Most Handsome Men In Nigeria (With Pictures): Top 10 Finest

Most handsome men in nigeria: Beauty-related topics are common and consistently spark readers’ and reviewers’ significant interest in favorite glossies. Male attractiveness and beauty are also hot issues right now. In this article, male beauty in Nigeria will be addressed. Without a question, Nigerian men are among the most attractive in the world.

As they occasionally share their adoration of them on social media, many individuals from all over the world usually desire to identify with them. Below you will find out the top 10 most attractive men in Nigeria in 2022. These handsome men are rising stars in the Nigerian film and music industries.

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Top 10 Most Handsome And Finest Men In Nigeria Currently

1. Korede Bello: The name Koredo Bello is inextricably linked to handsomeness. Oluwakorede Bello is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who was born on February 29, 1996. In 2014, he agreed to a record deal with Mavin Records. The semi-gospel and pop song “Godwin,” which became a national anthem and topped numerous music charts in Nigeria, is what made Bello famous.

most attractive men in nigeria
most attractive men in nigeria

Without a doubt, Korede Bello is the most attractive musician from Nigeria and the most attractive man in the country to have achieved widespread fame so far. He is currently regarded as the most attractive man in Nigeria thanks to his outstanding facial characteristics, which include dimples, thick eyelashes, a lovely smile, and an alluring grin.

Despite the lovely Dutch guy statue. Since he signed a record deal with the Mavin company in 2014, he has so far demonstrated that he is the best.   his well-known Romantic vocals with Tiwa Savage. They have always had faith in his abilities. This gentleman is every woman’s fantasy.

2. Kiss Daniel: Unquestionably, Nigeria’s second most handsome man is the girl’s pick kiss Daniel, who has thus far proven to be the best and the King. The Nigerian singer-songwriter is one of the most well-known musicians in that country, and due to their exceptional standards of good looks, they have received many compliments from women. They can’t wait to greet him and give him a hug or kiss.

The most handsome Boy in Nigeria musician
The most handsome Boy in Nigeria musician

Thousands of comments have been made on his picture up to this point. He is also well-known for his love dance songs, which have so far contributed to his success. We are all being shown by the wojuo’s lights. From his adorable smile down to his ebony skin, he is without a doubt Nigeria’s second most attractive man.

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3. Mike Godson: Matthew Godson Ifeanyichukwu is a Nigerian actor and businessman better known by his stage name Mike Godson. He was born in Kano State, Nigeria, despite being from Imo State. In 2009, Nigerian actor Mike Godson made his feature film debut. Since his acting debut in 2009, Mike Godson has become well-known in Nollywood for playing romantic roles in movies. Regardless of the role, he is portraying, he is one of the entertainers who make women drool.

Most handsome man in Nigeria
Most handsome man in Nigeria

The actor has been able to win over many fans with his perfect character representations and attractive appearance. He has a lot of attractive qualities, such as beautiful lips, sparkling eyes, and many others. His masculinity has given him an amazing sense of style, and his smooth, light skin tone complements the features of his physique. Mike Godson has earned a place on the list of Nigeria’s finest men.

4. Alex Ekubo: Alexx Ekubo, a Nigerian actor, first appeared on screen in 2005. The actor’s distinctive characteristics have allowed him to qualify for the list of well-known actors. He is loved by many fans since he is frequently the playboy or pretty boy in most of his films. Due to his stunning facial characteristics, including his exquisite beard, attractive eyes, and seductive lips, Ekubo has always given women the willies.

Most handsome guys in Nigeria and their cars
Most handsome guys in Nigeria and their cars

Additionally, the actor has a beautiful smile that has the power to win over any fan. His clothing sense is impeccable regardless of what he rocked thanks to his height and six-packs. Alex’s light skin complements his attractive bodily characteristics, which helped him place first runner-up in the 2010 Mr. Nigeria competition. This man has slipped into the list of the ten most attractive men in Nigeria because of all of these.

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5. IK Ogbonna: IK Ogbonna, also known as Mitchel Ikechukwu Ogbonna, is a well-known actor, model, director, and television personality from Nigerian film and television. With his tailored suits and jaw-dropping smile, our very own Billy Playboy is undoubtedly one of the most attractive men in Nigeria and the industry.

Most Handsome Nigerian Guys On Instagram
Most Handsome Nigerian Guys On Instagram

That man is gorgeous. The Nollywood actor’s good looks and ability to flawlessly portray movie parts have allowed him to succeed in the profession. People swoon over him because of his dimples, skin tone, almond-shaped eyes, and thin lips, especially when he smiles alluringly. His height, macho, swagger, and distinctive sense of style all go hand in hand. His attractive attributes, such as his skin tone, have contributed to earning him a spot on this article.

6. Jim Iyke: James Ikechukwu Esomug, popularly known as Jim Iyke, is a well-known Nigerian Nollywood actor. one of Nollywood’s biggest boys. What standards do you apply to a gorgeous guy that Jim doesn’t meet? Without a question, he deserves to be on this list. He is a gifted, hilarious, and very engaging actor. The Nigerian bad boy is renowned for stealing hearts with his enviable physical attributes and appearance.

Who is the fine boy in Nigeria?
Who is the fine boy in Nigeria?

Everyone he encounters is mesmerized by him because of his bold eyes, adorable nose, full lips, and beard. The actor’s height complements his body type and tattooed masculinity nicely. His other stunning features, which are enhanced by his ebony skin, have always caught people’s attention.

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7. Ebuka Uchendu: Ebuka Uchendu is a prominent media figure in Nigeria who is most known for his excellent sense of style. Despite selecting the entertainment world, he has legal training as well. Because of his attractive appearance, which he takes care in displaying onscreen, the BBNaija star and host has been able to make people fawn over him.

Most handsome guy in Nigeria 2023
Most handsome guy in Nigeria 2024 

The ebony-skinned hunk has gorgeous red lips, low beards that properly frame his face, and amazing eyes. When it comes to fashion, Ebuka is renowned for having excellent taste. The gorgeous man also has tattoos on his chest, which make the majority of his outfits that expose his chest appear wonderful on him. His height and machismo make his clothing appear to have been custom-made for him. Ebuka’s body complements his ebony skin.

8. Bryan Okwara: Bryan was born on November 9th, 1985. The handsome actor won the Mister Nigeria beauty contest in 2007 and advanced to the Mister World pageant’s semifinals the same year. The actor, who is only a rising star, is more well-known as a model than as an actor.

Bryan consistently enters the discussion for the most attractive Nigerian actor because of his height, pale skin, and good looks. You barely ever see romantic posts on his profile, therefore it is unknown if he is currently dating anyone.

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9. Flavour: Chinedu Okoli, also known as Flavour N’abania (or just Flavour), is an Enugu State-born Nigerian singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. He is an accomplished musician who can play the guitar, piano, and drums. He sings Igbo highlife and gospel. He is renowned for his ability to sing effortlessly in Igbo, particularly in the highlife genre.

This musician has earned a spot un this list as one of the most handsome men in Nigeria. Many people consider him to be the sexiest man to ever walk the globe because of his breathtaking characteristics. Flavour’s hairdo is unique and has really enhanced the flavor of his facial characteristics.

The stunning man’s big shoulders blend well with his masculine build and good height. As he usually shows his six packs in the majority of his music videos, his six packs always leave people in awe. In addition, the musician has a tattoo on his torso, which enhances his allure. He also  has excellent fashion sense that complements his physique.

10. Usman Shagari: Last on the list is Usman Shagari. He is undoubtedly the most attractive child of any Nigerian political figure. Usman Shagari is the grandson of Shehu Shagari, the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s first elected president following the country’s return to the presidential form of government.He is a graduate  of Regent University in London. Usman is a teacher and fitness fanatic who is well-known on Instagram for his training videos.The fitness enthusiast has won the hearts of several ladies in an effort to get his attention and be the one to walk down the aisle with him.

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Here are some of Nigeria’s most attractive men. In addition to the fame they have acquired via their career, their appearance is important to their followers, especially the female ones.