How To Make Someone Miss You: 8 Ways

How To Make Someone Miss You: Human coexistence cannot be devoid of emotions. Through spending time with people, we develop Friendship or Relationship which triggers some emotional attachment to such a Person either as a Friend, Admirer or Lover. In this state of emotional attachment, it is expected that you will miss such a person when the person isn’t around or isn’t constantly communicating with you.

How do you make him think about you all the time?
How do you make him think about you all the time?

On the other hand, such a Person may not be reciprocating such feeling you have for them, and in this later case you may want to make such a Person Miss you or know your value. This Article therefore examines how you can make a Person Miss you.

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Ways To Make Someone Miss You

1. Becoming Busy: It is said that an Idle Man is a Devil’s Workshop, and this is factual as when you are idle you will keep doing things which you should not do, just to keep yourself entertained or have a Company and this is what we call ‘See Finish’ meaning that someone else has seen everything about you and doesn’t necessarily value you any longer.

To revert this situation of ‘See Finish’ to Normalcy, you need to become Busy working on something or doing something productive with your life. When you are busy, you won’t have time to be simping around somebody or constantly communicating with a person as you have always done before, and when this becomes the case, such a person in question will begin to miss you.

Moreso, when you are really busy, it will make you withdrawn and scarce physically, meaning that Somebody won’t always see you physically again and will create a bit of void in the heart of people emotionally attached to you. Hence, making them  to miss your physical presence, companion, and miss you generally.

How to make someone miss you long distance
How to make someone miss you long distance

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2. Achieving Results: It is not enough to be busy, but also to be achieving results. People are always attracted to Successful people, particularly Girls. Hence, when you are really Successful or achieving results, people will want to bond with you or have some feelings for you, and when you are not having the same feeling or Time for such people because you are too busy, they will definitely miss you.

3. Not being Active on Social Media: In the World today, Social Media is the viable means of Communication as we always communicate with people through Social Media that we forget about Phone calls and Texts Messages.

Hence, almost everyone is active on Social Media, but when you stop being active on Social Media, people close to you or that always chat with you will notice your absence and will invariably Miss you.

How To Make Someone Miss You
How To Make Someone Miss You

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4. Showing that you are not desperate for Attention: When you are too busy, not always texting on Social Media, and you’re achieving results, it gives a sign that you are not desperate for attention and that you are just focused on yourself and goals.

When you act like you are uninterested in someone it shows that you are not desperate to speak with such a person, and you could spend days without talking to them, such a person will miss you and would want to speak with you when you eventually show this attitude and spend days without talking to them.

5. Leaving a good Impression: One way to making people miss you is through leaving a good and unique impression on a person either through your acts, conduct, vibes or gifts. When you give a person a durable and beautiful gift, you will always come to the person’s mind when the person come across the gift in their room or apartment and when this happens, it will make the person miss you or miss memories of you.

6. Giving Space: When you are always around a person, they might not know the value of you being around. That’s why it is always said that ‘you will never know the value of something till you lose it. This invariably means that when you lose a it or somebody, you will realize how valuable such a thing or person was in your life.

In the same vein, when you give your partner space, there will be a Vacuum in their heart as He or she will realize how important it was for you to always be around, texting, and calling and as these things are not there any longer, such a person will really miss you as He or She has become accustomed to speaking with you, spending good time with you and texting you.

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7. Sending Pictures: One viable way to make a person especially a Partner miss you is through sending your cute pictures to such person when you are giving the person space or geographically quite a distance from that person.

This Picture you have sent to your partner will trigger the feeling they have for you, hence making them to miss you even more.

How to make someone miss you and want you back
How to make someone miss you and want you back

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8. Investing in your Friendship: When you invest in your Friendship through supporting your friends, appreciating your friends, sending gifts to your friends, and making valuable impacts in their life, you will definitely create a vacuum in their hearts. Thus, when you withdraw from these friends to now invest to your life and goals, such a Friend will really miss you as they might not feel the same way without you being by their side encouraging and motivating them and being there for them when needed most.

When you are a Valuable Friend, your absence will be felt and you will definitely be missed when you take a step back from your friends and focus on yourself.

Applying these above techniques will definitely make a Person miss. However, in case where you are the one on the boat of missing a person, here are some techniques which will help you cope with missing someone.

How do you make someone miss me without talking to them
How do you make someone miss me without talking to them

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Techniques to Cope With Missing Somebody

1. Texting the Person: When you are really missing someone, in order to deal with the absence of such a person in your life, you need to communicate with the person either through Text, Phone Calls of Video calls. When you communicate with a person you really miss, you will feel some relief and you won’t bother yourself so much about how you miss the person, as you have now felt their presence through Communication.

2. Getting Busy: When you get a Job, get numerous engagements, and activities which keeps you busy, you will definitely divert your attention from constantly thinking about a person to constantly thinking about yourself or Job.

When you are Working, your attention will always be on work rather than somebody, and when you engage in other activities off work such as Exercise, playing games, going to the gym and other extracurricular, it will also divert your attention and mood. Hence, making you feel happy and not thinking about a person.

Getting a Job or engaging in other extracurricular activities will help you perfectly cope with the absence of anyone in your life, so therefore making you cope perfectly while missing a Person.

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3. Networking: Networking in this context entails interacting with new people and bulging new friendships and connections. When you interact with new people and make new friends, you will have a new enjoyable company and you won’t be so bothered about the company of someone who you miss.

Developing a better company and Friendship with new people will definitely make you cope perfectly with the absence of your old friends.

4. Moving on: When you have feelings for a person and as a result really misses the person, but such a Person does not reciprocate that feeling you share for them. The best way to cope with missing such a person is by moving on with your life and detaching such feeling you have for such a person and doing other things which will keep you company and give you Joy.

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In Conclusion, Missing someone is your Heart’s way of reminding you that you love such a person either as a Friend, Partner, Family Member, Mentor, or Leader. Hence, missing someone is inevitable in Human existence, and you can make somebody miss you through implementing the aforementioned ways in this Article, and in the same vein you can cope with missing someone through the Coping techniques so elucidated upon in this Article.