Bscholarly Electronic Law Report: Best Law Report In Nigeria

Bscholarly Electronic Law Report (BELR) is one of the best electronic case reports in Africa. It was built by Edeh Samuel Chukwuemeka to foster a faster and easier access to judicial precedents. As a matter of fact, BELR is currently one of the most trusted and reliable law reports in Nigeria. We are sole bent on disseminating authentic court judgment, legal information and materials among lawyers all over the world.

Bscholarly Electronic Law Report

Now you may be wondering, what is so special about BELR? The truth is that, Bscholarly is a special kind of electronic law report. We have noticed some of the flaws of the top Electronic Law Reports in the world, and we hope to solve those problems with BELR.

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Bscholarly is also aimed at educating and enlightening members of every society about their legal rights entrenched in the constitution. This will be done through our daily publication and YouTube video published everyday. One of the striking features we have made available to citizens from every part of the Nigeria is that, we can recommend good lawyers who can handle their matters competently. What this means is that, citizens who are searching for good and competent lawyers or law firms in Nigeria can get authentic information about that from us.

What we do

Currently, below are some of our basics things we do:

  • Reporting of both national and international courts decisions.
  • Sharing of scholarly articles to lawyers and law students all over the world.
  • Finding and recommending lawyers/law firms to citizens.
  • Ensuring the basic understanding of facts, issues and decision of the court in every judgment.

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Trust me; Bscholarly is an idea every lawyer, law student and even normal citizens should give a try. If you doubt this content, then you may want to check our front page here. You may also want to know more about Bscholarly HERE.

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