Best Online Shopping Sites in China 2024: Top 10 E-commerce Sites

Top 10 Best online shopping sites in China: China deserves the top hat for being the world’s leading exporter and a haven of e-commerce market. Being at this spot, the China’s e-commerce market has caught the attention of many consumers worldwide that look forward to buying from China’s e-platforms.

These specifically targeted website aims at consumers from overseas who want to shop for differs household items, clothing, electronics. They also provides consumers with relatively cheap materials.

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Top 10 Best Online Shopping sites in China 2024

1. AliExpress: The number one on our list is AliExpress. It boosts of the wide spread fame it enjoys outside the shores of China. AliExpress is a site operated by Alibaba Group. Instead of selling items itself, AliExpress connects the consumer with third-party sellers. Cheap commodities ranging from electronics to household items can be found on the site. Free shipping is offered by many vendors; however, arrivals of goods may take weeks or months.

online stores in China that ships to other countries
online stores in China that ships to other countries

Alibaba is a renowned and well-known company. They have strong rules and regulations in place to ensure that the majority of transactions on the platform are secure. Alibaba, on the other hand, is an ecommerce platform that links suppliers and buyers. AliExpress has websites in English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Turkish, Russian, and other national languages.

AliExpress operates websites in a variety of countries.

2. Joybuy: Joybuy is’s official global online buying portal. Joybuy is similar to an email in that it assists Chinese retailers in setting up digital businesses, as opposed to AliExpress, which connects customers with third-party suppliers. Consumers may quickly sort for products in this area. This website prominently displays well-known companies such as Xiaomi and other manufacturers.

best online store in China currently
best online store in China currently

A feature this site shares with AliExpress is that deliveries usually take two months to arrive, but the buyer can also employ the services third- party and international couriers who will give a faster delivery. This can be done without incurring additional charges but it depends on the item in question. Joybuy offers free shipping. Joybuy was launched in 2010 as a private company and China’s biggest e-commerce platform.

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3. Banggood: When you are talking about one of the oldest Chinese stores in the digital space enjoy customers from consumers worldwide, then Banggood can not be excluded. This site has been existing since 2004 and like AliExpress, it offers plethora of goods and merchandise ranging from electronics to face masks.

where to buy books, clothes and accessories online in China
where to buy books, clothes and accessories online in China

Banggood is vast and an online retail platform that allows several payment methods such as Credit cards, PayPal and wire transfers. Here not all orders qualify for free shipping. The site was founded Aaron Chen. Banggood has catalog of more than 70,000 products and these items are guaranteed to be delivered in 60 days.

But orders from Brazil is an exception and may take up to 120 days while delivery to other countries like Argentina, south Africa, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela could take 90 days.

4. Gearbest: Gearbest is home of electronics such as laptops, headphones, smartphones, watches, and other electronic accessories and home items and pet items – Chinese electronic maker Xiaomi are featured on the site’s homepage.

best e-commerce company in china
best e-commerce company in china

Gearbest offers four shipping options which are: Registered, Unregistered, Priority and Expedited shipping; delivery in a shipping that is unregistered is free and usually takes up to 40 days. In expedited shipping, the cost is determined by the weight and delivery takes three to seven days.

This Chinese company specializes in exporting Chinese products of all kinds. Gearbest has warehouses located in USA, England, Spain, Poland, Czech, etc. The location helps to reduce delivery time to 1—2 days. There are over 40 global payment methods provided by Gearbest for the convenience of worldwide users. Gearbest does not ship to Palestine and South Sudan.

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5. Shein: Shein is a shopping site that deals in fashion most particularly women’s apparel, although children’s  clothing, menswear and other accessories are also offered for sale on the platform. For orders that are $49.99 or more, free delivery is offered but express delivery is $12.90.

best online shopping sites in China
best online shopping sites in China

A distinguishing feature of this site is that all orders are eligible for free returns. Shein was founded in 2008. Discount on clothes for low cost styles are used to lure young shoppers via TikTok and Instagram influencers – their dress cost just half of a Zara equivalent.

The Shein shopping sites targets consumers from Australia, Europe, America and the middle east along with other consumers worldwide. But it is restricted to residents of Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska who cannot use the express option.

6. LightInTheBox: LightInTheBox was founded in 2007 as a discount and flash sale website that ships to customers in over 200 countries. The international retail site’s main appeal is LightInTheBox. Fashion, electronic gadgets, and home and garden products are the website’s main product categories.

China’s best online store currently
China’s best online store currently

In 2013, it went public on the New York Stock Exchange. The website accepts credit cards and PayPal as well as other payment methods. Customers have a number of shipping options to select from, all of which are priced based on weight. No such thing as free shipping exists.

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7. DX: DealExtreme is another name for DX. It’s a shopping website that offers anything from cellphones to vacuum cleansers and deals in all types of goods and home appliances. It has been in active operation since 2006 and ships directly from its depot in Hong Kong. Xiaomi, Lenovo, Sony, and Asus are among the brands represented on the website. DX provides free foreign shipping on all of its details. Customers can choose express delivery with couriers for an extra fee.

8. GeekBuying: GeekBuying takes pleasure in providing high-quality products at competitive pricing. It also sells gadgets and home appliances such as smartphones, TV boxes, PCs, and other electronic devices.

It has warehouses in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. If you choose standard delivery, shipping is free. TNT and DHL are also options. There is also a section in the website dedicated to remote control cars and electric scooters.

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9. Chinabrands: Chinabrands is a leading drop shipping company that offers one-stop e-shopping to customers all over the world. It sells electronics, fashion, home, and outdoor items, among other things.

It has global warehouses in a number of countries, including the United States, France, and Poland, and is noted for its fast shipment and great after-sales care. They also provide discounts and flash sales from time to time.

10. DHgate: DHgate is chiefly a fashion site although it has some electronic and home items available on the website. It has headquarters in Beijing. DHgate is a plug for consumers who look forward to purchasing wedding outfits, hair and grooming products, bags, watches, etc. DHgate offers worldwide shipping. DHL is one of DHgate’s many local couriers. DHL offers delivery within a week.

online shopping sites in China
online shopping sites in China

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These sites have had good reputations, however, potential customers are advised to scour the website, check the website reviews, and exercise caution before making huge monetary commitment.