Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Beautiful and Attractive

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Beautiful: Beauty they say lies on the eyes of the beholder. This popular line of comment implies that what constitute beauty is subjective to individual preferences. Therefore, beauty in reference to a person is the totality of one’s physical attraction and acceptance in the view of another.

One is beautiful if she is attractive, pleasing and good-looking. Regardless of the restrictive definition of beauty to the effect that it is subject to individual preferences, some persons have been shown to be undoubtedly beautiful, that is, pleasing and attractive to the eyes of the whole world. Yes, some people are effortlessly beautiful; that is, without putting any conscious effort to look so.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Beautiful
Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Beautiful

Beauty is a physical quality which every individual possess, however, its level of manifestation and disparity differs. For some persons, the status of their beauty is unquestionable and not to be debated upon. This is exactly the level of beauty which every individual secretly wishes to be accorded with by nature; an exceptional and at least a manifestly established beauty which desires no debate.

Have you ever wondered that being beautiful could have some disadvantages and of course some advantages?

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Benefits/Advantages of being Beautiful and Attractive

1. Little or no effort to look good: Beautiful people need not put so much effort while trying to look good. A physically fit person will not have problem choosing clothing and accessories that suits her. In fact, everything she puts on as a cloth can go well. She does not need to make intentional effort to look good, at least not as much as a person who is not manifestly beautiful.

The downsides of being too attractive
The downsides of being too attractive

For her, make ups can be done without, and many other acts of packaging. Even when she wears make up, it will always tend to go well with her looks.

2. More Attention: It is psychologically proved that physically attractive people get more attention and as such, way more opportunities in their life. This extends to job opportunities. Attractive people have more chances of getting hired. When it comes to relationship and the other gender affairs, they attract more attention.

The presence and impact of an attractive person is always easily noticed than the otherwise. Some people get famous just because of their physical attractiveness. Beautiful people might get a lot of followers on Instagram, Youtube and other various social network platforms. People just desire to follow then even for no reason asides their beauty, even when their content is not good enough.

Beauty can be attractive, and it tends to attract more attention. Beautiful people do not seek for attention and validation; attention rather comes to them. Beauty is admirable and people may want to identify with the beautiful ones since it is believed that beauty can be contagious, especially where there is bonding. A beautiful person will get unwanted attention.

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3. Pretty Privilege: This is of course more directed towards females than males. Being beautiful and having pretty privilege is the fact that you have a confidence to walk in and out of the door without your image being an issue.

What are some drawbacks of being attractive
What are some drawbacks of being attractive

You know that your existence will be accepted and that you are not really going to encounter aggression or grief for just existing.

4. Perceived to have Happier Life, Healthier and Intelligent: Beautiful people are perceived to have a happier life. This is because; people are tending to be judged on the surface by their looks. Being attractive is definitely a large variable to predicting a good life in general.

A beautiful person is generally seen as having a healthier lifestyle, and of course, being intelligent and smart. Of course this is not always the case in the actual sense, rather is creates such a mere first hand impression which is founded on the person’s attractiveness and acceptability.

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5. A beautiful person is Likeable at the first instance: Beautiful people are generally acceptable and as such, likeable at the first instance. People tend to be nicer to beautiful people, and you’d probably get more things you want because people are happy to help a beautiful person out. A beautiful person is probably not self-conscious, and she is most likely to have anyone she wants.

benefits of being beautiful_ does looking good help you get ahead
benefits of being beautiful? does looking good help you get ahead

Even when there are reasons not to trust a person, a beautiful person has more likelihood of being trusted. She is attractive, likeable, acceptable, therefore adding trustworthy to her attribute and according her with that would not be an issue. A likeable and attractive person will find it so damn easy to pick a partner because the opposite gender will swarm over you.

6. Self-Esteem: Attractive people have a tendency to become more successful due to having a higher self-esteem. They can always be convinced that they are qualified for whatever they want.

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Downsides/Disadvantages OF Being Beautiful and attractive

1. Extremely beautiful people are not taken seriously: In some occasions, most people do not want to focus on the fact that beautiful people have anything else to offer other than beauty.

Pleasures and Pains of Being Beautiful
Pleasures and Pains of Being Beautiful

2. People tend to point out your flaws more easily: When you are extremely beautiful, people may tend to hope for your downfall. People would intentionally be looking out for flaws from you in order to satisfy their low self-esteem. Since people are paying much more attention to you, they expect you to be perfect all the time because you are so beautiful to them.

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3. People may befriend you only so they can learn how to outshine you: As a beautiful girl, you will attract other girls who specifically become your friend so they can learn your weak areas and outshine you. They will also learn your weak areas and secrets so they can use them against you at the right time. Low self-esteemed ladies who feel that your beauty outshines their spotlight will make you a target of bullying. Competition is something very common amongst ladies.

They will go out of their way to compete against you. Every single thing you do becomes a competition arena for them, ranging from your clothing and other things contributing to your physical appearance. They will start making conscious effort to do better while finding means to water down your efforts. Trust ladies and jealousy over themselves. In the long run, you may have to become extremely cautious of your life because your beauty suppresses some of your colleagues and renders them less visible.

Being attractive, advantage or disadvantage
Being attractive, advantage or disadvantage

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4. If you become too obsessed with your beauty, some character traits of pride and pomposity may start to manifest in you. And if you rely too much on your beauty, you may get depressed when aging begins to wear them off, or even when you start to gain weight.

5. Beautiful people will get unwanted attention to the extent that it may turn them into what they are not, really. You may have to wear certain attitudes and set the necessary standard in order to minimize the distractions coming from the unwanted attentions.

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6. People expect more from you when you are beautiful: As was pointed out in the advantages, people perceive you to be healthier, happier and intelligent at the very first instance. There is so much expectation towards you, one of which is that you have to remain beautiful and maintain your beauty level at all cost. People also think that life is perfect for you.

7. Your beauty may scare people away into starting something serious with you because they don’t assume such a beautiful person to be single. Being in a relationship with an extremely beautiful lady comes with insecurities. The insecurities are real because the side distractions and constant pressure from the outsider men will always be there.

It now behoves on the lady’s ability to resist them which can be very tempting because one day or the other, she would get accosted by a person whom she cannot resist. Some men will intentionally avoid such extremely beautiful ladies because they do not want the competition that comes from having them.

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Regardless of the pros and cons, beauty is an automated self actualization. Every person wants to be attributed to it. Its disadvantages is the last thing people would think of, after all, they are the necessary incidents of being beautiful which can as well be contained.