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ABU Zaria News and Updates

ABU News on Admission: This is the our official page for disseminating news and updates from Ahmadu Bello University (Popularly known as ABU). If you are searching for any news or update from ABU Zaria, this is the only page you can find authentic and reliable information.

Trust me; everything you need to know about ABU has always been discussed in this page. I enjoin you to scroll below the page for all our latest ABU news.

ABU News on Admission

ABU News on Admission

About ABU Zaria

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) is one of the best universities in Nigeria. It is apparently the most popular university in Northern Nigeria too. ABU was established on the 4th of October, 1962, as a federal university in Northern Nigeria; to help in the growth of education and enlightenment of young Nigerians in the North.

Currently, the university is one of the top 10 universities in Nigeria. It is also very competitive because students from different parts of the country apply for admission into the university every year.

As a result of this, ABU Zaria does not accept second choice candidates for admission anymore. Conversely, gaining admission into ABU is not as easy as gaining admission into other universities in Northern Nigeria.

ABU is a very competitive university, thus, the university is strict when offering admission to aspirants. You may want to see ABU admission requirements for candidates seeking to gain admission into the university this year.

In fact, the university releases few number of admission list now. You can check here if you wish to know the number of admission list that is usually released by ABU Zaria.

Latest 2020/2021 News from Ahmadu Bello University

News on ABU School fees

Evidently, ABU releases different school fees for students every year. The university usually urge old and new students to pay their school fees on time, as failure to do that may lead to some punishment.

If you wish to know ABU school fees for this session, check my article on ABU school fees for this session. Note that I have also explained how you can pay for ABU school fees in that article. Trust me; you really have to read this article.

ABU Departmental cutoff marks

Suffice it to say that Ahmadu Bello University has actually release her departmental cutoff marks for this session. If you wish to see the recently released ABU departmental cutoff marks, kindly check my article on Ahmadu Bello University Cutoff marks.

Remember that cutoff marks are one of the admission requirements into any institution in Nigeria. In fact, if you do not meet the stipulated cutoff, you may not be offered admission into ABU this year.

ABU post UTME examination

Before you can be offered admission into ABU Zaria, you have to take the university’s post UTME examination. It is very important that you follow all our latest news and updates on ABU post UTME examination as that will help you to prepare and pass the examination excellently.

You you also read how to prepare and pass ABU post UTME examination excellently.

ABU merit admission list

Do you want to know whether ABU has finally release her merit admission list for this session, kindly read my article on ABU first batch/merit admission list here.

This article will give you a comprehensive knowledge of every thing you need to know about the merit admission list of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU).

ABU supplementary admission list

Note that Ahmadu Bello University has finally release her supplementary admission list for this session. You can check here to read my notice on the just released ABU supplementary admission list.

The university has also advised candidates who were admitted into this list to accept their admission through JAMB CAPS as soon as possible.

For more news from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) on Admission, kindly scroll below this page. Trust me; every news on ABU admission is contained here.