to him, “Islam is a part of me,” and “being Muslim improves me.” Even a song has been written for him by his supporters, which they sing whenever he scores for Liverpool. He frequently attributes his desire to perform well to this support. His close pal Mo Salah is another reason he has admirers all over the world.

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3. Ngolo Kante: Ngolo Kante, who presently plays for Chelsea, is one of soccer’s most rapidly growing players. When Chelsea overcame Manchester City in 2021 to win the UEFA Champions League, it was his first significant triumph. His outstanding performance, which included a goal and an outstanding assist, earned him the title of player of the game. Kante moved to Chelsea from Leicester City, which won the Premier League in 2020, and this was his first season with the club. He has now developed into a crucial member of the team.

Muslim Football Players in the English Premier League
Muslim Football Players in the English Premier League

Ngolo Kante is not only a brilliant soccer player, but he also observes Islam. He learns Arabic, prays at least five times a day, and often gives to charity.

4. Mohamed Salah: Mohamed Salah, a right winger for Liverpool and Egypt, is one of the most well-known Muslim soccer players in the world. He can play soccer as well as any player on the planet. And much like his soccer talents, his goal celebrations are excellent. Being a devoted Muslim, he prostrates to Allah by burying his face in the ground after scoring a goal, just like a Muslim praying.

Muslim Football Players in European Leagues
Muslim Football Players in European Leagues

He is referred to as “the new Messi” and “the Egyptian King.” It’s due of his aptitude and capacity to unite followers of many religions.

When Egypt qualified to play in the World Cup in 2018, he was the team’s standout player. During England’s 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup campaign, he had already won three Man of the Match awards.

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5. Paul Pogba: Since joining Manchester United, the Frenchman has emerged as an unexpected talent. One of the most well-liked Muslim football players on the planet, he is. He has been observed wearing cornrows and an undercut with a beard, among other hairdos. Pogba’s goal celebrations, which include the “dab” dance and other planned actions, are incredibly inventive in addition to his iconic haircuts.

best muslim football players in the world
best muslim football players in the world

Paul Pogba solidified his place as one of Manchester United’s all-time greatest players. He accomplished this record by scoring on his first attempt and taking home the FA Cup in his first campaign. Additionally, he is the first player in the annals of both Chelsea and Manchester United to have won the Premier League and the Champions League with those teams, respectively. Every season, Paul Pogba showcases his excellent soccer talents with some incredible dribbling tricks.

The midfielder frequently finds motivation for his on-field exploits in his Muslim faith. As a result, he has developed a reputation as one of football’s most revered players.

6. Mesut Ozil: Mesut Ozil, a vital member of the Germany team that won the 2014 World Cup, is recognized for his razor-sharp passing and superb vision.

Muslim football players in La Liga
Muslim football players in La Liga

After being fired from Arsenal after seven years due to remarks he made about Uyghur Muslims, Mesut currently plays for his old Turkish Super Liga team Fenerbache. Mesut broke the record for the player to reach 50 assists the quickest during his stint in the Premier League.

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7. Eden Hazard: Eden Hazard is the captain of Belgium’s national team and a winger for the Spanish club Real Madrid. Considering Hazard’s extensive professional background, expectations for the player to effectively captain the Belgian team in the World Cup in Qatar are high.

Who is the best Muslim players in the world?
Who is the best Muslim players in the world?

According to the CIES Football Observatory, Hazard outperformed Neymar and Lionel Messi of Paris Saint-Germain as the best dribbler in the top five leagues in Europe in 2018.

8. Wesley Fofana: Wesley Fofana, who is only 20 years old, has already established himself as one of the top defenders in the premier league.

Best Muslim Football Players Ever
Best Muslim Football Players Ever

Fofana, a defender for Leicester and France’s U21 team, has had an impressive rise to the top of the game considering his age. His game reading, speed, and strength are those of a much more seasoned defender.

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9. Antonio Rudiger: Antonio Rudiger is a tall, agile, and athletic defender who competes for Chelsea FC and the German national team.

Rudiger struggled under Frank Lampard, but under Thomas Tuchel, he has rebuilt himself, playing a crucial role in Chelsea’s flawless defense that helped the team win the 2021 Champions League despite being the overwhelming underdogs throughout the competition.

10. Ilkay Gündoğan

Birthdate: 24 October 1990

Gelsenkirchen in Germany is where you were born.

Midfielder Ilkay Gündoan represents the Manchester United and Germany national teams. He started out as a member of the team’s reserve team in 2008 before joining 1.FC Nürnberg the following year.

Ilkay Gündoan was recruited by Borussia Dortmund in 2011 and won the DFB-Pokal and Bundesliga twice that year. Ilkay left the club in the summer of 2016 after 157 games and 15 goals for the team, joining Manchester City for an anticipated transfer fee of £21 million.

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This article is a list of all Muslim soccer players who have become well-known in the sport while enduring discrimination because of their religious convictions. Additionally, it inspires young Muslims to go after their dreams even when they appear unattainable. Is there a well-known Muslim football player that we missed? Please inform us so we may include them on our list.