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Most Overrated Rappers Of All Time (With Pictures): Top 10

Most Overrated Rappers Of All Time: It is no doubt how the entertainment industry has grown significantly across globe. From Asia to Europe, from South to North America, through to Australia even Africa, Entertainment has been considered one of the largest industries in the world. Entertainment has one of the largest markets due to it varieties. It is subtly said that; variety is the spice of life. Indeed; the entertainment industry is an embodiment of varieties. There’s hardly a person who has no interest in one form of entertainment or the other, making the world an entertainment hub. The Industry is worth billions of dollars. A cursory look at the entertainment industry will reveal the plethora of branches thriving independently and collectively.

Under the broad umbrella of entertainment, there is the music industry which seem to be one of the largest alongside the movie movie industry. There is the dance sector, the oral performances and miming, the writing (such as prose) and poetic sector. It is important to note that the entertainment industry is a broad umbrella under literature. Literature on a general note is a part of art that combine various forms of expression for the purpose of entertaining and educating the audience.

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This brings to fore, the very fact that; entertainment as a part of literature also has an educative tendencies. Some of the most educative aspects or branches of entertainment are the prose, drama, poem, and the movie industry. This does not imply that the music industry has no iota of valuable information that is or could be considered as being educative, just that, the other areas has more to offer in terms of very educative contents. Ranging from historical events, advent of civilization and technology, Science fictions and foreshadows of the nearest future being employed to not only review the world transformations and growth in various aspects of human life and endeavors, but to also cast our minds to a foreseeable future, leaving our minds to wonder and engage in meaningful curiosities that generates scientific improvements.

These are some of the ways of mechanisms that has put the other sectors ahead of the music industry in terms of being educative. Having made a general overview of the industry, it is also important to succinctly consider the actual drivers of the industry. Considering the movie industry, the key drivers of the industry are the casts and crew. The managers, producers, editors, directors and many others.

When it comes to the music industry, the artists do most of the work, ranging from composing their songs to financing the productions. However, there are also other pioneers that play some roles that could also be said to be important and they include the directors, the sound engineers and many others. The authors are the captains of the written part of the entertainment industry while the performers cover the dance and miming sectors. The industry has been estimated to worth billions of dollars and that explains why the captains of these industries are financially healthy. The industry is very creative and more so, very lucrative.

This has been rightly attributed to its robust market base as a result of its wide acceptance and demand for the contents. Just like every other industry and occupation, the entertainment industry has shown to be a great support to Nation and international development and even more so, it has been used, especially the music industry, as a tool of global unification and social harmony. The seemingly notable and quite commendable collaborations among artists from different Nations and continents to create artistic entertainment has been of great cheer.

The entertainment industry is indeed a very popular industry. Apart from the fame, wealth and affluence it enjoys, it is a very creative industry and that has been identified as one of the tasking jobs in the industry. Being creative is not trivial act and that accounts for the success of most of the famous, rich and influential entertainers in the world today. It is on this line of thought that we would be tilting towards some of the famous and influential artists in the music industry that has gained more popularity and fame than the actual work they put in the art. These will be considered in this article as some of the overrated rappers in the music industry. Indeed some of the artists (rappers) don’t actually put in much creativity to their work to equate their game.

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Top 10 Most Overrated Rappers In The World

1. YOUNG THUG: The Young Thug has been an embodiment of great controversy. Ranging from his inept attempt to copy renowned artist who represented the industry with real pop and rap, he has continually presented a controversial personality rather than expressing true and original content. He is one of the most overrated rappers ever.

Overrated old school rappers
Overrated old school rappers

2. FUTURE: With the artist’s tunes gradually fading with the epiphany of new and existing masterpiece, the rap star doesn’t seem to stand a good chance of competing with the standard if he doesn’t revamp.

Most overrated rapper 2022
Most overrated rapper 2022

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3. DESIIGNER: Desiigner has been considered as one of the top rap artist in recent but not most recent time. He made the list because he lacks viable content as a rapper and one that is to be looked up to. He’s one of the most overrated rappers ever.

Who's the most overrated rapper of all time?
Who’s the most overrated rapper of all time?

4. TYGA: For once, we have to give some credit to the rap artist for some good tunes but definitely not for an excellent rap and masterpiece. It’s all about sounds than the lyrics. The younger cousin to the lead singer of The Gym Class Heroes certainly should rollout more than he does.

Top 10 Most Overrated Rappers
Top 10 Most Overrated Rappers

Being a rap artist and a rapper to reckon with is definitely not the same as chanting choruses and entertaining kids cos it only paves way for his lyrics to go into extinction in no distant time.

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5. DRAKE: Being an excellent rapper goes beyond billboard charts and graphs but of good pops and sounds that resonates interests and meanings. Rap is art and fire. Drake is overrated and has made the list because rap is not about replication and mere rhymes, it is about lyrics and sound meaning, it is about quality and authenticity, it is about being genuine and creative, it is about talent and sow of mastery and not about bat swings and surfacing on billboard charts by any means. The rapper lacks true punch lines that echoes real meaning and this has obviously scaled because, the stage is not as fierce to keep rappers on their toes.

Who is the most respected rapper of all time?
Who is the most respected rapper of all time?

6. 50 CENT: The American pop and rap star has come to top charts and sign-ups from playing through the sentimental coastlines instead of unleashing true talent and making the mic quiver with sound raps. No doubt he has the lyrics but the vigur and style seem to be biased and too streamlined. It has been a long ride on the coastline of musical negligence and crowning it with going corporate. He is one of the most overrated rappers ever.

Most overrated rappers right now
Most overrated rappers right now

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7. LIL’ B: Lil’ B who has claimed to be heterosexual had released the controversial album titled I am Gay for which he has been well-known for. The main reason behind the album title remains obscured and for an artist who pose to be the kurt Cobain of this generation and the embers has been fanned greatly by his fans and those who seem to find settled meaning in his controversial personality. He certainly lacks the true definition of a true and creative artist and rapper and for sure; one of the most overrated rappers ever.

Most Overrated Rappers Of All Time
Most Overrated Rappers Of All Time

8. G-EAZY: Although G- Eazy makes good songs, some of his songs are quite intriguing to music lovers, he doesn’t seem to be so talented at dropping songs that would stand the test of time. You hear his mix-tapes at clubs and some radio station on rare occasions and the major drift you get is just the tunes. No string lyrics or rap to showcase real talent and creativity. It is just like building on a foundation only because you see others doing the same.

It’s encouraging to get your style and stuff together, sound matured and pop the mic with some good rap that reverberates through the airways. G-Eazy is just one of the most overrated rappers ever.

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9. SOULJA BOY: The artists has been known to be a Social media influencer but that is certainly not the deal when we talk about rap stars of all time. He has drifted from what the genre is about and decided to make it about his trade and lifestyle. He is well considered as one of the most overrated rappers ever

10. DIDDY: The true quality of rap is originality and vibrancy and this artist lacks contemporary vibrancy in most of his work. He’s more focused on creating a tune and rhythm for entertainment but for sure, it lacks the spirit of true rap.

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Conclusively, it’s not ideal to hijack an unattainable personality linked to a course that has be made a masterpiece. Rap is a music genre that represents originality and vibrancy and should be measured in that regard.

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