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Major pillars of democracy

This is one of the topics students and young scholars search on the internet. If you really want to know the 4 major pillars of democracy, CLICK HERE for a comprehensive article on that.

Trust me; you will not regret reading this one. In the above article, i explained what the pillars of democracy are, why the pillars are important and the primary functions of the different pillars of democracy.

Differences between a rigid and flexible constitution

As a student, it is pertinent that you know the differences between a rigid and a flexible constitution. This article clearly explains the basic differences between a flexible and rigid constitution. Trust me; after reading this article, you will be able to define a flexible and rigid constitution on your own words.

In addition to that, you will be able to differentiate between a rigid and a flexible constitution. Check here to see the differences between a rigid and flexible constitution.

Examination malpractice in Nigeria: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Examination malpractice is a very big problem in Africa as a whole. In this article, i explained the causes, effects and even the solutions to examination malpractice in Nigeria.

This article is a must-read for every student. If you also wish to know the forms of examination malpractice, they are all explained in details here. Kindly check here to read my article on the problem of examination malpractice in Nigeria.

Characteristic of human rights

In this article, i explicitly explained the 6 characteristics of human rights. This is one of my most soughted scholarly works on the internet. It will enlighten you on the basic characteristics of human rights and why you should know those characteristics.

I enjoin you to CLICK HERE if you really want to know the characteristics of your fundamental human rights. You might also want to see the various fundamental human rights in Nigeria here.

Best education blogs/websites in Nigeria

This is another scholarly article that recommends good blogs and websites for students in Nigeria to visit and grow their knowledge. It contains the top 10 education sites that are relevant to Nigerian students, researchers and scholars.

I enjoin you to read my article on the best educational blogs and websites in Nigeria here. Trust me; you will enjoy this one.

Best education website for Indian students

This article is basically for students in India. It is a recommendation to every student in India on the best education websites for learning, teaching and development.

Before this article was written, I did a good research about the best educational blogs and websites in india. If you are a student in any part of India currently, check here to see the top education blogs and websites for Indian students.

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How to Open a Restaurant in India

Difference Between Cook And Chef

Difference Between Cook And Chef: Outside the culinary business, the terms chef and cook are frequently interchanged, despite the fact that they have distinct meanings inside the field. To put it simply, a chef is someone who has been taught to comprehend tastes and culinary processes, to create dishes from scratch using fresh ingredients, and …

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Why Most Startups Fail

Differences Between Entrepreneur And Businessman

Differences Between Entrepreneur And Businessman: The major distinction between an entrepreneur and a businessman is that a businessman establishes his company as a fresh entry into an established market on commercial or industrial reasons. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, comes up with a unique idea or concept for a business and turns it into …

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Can I use JAMB past questions to study for post UTME?

Differences Between Education And Schooling

Differences Between Education And Schooling: The two terms education and schooling are generally used in relation to the modern day state and process of formal and or informal knowledge acquisition. They are rather mostly used in relation to formal acquisition of knowledge. The two concepts are closely related and may be correctly used interchangeably. Recommended: …

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What is difference between philosophy and education?

Differences Between Science And Philosophy

Differences Between Science And Philosophy: Time and time again, the issue of the differences between Science and philosophy has been a subject of debate laid down in numerous articles. Yet again this question continues to pop up especially amongst Scientists and Philosophers, and this Article seeks to write once more on this subject and lay …

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What are the differences between democratic and autocratic?

Differences Between Democracy and Autocracy

Difference Between Democracy and Autocracy: Being able to lead people to achieve a common goal demands a great deal of talent. A leader should have both charm plus leadership characteristics to influence others to embrace his / her agenda. It has nothing to do with titles, age, or character traits. Autocratic leadership is characterized by the …

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