Most Dangerous Means of Transportation and Why

Most Dangerous Means of Transportation: Transportation can simply be defined as the movement of a person, goods, commodities, animals or organism from one place to another. In a Layman’s word, it refers to the act of transporting a person or something. That is to say Transportation involves the transfer of a thing from one location to another, or the movement of a person from one place to another.

So for instance, if I move from my House to the Church or travel to another State, that is Transportation and as Human beings we cannot do without Transportation, as we required to move from one place to another over time. In the Course of moving from one place to another, we may employ any of the various means of Transportation to reach our desired destination.

Driving A Car Is The Most Dangerous Mode Of Transportation
Driving A Car Is The Most Dangerous Mode Of Transportation

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Means of Transportation

There are distinctively five means of transportation, namely:

a. Transportation by Road

b. Transportation by Water

c. Transportation by Rail

d. Transportation by Air

e. Transportation by Pipeline.

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a. Transportation by Road: Transportation by Road is the most common means of transportation in existence in all parts of the world. This is so because the Road Network is the largest, most easily accessible and convenient for movement within one place to another. Furthermore, it is one of the most affordable, flexible, and stress free means of Transportation.

Are trains the most dangerous form of transportation
Are trains the most dangerous form of transportation

Transportation by Road can be defined as the means of moving or transferring goods and services or carrying human beings from one place to another by roads. There are various means of transportation by Road. These means includes: The use of Bicycle, Motorcycle, Tricycle, bus, Animal, Lorry, Trailer, and Automobiles.

Bicycle is usually used for transportation involving short distance on Road Motorcycle is usually used for transporting individuals and goods, especially for delivery of Mails, Food and other portable items. It is the most common means of transportation for delivery men within a State.

Animal: Though Archaic, the use of Animals as a means of Transportation by Road is still being used in some places to Transport individuals and goods on the road. Such animals which are used for this purpose includes: Horse, Donkey, Camel, Giraffe, and Elephant.

Automobile: Automobile refers to Car. It is the most common means of Road Transportation as Millions of people in the world own a Car, while those who do not own one either hire one or make use of Phone Applications which allows one to order a ride (car) that will take them to their desired destination.

Bus: Bus is the most common means of Public Transportation by Road. It is usually used by people who do not own a Private Car.

Heavy Duty Vehicles: Heavy Duty Vehicles are used to transport goods, food items (Onion, Yam, Tomatoes, et cetera), Building Materials, Water (Tanker), and Animals via Road.

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b. Transportation by Water: Transportation by Water is the act of carrying or moving People, Freights, goods over a Sea, River, Lake, Canal or Ocean.

Most Dangerous Means of Transportation
Most Dangerous Means of Transportation

It is Simply the Transportation of things and Humans though Water, and there are various mechanism of transportation through Water. This we call Water Transport Vehicles. These Water Transport Vehicles are: Canoe, Ship, Speed boat, Motorboat, Sail boat, Yacht, Ferry, Raftboat.

These aforementioned Vehicles ensures Transportation by Water which accounts for Majority of the global economy means of Transportation, this is due to the fact Transportation through Water accounts as a Major means of World trade, and Transporting Bulky goods, Materials, and Commodities from one Country to another.

c. Transportation by Rail: Transportation by Rail otherwise known as Railway Transportation is an old means of Transportation, usually anchored on the use of Trains to carry passengers, as well as convey heavy and bulky goods from one place to another, especially a long distant place.

Transportation by Rail is a relatively cheap means of Transportation, and it is also a very dependable means of transportation as it is neither affected by Weather nor Geographical conditions, and it is one of the safest form of Transportation, not to mention the fact it has an extremely large carrying Capacity. Thus, it can easily carry thousands of human beings or heavy and bulky goods over a long distance.

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d. Transportation by Air: Transportation by Air is the movement of Human beings and freight through any convenience that can sustain controlled flight on Air. Such Conveyance includes: Airplanes, Jet Aircraft, Helicopters, Hot Air Balloons, blimps, and gliders.

Death rate by transportation method
Death rate by transportation method

Airplane: Otherwise referred to as Commercial Air plane, Airplane provides a Comfortable means of Transportation for hundreds of People as well as goods.

Private Jet: A Private Jet is a Private Plane designed to Transport 1-5 persons at a time. It offers more comfort and privacy to an individual during a Flight.

Helicopter: Helicopter is a type of Rotorcraft, and it is an Aircraft with no Wings, but it’s still used for Commercial and personal purposes of Transporting Individuals and goods.

Glider: Glider is a Sail Plane, just like Blimps; it is used for recreational activities.

Blimps: Blimps is a sort of Air Transport mechanism usually used for recreational activities and purposes.

These aforementioned Conveyance carry People and goods from one place to another through the Air.

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d. Pipeline Transportation: Pipeline Transportation is a means of Transportation usually employed for the Transportation of Crude Oil, Gas, Water, and other mineral and petroleum resources from one place to another.

As the name implies, Pipeline Transportation is achieved through the use of Pipes to transport the aforementioned Mineral resources, Liquid and Gaseous consignment from one place to another.

Most Dangerous Means of Transportation

Having Established the various means of Transportation, which is Transportation by: Road, Air, Water, Rail, and Pipeline.

Which of them is the most dangerous means of Transportation?

Based on Research, Findings and the reported number of Fatality rate over all the World amongst all the means of Transportation, we can conclusively state that Transportation by Road is the most dangerous means of Transportation.
This considered point of view that Transportation by Road is the most dangerous means of Transportation is based on the following reasons.

What is the most dangerous method of transport?
What is the most dangerous method of transport?

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Why Transportation by Road is the most Dangerous Means of Transportation?

1. Reckless Driving: Transportation by Road is fronted with multiple cases of Reckless Driving, as a matter of fact no other means of Transportation reports cases of Reckless Driving more than transportation using the Road Transport mechanisms.

Instances of Reckless Driving often witnessed in Road Transportation is:

(a) Over speeding:  This is so Common on the Road as Drivers do not obey the stipulated speed limit on the Road, and drive their car at their faster pace to meet up with their convenience or reach their destination faster.

(b) Non Compliance with Traffic Lights: Traffic Lights are designed to control Traffic and reduce Over speeding, but most times Drivers on the road do not obey these Traffic Lights and move at their desired speed.

(c) Free Movement: Road Transportation offers Drivers a more free movement, and these Drivers leverage on this opportunity to drive anyhow they like on the Road, overtake a person, enter the lane of another Driver, make improper turns and movements which puts pedestrians and other drivers at risk.

These instances of Reckless Driving on Road most often results into Accident which accounts for the increasing number of fatality rate we witness on the Road. Personally, I have lost three Friends via Road Accident, the last friend particularly was knocked down on his Motorcycle and died afterwards, while the rest were involved in Car Crash. These increasing number of Ghastly and Fatal accidents reported Monthly on the road, undoubtedly makes Transportation by Road the most dangerous means of Transportation.

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2. Susceptible to Attack: Road users are usually more susceptible to Attack from people, armed robbers, Kidnappers, terrorists or cultists. So therefore making it a very dangerous means of Transportation.

A good number of Fatality witnessed on the Road have been recorded through Fights or Launched attack on a person or group of person’s on the Road. Recently, my Friend’s Dad was attacked and shot to death in his Car as he was transporting himself back home by Road. Many more people have been attacked and killed on the Road.

3. Environmental Hazards: Health wise, Transportation by Road is really dangerous, as on the road we are open to many environmental hazards including but not limited to: Smoke, Exhaust pipe, noise of vehicle, Air Pollution, and other Hazards which are dangerous to our health and well being.

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4. Poor Driving Practices: Poor Driving Practices is usually a norm in Road Transportation. Most people do not turn on their Indicator Lights, most people talk, eat or press their phones while driving, and some people drink alcohol or smoke while Driving. These poor driving practices increases the risk of a Road Accident. Hence, making Road Transportation really dangerous.

5. Bad Roads: Another major issue with Transportation by Road particularly in Developing or Underdeveloped countries is the issue of Bad Roads. Bad Roads often results in reckless driving and result into Road Accident.

This issue of Bad Roads cannot be the case in Transportation by Air, Water, or Railway, but it’s presence in Transportation by Road makes Transportation by Road more dangerous than all these aforementioned means of Transportation. Based on the above Rationale, I trust we can now all agree that Transportation by Road; though the most used means of Transportation also doubles as the Most Dangerous Means of Transportation.