How To Ask A Girl Out On a Date (In Person or Through Text)

How To Ask A Girl Out: So you have a crush on someone and you’re constantly thinking about her-those eyes, that grin, and that witty demeanour. But there’s just one thing you haven’t done: ask her out. Asking a girl out may appear simple, but it is not, at least for some guys. The issue is the more they think about it and how ridiculous it sounds to say “would you go out with me some time?” the less progress they’d likely make. Most guys get stuck with questions like: How should I bring it up? What exactly should I say? How would she react? for far too long such that they may even drop the idea in the first place.

How do I ask a girl out over text
How do I ask a girl out over text

If you find this subject matter relatable, then this article will provide you with some easy-to-follow steps for asking a girl out.

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How to Ask A Girl Out in Person

This is the more traditional way of asking a girl out. To help you navigate your way, here are a few tips that could prove helpful.

a. Try your best to look good at all times: One’s appearance always plays a role in how an individual is perceived. Generally, girls appreciate a good-looking man. Good looking in the sense that you are well-groomed and in shape even if you are not the most handsome face on the block.

Steps to ask a girl out on a date
Steps to ask a girl out on a date

As you learn how to ask a girl out, you need to keep in mind that it’s either you create a good first impression or end up having your first approach become your last.

b. Establish a connection beforehand: Before you consider asking a girl out, It’s better to focus on establishing connections first. This is because she is more likely to say yes if she knows and trusts you to an extent. So, if you come across a girl you like maybe at a party, approach her on a casual note first but make a strong impression by being friendly and nice. You could build up connections from this point and even request her contact number.This is a good first step to asking her out.

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c. Plan what you’re going to say so you feel more confident: As she becomes more comfortable with you, that’s when you should consider asking her out. In such a case, having a plan of action will help you to be more straightforward and avoid misunderstandings. You don’t have to recite a script word for word, but having a basic concept of what to say will help you feel more at ease.

d. Ask her out at the right place and time: Yes, you look good and you’ve prepared your lines. Regardless, looks aren’t enough if you want to ask a girl out properly. In reality, knowing when and where to ask her out is also crucial.

It might not be the best moment to ask a girl out if she appears unhappy or upset over something. Rather, attempt to approach her when she’s in a good mood or after something positive occurs. Now, I know for some, approaching a girl in person to ask her out might be intimidating. However, by setting a deadline for yourself and committing to asking her before that date, you could get over those tensed nerves. Just remember that it’ll only take a few minutes to ask her out once you’ve started the discussion, and everything flows from there.

Furthermore, when you try to ask a girl out when she is with her friends, she may be uncomfortable or unwilling to answer honestly since she is aware of the many people observing such interaction. In such a case, make a strategy for how you’ll be able to talk to her without an audience.

The bottom line is this: Before you ask her out, ensure she seems to be in a good mood, she’s not busy, and there’s no audience.

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e. Be confident and do your best to speak clearly when asking her out: Take a deep breath and relax when you get her alone and are ready to ask her out. Stand up straight, smile, and create soft eye contact. Refrain from slouching, gazing at the ground, or murmuring. Remember to be direct and confident when making your intentions known.

f. Respond positively, no matter what her answer is: You should anticipate and be ready for whatever reaction she may give you. In the best-case scenario, she accepts your proposal and you can begin planning your date. If she rejects, it’s natural to be disappointed, but try not to take it personally; instead, regard it as a case of “not the right time, not the right person,” and move on as best you can.

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How to Ask A Girl Out by Texting Her on Social Media

A lot has been said about technology. For one thing, many people argue that it has led to a communication gap, such that people rarely interact or speak with one another. But in actuality, texting has been a widely used means of communication. And many dates have been set up using SMS, DM, social media, and other similar technologies.

Lines You Can Use To Ask Your Crush Out On A Date
Lines You Can Use To Ask Your Crush Out On A Date

Most guys are anxious about directly approaching a girl and asking her out. Texting, on one hand, may help the process go much more smoothly. Some guys prefer the use of text to ask a female out because it eliminates the need for a one on one meeting or having to face possible rejection. Although texting may not appear to be the most natural way to ask someone out, if done correctly, it could be quite successful.

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How to Ask a Girl Out - Steps to Have More Success
How to Ask a Girl Out – Steps to Have More Success


Here are some easy-to-follow tips when asking a girl out through text (either via SMS, DMs or social media platforms):

a. The initial text is the equivalent of making a first impression: It’s not a good idea for you to simply type “would you go out with me?” and then hit the send button. When it comes to texting, you must be subtle. After all, the text has no tone, and you want to make sure she’s impressed with your approach. Try not to make the text overly serious immediately, rather say a fun thing and discuss something you’re both familiar with. This sets up a good rapport and mood and makes it easier for you to pop the big question, even if it’s only for a date.

b. Keep the texts going to spark an interesting conversation: When approaching someone to ask them out, you just don’t stroll up to them, pop the question, and then just walk away. To pique that person’s interest, you’d need to engage them in a series of conversations.

In the same vein, texting should take a similar approach. You may try sending her a few texts that could prompt her to tell you more about herself and her interests. Imagine how much easier planning a date will be if she has already messaged you about her interests, favourite food, or hobbies.

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c. The time has arrived, and you’re ready to ask her out: The moment a point of interest has been identified or is readily apparent, that’s the perfect time to ask her out. Take care not to get all caught up in the conversation or getting to know each other phase for too long. If your objective is to ask her out, then you must stick with your original purpose.

When popping up the question, instead of being vague and asking her to just “hang out”, suggest something interesting that you think you’d both love. This way, you won’t be left wondering what to do if she gives you a positive reply. Remember to keep your text brief, sweet, and to the point.

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Below are some examples:

“Would you like to go out on a date with me next Sunday? I thought we could get lunch and go see a movie,”

You’d agree that the above statement sounds a lot more interesting and captivating than  “Want to hang out sometime next weekend?”  It’s even possible that the latter could be misunderstood.

“I enjoy chatting with you and I’d love to take you out”

This is a straightforward text that clearly states your intentions. There is no equivocation or sugarcoating here. Make your intentions known and wait for her to respond. Girls love honesty and the ability to express themselves in a man.

“I have an extra ticket for the movie you were hoping to watch. Can we go see the movie together?” 

You may not have the ticket yet, but it is the first step to a possible movie date. If you know she enjoys going to the movies or has stated that she wants to see a particular movie, via texting you can ask her out for a movie date.

Accept her answer and respond quickly even if she turns you down.

If you’re turned down, don’t take too long to respond. You may say anything along the lines of, “That’s fine! All I wanted to do was ask. You’re still cool in my opinion.” Being rejected is unpleasant, but it is a common occurrence that says nothing negative about you as a person.

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Asking a girl out may seem intimidating yet it’s possible. As long as you know what to do and how to apply it, then you are good to go. Remember that it’s never a guarantee you would get a positive response every time. Finally, no matter who you want to ask out, all you have to do is put your best foot forward.