ABU Admission Lists: Everything You Need to Know

ABU Zaria is Apparently one of the best universities in Nigeria. In fact it is the best and most popular university in Northern Nigeria. As a result of this, the university usually have a large number of aspirants every year. Currently, one of the questions asked by thousands of ABU aspirants is; “How many admission list does ABU releases every year?”.

Knowing the number admission list ABU releases every year is very important because, it will help you to know whether ABU will release more admission lists for this session or not.

In this short post, i will be giving an answer to the question above. First, i will mention all the admission lists that is usually released by ABU every single year. After that, I will tell you whether ABU Zaria is still going to release another admission lists this session or not. Now, here we go!


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how many admission list does ABU releases every year? Will ABU release another admission list? See answer
how many admission list does ABU releases every year? Will ABU release another admission list? See answer

How many admission list does ABU releases every year?

Following from previous years, ABU actually release 4 (four) admission lists every year. They include the following: ABU UTME admission list, ABU Direct Entry list, Transfer and Special Admission List. All together, ABU Zaria Releases four admission lists.

Apparently, all these admission lists are not released at once. Normally, ABU will release her merit/first batch UTME admission list first, then other admission lists will follow.

Unlike other universities, Amadu Bello University (ABU) does not actually release any document containing the list of admitted students. However, to check the university’s admission list, aspirants must go through the university’s admission checking portal or through JAMB CAPS. As we continue I will teach you the steps to check your ABU admission status.

Will ABU release another admission list this session?

The answer is yes! If ABU has already release her First batch/Merit admission list for UTME candidates, then the university will definitely release more admission list. Though it is going to take some weeks or even months for the university to release them, but trust me; more admission are still going to be list.

It is also worthwhile to know that, if ABU has release all the admission lists I mentioned above already, then the university will probably not release another admission list for the year.

More information on ABU admission list

1. ABU UTME admission list

This is usually the first admission list of Amadu Bello University (ABU). ABU UTME admission List is the admission list for aspirants who applied for admission into ABU through JAMB UTME examination. This list is also the merit admission list of the university because, it contain the names of students who actually reached the required cutoff marks and other admission requirements of Amadu Bello University.

Immediately ABU UTME admission list is released, candidates will be required to upload their O’level result(s) to JAMB portal. Accordingly, candidates will have to accept their admission through JAMB CAPS. UTME admission list is usually released around October/November of every year.

It is pertinent to note that ABU can release more admission list at any time to supplement this admission list.

2. ABU Direct Entry list

ABU Direct Entry list is the admission list for candidates that applied for admission through ABU direct entry admission form. This is a totally different admission list because it contains only names of direct entry aspirants. Usually, this admission list is with ABU transfer and special admission lists.

3. Transfer and Special Admission List

ABU Transfer and Special Admission Lists are two different admission lists but they are released at the same time. Transfer admission list is for students of ABU that want to swipe from their course to another course. On the other hand, Special Admission List is for special candidates. Frankly speaking, I cannot tell the criteria used to admit candidates into the particular admission list.

How to check your ABU admission status

To know whether you have been admitted into ABU zaria, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the university admission checking portal using the link below:

Step 2: Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the space provided

Step 3: Click on the SEARCH button to view your admission status.

how many admission list does ABU releases every year? Will ABU release another admission list? See answer
how many admission list does ABU releases every year? Will ABU release another admission list? See answer


That is all you have to know about ABU admission lists for this session. I hope this short post answered the question as to whether ABU will release another admission list or not.

Like I have already said, ABU releases 4 (four) admission lists in every session. Thus, if the university has just release her UTME admission list, then more admission list are still going to be released.

Nonetheless, if the university has released all the admission list mentioned above, then there is not going to be another admission list for the year. Meanwhile, if you still have any question concerning ABU admission for this session, kindly send your questions to me using the comment section below.

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