Richest Women in Ghana and their Networth 2024: Top 15

Top 15 Richest Women In Ghana: Ghana is a popular and prosperous west African country, as well as one of the richest in Africa. She has a market-based economy with low trade and investment obstacles. A country rich in unique culture, tribes, natural riches, and, most importantly, its people.

As the country grows more densely populated with successful individuals on both a continental and national level, poverty and unemployment rates decrease, cushioning the country’s economic prowess. The richest people in Ghana are not simply men; there are also wealthy women on the list.

In terms of wealth accumulation, male conglomerates in business appear to be making the most progress. However, this does not invalidate the fact that female business moguls are also tapping into the country’s tremendous resources. In reality, these ladies brush elbows with some of Ghana’s wealthiest men.

Some of Ghana’s wealthy women are key players in the industries in which they have made investments. Many hardworking and successful women have built vast economic empires by fully utilizing their entrepreneurial and commercial abilities. This article looks at the richest women in Ghana. Over the years, the country’s established ladies have made fruitful investments.

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Top 15 Wealthiest/Richest Women in Ghana and Their Net Worth 2024



Patricia Poku-Diaby is Ghana’s wealthiest lady. She is a proud business entrepreneur who has built her companies to global recognition and ratings. Her family’s commerce and shipping company were the first to contribute to her financial worth. She began making waves in Ghana’s industrial sector after establishing her conglomerate, Plot Enterprise Ghana Limited. Her firm is one of Ghana’s most expensive.

Richest Women in Ghana and Their Net Worth 2022
Richest Women in Ghana and Their Net Worth 2023

Plot Enterprise Ghana and Plot Commodities are subsidiaries of the corporation that processes cocoa in Ghana. The firm has grown and now operates in other countries, including the Plot Enterprise in Ivory Coast, a Dubai-based metal commodities center, and other Plot Enterprise Limited in Asian and African nations.

Her firm has machinery that processes over 32,000 tonnes of agricultural goods each year, contributing to Ghana’s economy; it’s a little surprise she’s number one on the list of the richest women in Ghana.



Founder and CEO of Manet Incorporated, Theresa Oppong Beeko, has overcome the challenges of being a woman in a still male-dominated industry, as well as the inevitable gender barriers of being a woman in a still male-dominated industry, to forge an entrepreneurial trail that has proven difficult to follow.

Who is the richest woman in Ghana 2022?
Who is the richest woman in Ghana 2023?

Theresa Oppong has in-depth knowledge and understanding of Ghana’s marketing needs, as well as the capacity to adapt to the needs of the Ghanaian people. She has been at the vanguard of real estate development and the hotel business in Ghana for well over a decade, lifting the standard in terms of industry rules.

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Kate is one of Ghana’s most well-known and successful female businesswomen.
Kate decided to start her firm, Reroy Group Ltd, to create and sell high-quality electric cables in response to the country’s severe demand for them.

Powerful Women
Powerful Women

The firm grew over the years, eventually evolving from a simple cable production and distribution company to a full-fledged electrical service provider. Her firm’s operations have made a significant contribution to Ghana’s electrical and power solutions stability. She is one of Ghana’s wealthiest and most powerful women.


Even though Gifty inherited most of her fortune from her late husband, a multi-billion businessman, she has continued to add to it. She has carved out a legacy and path for herself that no one can smudge.

Ten female millionaires worth knowing in Ghana
Ten female millionaires worth knowing in Ghana

Gracy is the CEO of SIDALCO Fertilizers Ltd. She is an entrepreneur as well as a social influencer. She also chairs several Ladies of the Cross International Ministries, which focus on donating and aiding the poor. Mrs. Lamptey has three children and is a widow. The net worth of Gifty Lamptey is 135 MILLION DOLLARS.

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Grace is another businesswoman among Ghana’s top ten wealthiest women. Grace has amassed a fortune through her firm, Forever Clair Beauty Products, which she started in the 1990s.

Richest and Wealthiest Ghanaian Women
Richest and Wealthiest Ghanaian Women

Her items are among the most widely utilized locally produced goods in Ghana. Her items’ quality speaks for itself, as Ghanaians flock to her store in droves. Her achievements gained her membership in the Association of Ghana Industries’ executive committee.

Grace is also the head of the Ghana Cosmetology and Wellness Foundation, and she has received multiple honors for her contributions to the industry.



Patricia Obo-Nai is an engineer and one of Ghana’s wealthiest businesspeople, having made a fortune in the country’s telecommunications industry. Her academic credentials are impressive, especially given the prestigious colleges she attended.

richest women in Ghana you need to know
richest women in Ghana you need to know

Patricia Obo-Nai is well recognized as the brains behind Vodafone Ghana. She happens to be the first Ghanaian to have assumed the position of the Chairman of Vodafone Ghana. She got the position majorly because of her industriousness and professionalism in the industry. She is a wealthy Ghanaian entrepreneur due to her sagacity and commitment to her career.

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Through her many business ventures, she became one of Ghana’s self-made millionaires. She is one of the wealthiest Ghanaian women due to her ability to be a successful businesswoman. With a little expertise and a lot of hard work, she started a career in gold mining.

Top 10 richest female celebrities in Ghana
Top 10 richest female celebrities in Ghana

In Ghana, Joana Gyan is known as the Queen of Gold, according to most wealth publications. Joana is an artisanal miner, a licensed gold miner, a licensed gold salesperson, a gold buyer’s license, a gold exporter, an investor, a philanthropist, and a business executive.



Felicity Ama Agyemang, better known by her stage as Nana Ama McBrown, is a Ghanaian actress and TV host. Nana Ama McBrown began her acting career at a young age and now presents various television shows. She is extremely affluent, with the majority of her earnings coming from partnerships, sponsorships, and movies.

Richest Women In Ghana Today
Richest Women In Ghana Today

Nana is also a television host, hosting a variety of events and programs based on the Ghanaian and African entertainment industries. Earned her place among legendary who is unrivaled in originality and excellence on television, making her one of the biggest names in media and securing her place among Ghana’s top ten wealthiest women.

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Jackie Appiah is a media personality and actor in the entertainment industry.  She has starred in many films, all of which have showcased her natural abilities and expertise in the field. Due to her fame, she has become one of Ghana’s most well-known actresses.

Ghana's richest women
Ghana’s richest women

Even though Jackie is an experienced actor, she continues to feature in Ghanian blockbusters, where she continues to wow her adoring audience with her remarkable acting abilities. She is presently one of Ghana’s wealthiest actresses, with many large partnerships as a brand ambassador for some of the country’s most well-known companies.


480,000 $ IN NET WORTH

Despite being one of Ghana’s wealthiest women, Beatrice Agyemang does not belong to the country’s millionaires. She is a well-known figure in Ghana, and her clout has helped her earn considerable wealth. Beatrice Agyemang is a journalist, television personality, and presenter.

Wealthiest women in Ghana
Wealthiest women in Ghana

She began her career in 2000, writing about and debating Ghana’s unsolved problems. She progressed from anchor to producer to TV channel owner. General TV is her company’s CEO and Managing Director. She also runs TV3, a little-known African television station.

Some of her prominent awards are the Ghana Women of the Year Honours and Glitz Africa Ghana Women of the Year Honours. Her net worth is evident in her rating as one of the richest women in Ghana.

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11. BECCA-$6.2 MILLION: Becca is the stage name of Ghanaian actress, singer, and songwriter Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong, who was born on August 15, 1984. She first rose to prominence as a participant in the second season of Mentor, TV3’s yearly singing competition. She received five nominations for her 2007 debut studio album Sugar at the 2008 Ghana Music Awards.

most successful woman in Ghana
most successful woman in Ghana

At the aforementioned awards ceremony, the album’s lead single “You Lied to Me” took home the Record of the Year award.  Becca is currently signed to the EKB record label. She had worked with a variety of Ghanaian musicians, as well as some international musicians. Many accolades and nominations have been given to her for her outstanding performance all around the world. The total worth of Becca is $6.2 Million. Becca’s net worth places her among the wealthiest musicians in Ghana.

12. CHARLOTTE OSEI – $5 MILLION: Charlotte Osei, also known as Charlotte Osei Kesson-Smith Osei, is the UN International Elections Commissioner, a Ghanaian lawyer, and the former chairman of Ghana’s Electoral Commission from 2015 until her dismissal in June 2018 on allegations of financial wrongdoing.

successful Ghana women
successful Ghana women

Charlotte Osei is one of Ghana’s most wealthy politicians.  Furthermore, she is also listed on the elite list of Richest Politicians. Charlotte Osei’s net worth is reportedly at $5 million, according to

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13. Deloris Frimpong Manso-$1.5 million: In the country Ghana, Delay is a well-known television personality. At the age of 17, she began her career as a presenter with Nkawkaw’s Life FM.

The youngest richest woman in Ghana
The youngest richest woman in Ghana

Refuting widespread beliefs that women from the African region lack independence, are helpless, and powerless, Delay has been outspoken in her efforts to do so. Currently, Delay serves as Maxgringo Productions’ CEO in addition to being the proprietor of Delay Mackerel & Sardines and the host of “the Delay Show.” Her estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

14. Amadia Gh – $1.5 million: Amadia GH also known as Nana Ama Sledge is the chief executive officer of the Amadia Group of companies. She is well-known for the Amadia Foundation, through which she has included the majority of Ghanaian celebrities in business endeavours. Dr Sledge Duodu, one of the wealthiest people in Ghana, is married to Amadia. Amadia and her husband Sledge are avid collectors of high-end vehicles since they have a collection of them in their garage. The estimated net worth of Dr Sledge’s wife Amadia Gh is $1.5 million.

Richest woman in ghana net worth
Richest woman in ghana net worth

15. Theresa Ayoade – $300,000: Theresa Ayoade is a creative businesswoman, marketing communications expert, and event specialist. One of the top marketing, events, and audio-visual production companies in WEST AFRICA, CHARTERHOUSE PRODUCTIONS, is where she serves as co-founder and CEO.
Theresa has more than 22 years of expertise managing public, business, and national events as well as audio-visual and television productions. She has overseen the management of numerous public events, including The Annual Ghana Music Awards Festival (22 years), A Night of 1000 Laughs Comedy Series (27 editions), Miss Malaika Ghana (18 years), Ghana Rocks Concert (6 years), and numerous international music concerts with international stars like JAY Z, SHAGGY, BUSTA RHYMES, CHRIS BROWN, BOYS TO MEN, AKON, STEEL PULSE, and others.

She has also managed over 1000 corporate events, including launches, conferences (AGRF 2020, ALIBABA AFRICA BUSINESS HEROES 2020), awards ceremonies, banquets, BTL activations, and many more for local, multinational, and international organizations, as well as national events like the Ghana@50 Concert and Can 2008 AFRICA AS ONE Welcome Concert, as well as a variety of TV productions like AGORO, THE CHALLENGE, IT TAKES 2, and many others. Theresa is passionate about women, youth, and the creative industry in her capacity as convenor of THE NATIONAL WOMEN’S SUMMIT. Theresa is a philanthropist as well as the adopted parent of The Royal Seed Orphanage. Theresa Ayoade is thought to have a $300,000 net worth.

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Through the achievements of Ghana’s richest women, the country’s sectors are undergoing constant changes toward growth. In reality, more women will be given additional responsibilities for wealth development in the coming years. The list of Ghana’s wealthiest women demonstrates that more women are overcoming barriers in the workplace, and their net worth reflects the strength of the African woman in Ghana. As a result, other women must step up to the plate in their undertakings.