How To Become More Attractive As A Man/Guy: 12 Tips

How to become more attractive as a man/guy: Most people will acknowledge that they don’t always feel their best. Even the most attractive and successful people have terrible days, but if you’re feeling negative about yourself more often than positive, you may want a perspective adjustment.

Are you prepared to develop into a more engaging, beautiful, attractive and memorable person? Are you prepared to develop your charisma and establish lasting bonds with people who genuinely like being around you? Stop thinking you’re uninteresting or ugly, and take proactive measures to boost your self-confidence and acquire more respect from others.

Contrary to popular belief, how you feel about yourself may not have much to do with how you look.

In order to identify modest lifestyle adjustments you may do to make yourself more appealing to yourself and others, we looked to scientific studies and spoke with relationship and dating experts.
These suggestions can assist you in starting to view yourself and get other people, too to view you more favorably. Let’s start now…

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How To Become More Attractive As A Man/Guy

1. Adopt a Healthy Way of Life: A healthy body is frequently regarded as appealing. This does not imply that you must train to run marathons or build your body. Make simple, healthy selections in your day-to-day activities to start, and go from there. Living a healthy lifestyle can show maturity and responsibility, which are desirable qualities in a partner.

How to be more sexually attractive as a man

According to studies, 12% body fat for males and 20% for women is a healthy target to aim towards. A 12% body fat ratio in men strengthens the immune system and testosterone production.
Women have 20% more body fat than men, and their curves are more pronounced.

A fantastic technique to increase your vitality while dieting is to consume more fruits and veggies. Antioxidants and plant-based pigments found in fruits and vegetables give skin a healthy glow.

2.  Sweat it Out: Even though you may detest exercising, it can significantly contribute to your self-confidence. Exercise is a great way to take some time to have some alone time, let out some aggression, and release endorphins, a chemical that can lift your mood. We’re not just talking about how exercise affects your body physically. People who exercised reported feeling more confident, according to a 2015 study from the University of Turku.

Science-Backed Ways Men Can Look More Attractive
Science-Backed Ways Men Can Look More Attractive

To feel more appealing, exercise is a terrific idea. You’re releasing endorphins, balancing work, play, and self-care in addition to giving yourself the gift of fitness.

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3. Get Some Beauty Rest: No matter how well-groomed or how much makeup you wear, research have proven that people who lack sleep appear less attractive in general as well as less healthy and fatigued.

scientific ways to make yourself look and feel more attractive
scientific ways to make yourself look and feel more attractive

To prevent red eyes and other signs of sleep deprivation, try to get 8 hours of sleep each night.

4. Put on a Smile: It’s amazing how crucial but straightforward this one is. We naturally become more approachable, intriguing, and friendly when we grin. A powerful tool in being attractive is a smile. Most people will grin back to you if you smile at them.

How to be more physically attractive man
How to be more physically attractive man

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5. Make Steady Eye Contact: More may be said with good eye contact than with words. You can convey that you are attentive, involved, and in the moment by maintaining eye contact. You can convey your concern for the person you are viewing.

What makes a man attractive to a woman
What makes a man attractive to a woman

Don’t glance down or avert your eyes. This can indicate that you are not interested. Too much eye contact might occasionally come off as odd or unsettling. Practice maintaining eye contact for a second longer than usual while concentrating on anything, such as the person’s eye color. Eye contact like this conveys greater warmth.

6. Show You Can Listen: Encourage others to share their stories. Put them in the spotlight. Concentrate solely on them, and show them how much you value and appreciate them. When we allow people to communicate about themselves, their brains produce pleasurable reactions. Avoid looking at your phone. Don’t look at your monitor even once. Don’t even think about anything else for a second.

How can I become a more attractive man?
How can I become a more attractive man?

7. Be Playful: Don’t be scared to laugh easily. The personality trait of playfulness may make a huge difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Not only can playfulness reduce stress, it also gives you a more relaxed, confident appearance.

Pay close attention to those around you and exercise caution when teasing. No matter how well-intentioned, being humorous shouldn’t result in offending someone.

How To Become More Attractive As A Guy
How To Become More Attractive As A Guy

There is a time and place for playfulness. If you are in a professional atmosphere where playfulness is often frowned upon, save it for after work. However, you may still be friendly and hospitable.

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8. Speak Slower: Speaking more slowly can actually make you seem more intriguing to other people. In doing so, you give them time to process what you are saying. Speaking more slowly also conveys assurance and a cool attitude, whereas speaking rapidly could give the impression that you are overly eager, nervous, or excited.

Practice speaking slowly, especially if you’re anxious. You’ll be able to maintain composure and authority by doing this. Speaking slowly will also help you avoid stumbling over your words.

9. Be Generous with Compliments: Although receiving love from others might seem like the quickest approach to improve your self-image, you might want to try providing love to others first.

Talking about positive qualities about others will make you appear more attractive in their eyes and help you understand the positive qualities you possess as well. Researchers hypothesized that men who compliment women metaphorically were perceived as being more attractive.

The secret to getting a second date might just be learning how to compliment well. Being attractive rises when you help others feel good about themselves. People spend time getting dressed for dates, so be sure to truly compliment the other person!

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10. Don’t Self-sabotage: According to studies, those who dwelled on their shortcomings were more likely to experience self-doubt and may also feel less satisfied with themselves. You should closely examine the reasons behind any negative self-talk if you see it. These kinds of remarks might damage your self-image and make you feel worse about yourself.

Jodi De Luca, a psychologist, advises individuals to pinpoint the root of their remarks and, if possible, get rid of it. Keep a close eye on what makes self-defeating remarks more likely to occur. Is there a certain setting? Person? Situation? When you know what makes you say unfavorable things to yourself, you can catch yourself before you say them, change them to positive ones, and even stop yourself.

11. Stand Erect and Tall: In addition to making you look beautiful, having good posture can also make you feel good.

According to several research, sitting up straight might increase your sense of self-assurance and dominance. They discovered that persons who adopt “power poses” experience higher testosterone levels, lower cortisol levels (a hormone produced when you experience anxiety), and more emotions of strength.

So it may be worthwhile to keep your head up both physically and psychologically if you want to improve your mood and see yourself in a more positive way.

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12. Show your hands: In general, we find it difficult to trust someone when we can’t see their hands. According to research, a person’s availability is their most appealing quality. Maintaining an open and available posture when mingling will convey to others that you are interested in connecting with them.

Never tuck your hands beneath the table, in your pockets, or in your coat. If people can’t see your hands, they might be less inclined to open up to you.

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Last Thoughts

Be genuine about who you are. Nothing is more alluring than someone who is following their course. Keep working toward your objectives and desires. Be genuine. Don’t fully alter who you are since it’s crucial to be yourself.

Make the people you are interacting with feel valued and encouraged. Show them that you’re paying attention to them by doing so. Everyone appreciates encouragement from others and tends to enjoy those people more when they do so.