How To Know That a Girl Hates You: 6 Signs

How To Know That a Girl Hates You: Girls are beautiful beings whom we can’t coexist in this world without. Girls always like their fellow human deeply, and in the same vein also hate passionately, but do you know when a girl hates you? I am sure you are definitely not clear on this except a girl expressly tells you that she hates you; of which they rarely do. Thus, this article shares insight on obvious signs which a girl will exhibit when she hates you and also on the contrary when she likes you.

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When a Girl Likes You

Factually, a girl cannot live without liking a person. It is either she shares some deep affection or liking for a guy or for her fellow girl. Either or both of them must always be the case or rarely does she share some affection for her pet or other creatures.

How to Know That a Girl Hates You
How to Know That a Girl Hates You

In synopsis, a girl must definitely like something and most often somebody, and in the case of the later, it is sometimes difficult to know whether a girl really likes you especially when the like us directed towards the opposite sex, as girls most often neither do not open up first in that regards nor show obvious signs that they like you. However, there are a few signs with which you can deduce that a girl really likes you. Let’s now consider these signs.

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Signs That a Girl Likes You

1. Constant Communication: When a girl is constantly communicating with you either over the phone or via text, then she definitely likes you either as a Friend or as a prospective partner. This is so because based on research, a girl will always want to talk to somebody that she values or likes.

Signs A Girl Doesn't Like You
Signs A Girl Doesn’t Like You

2. She enjoys your Company: When a girl always wants to be around you and she is so happy being around you, then she definitely enjoys your company, and she cannot enjoy your company or comfortably be around you if she doesn’t feel comfortable with you, and she cannot feel comfortable with you, if she doesn’t like you or something about you.

3. She makes effort at keeping in touch: Generally, the society which most of us grew up in was one wherein a man must make efforts and shoot his shot and the woman will decide if such shot will hit the back of her net.

My Girlfriend Hates Me
My Girlfriend Hates Me

Based on this, it is now always the man who makes the effort especially in a relationship. However, if a girl really likes you she will make conscious efforts at checking up on you, calling you, and spending time with you.

4. She is there for you: If a girl likes you, she will always be there for you. Most times, girls are out to defend, protect, and look out for their close friends or partner, and you can’t be either of these two if she doesn’t like you.

How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Pretends To Hate You
How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Pretends To Hate You

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5. She is touchy around you: Touch is one sensitive sensation of a girl, as nothing sparks the feelings of a girl more than body contact. Thus, when a girl really likes you, she will feel touchy around you and will enjoy some body or eye contact while talking with you.

6. She is Open with you: Girls are often secretive in nature. Thus, they will only open to their really close female friends.

However, when a girl likes a guy she will feel comfortable with you and will honestly open up to you about her Lifestyle, personals, differences, and challenges, and she will also expect you to do same.

7. Her Friends know about you: If a girl is open with you, isn’t shy about you and boldly makes her close friends and even her family know positively about you, then she really likes you.

8. She accepts your flaws: Truthfully, no human being is perfect. Each and every one of us have flaws, hence when a girl accept your flaws, think that you are perfect despite your flaws, treats you well, and is honest with you, then she really likes you.

How do you make a girl that hates you like you?
How do you make a girl that hates you like you?

These are obvious signs which a girl whom likes you will exhibit. Similarly, while a girl may like you, another girl may see you as a disturbance or may expressly hate you. In other to know your place in a girl’s life it is important to consider the signs on ground of which such sign may tilt towards the fact that the girl likes you or expressly hates you.

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When a Girl Hates You

Hate is a word used to express a strong feeling of displeasure and dislike about somebody, so when a girl hates you, she definitely has a strong detest, abhor, enmity or malice against you.

Often times, that girl keeps such feeling of hatred in heart that you may not even know that a girl whom you value actually hates you. But it is not difficult to know as there a couple of signs and behaviour which a girl will exhibit if she hates you.

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Signs That a Girl Hates You

The following are the obvious signs which a girl will exhibit if she hates you:

1. Gossiping about you: A girl who hates you won’t keep your name off her lips when the conversation about you arises. She will definitely spread negativity about you and also gossip with her close friends.

How To Know That a Girl Hates You
How To Know That a Girl Hates You

2. Cannot maintain eye contact with you: If you have feelings for a girl, and while talking with the girl she cannot maintain an eye contact with you and she always try to avoid an eye contact while speaking with you, then she doesn’t like you or in some instance out rightly hate you as it is often difficult for girls to look into the eyes of someone that they don’t value or they hate.

3. She tries to avoid you: Most times, when a girl hates you, she cannot hide such negative feeling about you and such feeling could be triggered whenever she sees you. Thus, she will try as much as possible to avoid speaking with you or seeing you.

Signs she hates you
Signs she hates you

4. Ends Conversation quickly: If eventually by chance you get to see the girl and engage in a conversation with her, you will notice that the conversation looks forced or that she is trying to end the conversation quickly. This is another obvious sign that she hates you.

5. Body Language: In addition to her action of gossiping about you, not maintaining eye contact with you, trying to avoid you, and ending conversation quickly, the body language of the girl is another sign to determine if she hates you. A girl who hates you will act uninterested, give you a negative vibe, and a poor facial expression.

Observing the physical reactions of a girl to your presence and conversation can tell you alot about how she feels about you either positively or negatively.

How to Tell If a Girl Doesn't Like You
How to Tell If a Girl Doesn’t Like You

6. She blocks you on Socials: Often times if a girl hates you, she tries to avoid your presence in any way possible even via Social media. Thus, if a girl in addition to these aforementioned signs blocks you on a Social media platforms particularly Whatsapp, Snapchat, or Twitter; then she definitely hates you.

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How do you make a girl that hates you like you?

It is always said that when there is a wrong, there is a remedy. In the same vein, where there is a hate borne out from your own wrong, there is a way out to make amends. Personally, I have turned a hater into a lover, so you too can do same.
If a girl hates you, here are a few tricks to turn her from a hater to a friend:

a. Meet her: When a girl hates you, it is best that you meet her alone and politely confront her about what you did to her, as most often girls don’t hate passionately without a reason, so it is now left for you to talk her into stating the wrong which you did that made her turn her back on you.

b. Apologize: It is said that two wrongs cannot make a right. So instead of blaming a girl or yourself for the wrong which you did, it is best you sincerely apologize to the girl, own up to your wrong and briefly state why you made such mistake, and the fact it wasn’t intentional and you didn’t view it the way she viewed it.

c. Be Courteous: Irrespective of whether your apology is accepted or not, it’s always good to act courteous around the girl. For instance, when you see her around wave at her, exchange pleasantries, and don’t just walk past her.

d. Give her space: After applying the first three tricks, it is only reasonable that you give such girl some space to reevaluate her decision. You don’t need to be always trying to talk to her, just give her some space.

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e. Be close with her friends: When a girl hates you, it is always good to ensure that her circle of friends like you or find you comfortable to be around with. Trust me, if everyone around her is cool with you, she may see your action as a mistake, accept your apology and forgive you.

f. Work on yourself: Finally, it is equally important to work on yourself and your flaws to avoid making such mistake with another girl or to avoid giving others a room to hate you.

Truth is that not everybody will like you, but applying all these tricks will ensure that people won’t hate you except when it is a natural or unjustified hate.

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In Conclusion, girls can be weird as they find it hard to express themselves except they are close with you, so most likely a girl who hates you will never tell you that she does so. But with these major signs aforementioned in this article you will be able to deduce if a girl hates you, and you can try to make amends to the girl if necessary.