Top 15 Qualities/Things To Look Out For In a Woman

Things To Look Out For In a Woman to marry or date: Women are priceless gold. Their existence on earth makes the world a wonderful place and of course a controversial and dramatic atmosphere. Tracing down from the creation story and other social theories, the existence of man is said to be incomplete without women.

Things To Look Out For In a Woman
Things To Look Out For In a Woman

Naturally, women are attracted to men and vice versa, so considering things to look out for in a woman isn’t something abstract after all. Since women make the existence of a man complete, and also considering the complexities of individual differences necessitated by individual and other surrounding factors, it has become necessary for any settling man to watch out for certain attributes which are said to define a compatible woman.

Below are things to look out for in a woman.

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Top 15 Important Qualities to Look Out For in a Woman Before A Relationship

1. Openness and Honesty: Openness simply implies possessing an accommodating attribute. It also suggests lack of secrecy, while honesty is an attribute of truthfulness. As a man, finding these attributes in a woman makes things a lot easier for you. Ordinarily, people do not become open to random people. Even while in a relationship, your partner being open to you is not by entitlement; you’d rather earn it. Notwithstanding, openness is still an attribute.

Looking for a woman? You necessarily should consider her possible degree of honesty. You should not get yourself into dealing with a snitch.

2. Clear Communication: Communication makes man to woman relationship a lot easier and workable. When there exist clear communication, it fosters mutual understanding, minimizes dramas and sustains love and partnership. This extends to the ability to hold a conversation. You should look out for a woman who knows how to hold and sustain conversation.

Qualities Men Want in a Woman
Qualities Men Want in a Woman

This is a soft skill which can be inherent, acquired and developed. Communication shouldn’t be one-sided. You can’t be the one keeping the conversation alive all the time while you get only a yes and no response. Communication is life even after death. You can’t afford to manage a poor one with your life partner.

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3. Respectfulness: You should look out for a woman who regards and honours not just you but other people generally.

What to Look For in a Girl
What to Look For in a Girl

4. Supportive: If you don’t want to die quick, this is a primary attribute to consider in a woman. What is her supportive sense like? There is a whole lot of responsibility in there and all you need for your sustenance is support; financial, emotional and all of them. Women can be very supportive but of cause only when you are the right man.

 Things A Man Should Look For In A Woman
Things A Man Should Look For In A Woman

5. Trustworthiness: Could she be trusted? There is no point having interest in a woman whom you cannot trust. If there is no trust it means there is zero compatibility. You should look out for someone whom you can relay a reasonable degree of your trust on. The trust here extends to confidence and responsibilities.

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6. A Loving Woman: Love is not only a feeling but an attribute too. Men crave to be loved just like women do. You should look out for a woman who truly loves you and is willing to make her love for you to be seen and felt. Love is an action word which urges for demonstration. It is meant to be shown and reaffirmed by the necessary gestures. In all, love ought not to be one-sided. Look out for a loving personality.

What to look for in a woman to date
What to look for in a woman to date

7. Look Out For a Woman That Can Cook: Inasmuch as the responsibility of cooking shouldn’t be one-sided, it seems that the bulk of it lies on the woman. Okay let us think of it this way – As a man, you do not deserve to be the one cooking all the time simply because your spouse does not know her way around the kitchen.

What do guys look for in a girl physically
What do guys look for in a girl physically

In fact, everybody should go and learn how to cook. You really should look out for a woman who knows her way around the kitchen (in the absence of sentiments).

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8. Sexual Compatibility: If your belief is against pre—marital sex, no you do not need to have had sex in order to discover the sexual compatibility of you and your partner.

Well, you really should not settle with a woman whose sexual frequency is in conflict with yours.

9. Reasonably Attractive: Do not be carried away by the propounders of inner beauty theory. Your woman should be a person you will be proud of, in and out. inasmuch as physical attractiveness is temporal, enjoy it while it lasts.

Well, everything has to be placed on a balance. The long term theory should be considered too. But in all, you should consider a woman who is ‘reasonably’ attractive.

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10. Empathetic: It’s all about emotions. I am sure you don’t want a person that feels nothing; absolutely nothing. Empathy is the feeling of the thought or emotional state of another person. Empathy is love. You really should look out for an empathetic woman who would share in your emotions.

11. A Woman Who Can Compromise: Look out for a woman who is everything but not rigid. There are no strict rules to these things. It’s all about compromise and adjustment of positions.

Compromise is a necessary attribute that facilitates smoother dealings with one and another. Of course it should not be one-sided. At several points, a partner must have to compromise in order to incorporate the other. Check out if she is rigid.

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12. Industriousness: Some ladies just want to sit and do nothing. You certainly do not want to be a victim of that specie.

You should consider a hard-working woman. Only a hard-working woman can be supportive, independent, peaceful and all that is good.

13. One Who Has Understanding: Understanding is compatibility itself. Funny enough, it is a soft attribute. It is usually not dominant and or does not play fast to manifest, and as such, people often neglect to consider it until it begins to play out.

Yet, one can easily observe whether the other has an understanding spirit at the early encounters. You need an understanding woman. It makes your life fulfilled, gives you peace, builds your confidence and encourages you the most.

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14. Reasonable Intelligence: Intelligence here is not concerned with academic intelligence, although it may be concerned with emotional, environmental and otherwise. Intelligence here implies intelligence generally. This implicates one’s ability to reason, understand, contribute, operate, adapt and the list goes on. The intelligence here is practically about life.

15. Peaceful Attribute: You don’t deserve to go for wars outside and still return home to war. A person who owns a peaceful home is a winner. You really should consider her peaceful nature; her degree of tolerance, accommodation, comfort and acceptance of your family and friends, etc. Look out for someone who is peaceful and a peacemaker. There will always be misunderstandings.

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We intentionally refrained from using the regular clause ‘an ideal woman’ because after all there is no such thing as ideal ‘human’. It is a concept that only existed in the mind. In effect, there is still no perfect woman out there. The above discussed list constitutes basically those qualities which when inhere in a woman, makes the man complete.

They are still those basic qualities expected of an average human being, gender regardless. Better put; they are those humanistic qualities we owe to each other, especially to those whom we are in close obligation and relation to. Absence of those items suggests some degrees of incompatibility and foresees possible difficulties with dealing with the person.