How to Understand Women: 7 Effective Tips

How to Understand Women: Men and women are different beings in that they have different views in different ramifications about life. They think, respond to issues, and act differently and these differences are correct to both genda respectively.

Therefore, it is so important to understand the woman at least to a substantial extent in a relationship because it is said that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. The process on how to understand women begins by putting aside your assumptions and seeking to know their real personalities and this article contains the steps that can help you in doing that. No matter who she is to you, if you converse with her and really listens to what she has to say, you will have a clearer understanding about her. Now let us see the processes on how to understand women.

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7 Tips to Help You Understand Women Better

1. Women are Emotional beings: Women are not so easy to understand but the truth is that they are emotional beings who feel in a particular way per time, unlike the men who may not dwell much on their feelings.

What should I read in order to understand women?
What should I read in order to understand women?

As a result, women are beings made to behave in a particular way in line with their emotions and that is why when a women is hurt in her emotions, it affects her whole being and nothing else can be done to please her other than fixing her emotions back to normal.

A women responds in her relationship with others (whether men or women) based on the way she feels about them and this feeling can change intermittently depending on the circumstance in which they found themselves.

For instance, when a woman is happy, she shows it at the moment, when she is angry, she equally shows it at once without pretence. In the same vein, when a woman feels love in a relationship, she reciprocates it back to her partner without reservation. So women are controlled by their emotions and react based on it.

2. Women have different mindset: When it comes to mindset or poimts of view, women tends to be in a different terrain from the men in that they have a complete different mindsets both for reasoning and for perspectivism.

How can I understand any woman?
How can I understand any woman?

For instance, a man may dress casually with the mindset to go and get what he seeks probably with little or no interest in viewing his outlook but a woman first considers her outlook and appearance even before considering what she goes to get outside. This is quite funny!!! but that is it. Aside this, there are other practical examples where women differ from men based on mindsets and simple understandings.

Generally on this point, women always want to be cautious of dangers around them simply because they often feel intimidated with the domineering nature of men around them. Even though some men do not have that intimidating nature towards women, but women live in that cautious perspective should in case the unexpected happen.

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3. Women desire attention: This is one of the best ways to understand women because they really appreciate those who do that. When you give attention to a woman (either by listening to her or seeking to know her thoughts), she opens up to you on everything that is going on with her and with that, you get to understand her and how to be of help in that situation. After she has communicated her feelings with you, you need to accept and believe them by way of showing that you really understand their views.

Ways To Understand Women-Get To Know Them Better
Ways To Understand Women-Get To Know Them Better

Even though a woman’s view may not be clear, it does not mean that it is not real or true and all you (as the listener) need to do is to find meaning into it and work it out with her. This is because as women think emotionally, men think logically and the woman’s view may not be logical enough for the man in that instance.

Attentive listening will also help you understand her feelings and juxtapose it with yours for a better relationship. Moreover, a man and woman can partner effectively when there is a mutual respect for each other’s view. “Attention” here also involves that you talk to her by way of communication. As you listen to a woman in order to understand her feelings and view points, you also talk to her in order to ease her in the communication.

While communicating with her in order to understand her, please! do not lie to her because that is what some guys do whenever they want to understand the feeling of a woman fast but at the end of the day, when the woman discovers that they were all lies, it puts the relationship into a big mess!

So as a guy who wants to understand a woman or girl, you must be honest with her and let it be that the whole fault of misunderstanding is on her and not you. Communication is a two-way practice so you listen to her and then respond to her in order to make your relationship effective.

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4. Women tell the truth in angry dispositions: No matter how unserious a woman sounds, she is so serious in her moment of anger towards you and so if you want to know how she really feels about you, listen to her at that moment. Generally, when a woman is angry at someone, she tells the truth about their feelings towards that person.

How do you read a woman's mind?
How do you read a woman’s mind?

For instance, if she is stressed up, ignored, or not appreciated by that person, she says it at her moment of anger and the person needs to listen. Every woman wants to be recognized and appreciated. She want people to recognize the things she does for them and to appreciate her.

Likewise in a relationship with her, she wants you to know and appreciate the fact that she is always around you and this appreciation can be expressed with the word “thanks“. So when this acknowledgement is not there, you can only find out from her angry dispositions.

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5. Give Thoughtful Gifts and Surprises: When you begin to give gifts to a woman in a relationship with you, the gifts have a way of unlocking her heart and she begins to make herself more understandable to you. This is because it is in their nature to accept gifts and profound ones keep them in the mood with you always.

How to Understand Women
How to Understand Women

So if you want to understand a woman better, then yoy have to contemplate gifts for her. These gifts may not be expensive, but once they are pleasing and meaningful to her, you passed the test of understanding her and she will definitely put you through it.

These gifts could be: to have a nice dinner with her (either at home or at take out centers), a nice backyard bonfire with spiced cider, finding a note in the lunch pail, or other contemplative gifts or surprises that take time and thought.

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6. Try to understand her best friends or companions: If you want to truly understand a woman, you can also do that through her friends. You can get along with her friends so as to know the kind of person she really is. You can even build a relationship with her through her friends because a woman’s friends equally depicts who she is because they have been with her for sometime before you met her at first or start the relationship with her.

Can a man understand a woman?
Can a man understand a woman?

This implies that if you can easily understand her friends in relationship level, then you can easily understand her in that manner and to the same extent.

7. A Good Sense of Humour: This is so critical and important for women and if you want to understand them easily, be humorous to them and always laugh and make them to laugh alongside with you.

This does not mean that you laugh at serious moments, no! rather you do it at sensitive and reasonable times when you need to relief the moments of your relationship. Another best time to induce humour is in her time of distress. Yes! Women undergo pensive moments and in that case, your humour can help her out of it and you get to understand her better.

Naturally, women are created for beauty and happiness so they love to be around guys with some sense of humour and opens up to them. So when you take out time just to make humour with her, it can ward off all her stressful feelings and pressure.

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Women are easy when it comes to making attempts in order to understand them. The priority is to know that they are controlled by their emotions, seek affections, and need attention. Communication involves: listening, dialogue and discussing with her so as to elicit how she feels and what she thinks about any given circumstance in a relationship.

To crown it all, there are other attribute you must have in order to make the job easy and they include: have a sense of humour, be a donor of pleasant gifts, meet her close friends for same purpose, and then be honest in that relationship and with these, you have a sweet ride in that relationship with full understanding of who she is.