Hardest Questions In The World: Top 9 Toughest Life Questions

Hardest Questions in The World: Certain questions are hard to decisively answer because their various answers raise sensitivity, doubt, uncertainties, challenges and controversies about the truth or accuracy of the subject matter. What every question calls for is a reply or response, and such reply or response may qualify as an answer or a conditional answer, but may not necessarily be the answer. Certain questions qualify as the most controversial life questions in the world. The questions are such that may be personal or of a general concern. What people would end up doing is to pick a side of the variety of answers which appear more favourable and pleasant to them.

There are usually no issues arising from scientific questions because science qualifies an answer to be the truth and conclusive only after all scientific requirements have been fulfilled. What about life and philosophical questions? Unfortunately they do not pose as concern to the purposes of sciences; and even if they do, a conclusive attempt or answer would not still be arrived at.

The option available to people then is to either ignore the question which is not always a good idea, or juxtapose the various positions and choose a stance.

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Top 9 Toughest/Hardest Questions in The World

Here are the hardest questions in the world:

1. Does true love exist? 

This is one of the most controversial and frequently asked life questions. The question never gets old, and the answers proffered so far never gets conclusive. There is no universal truth or fact as to whether true love does exist. Even, the subjective answers are given with a lot of uncertainties. Questions pertaining to love are usually very sensitive, let alone for true love. It has been severally said that true love exist only in and with Christ Jesus and on imaginations.

What is the hardest question in the world?
What is the hardest question in the world?

This answer is yet not conclusive. It has also been said that to be looking out for the existence of true love is an act of selfishness. So many controversies here and there, but what many people end up doing is to choose a stance and subjectively justify it with some available facts. This question keeps reoccurring and being thrown at people but it never gets easier.

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2. Is there life after death?

Here is another extremely hard question you do not want to be faced with. Is there life after death? From today till the next hundred days to come, almost every (if not all) living persons now would be dead. Death is an inescapable event which no history has survived. So, people have come to accept the inescapable fate of a living thing which is death. Now, after one’s life has ceased here on earth, does another life begin elsewhere? In the world today, it is trite that no person has a universal answer to this question.

 toughest questions you will ever be asked to answer
toughest questions you will ever be asked to answer

People whose belief is that there is no life after death do not have any material factors to rely on as the justifications for their stance, and same is with the people who believe that there is life after death. Inasmuch as many may become biased not to admit this; anyone’s answer to this question is a mere reply or response that lacks material substantiation. Whatever your stance is, it may only qualify as a dogma; an opinion or belief which is considered to be unconditionally true and indisputable even in the absence of any evidence to substantiate it.

Even, some people that profess their stance as regards this question are not convinced by their own answers. This does not make the question unanswerable; it is rather a difficult to one attempt. Probably, one may finally arrive at a final answer after his own death. And if after one’s death life does not continue for him elsewhere, then the answer to this question will never come to life.

3. Should abortion be allowed? 

You may not know how difficult it is to attempt this question until such circumstance faces you in real life. Here is one of the most controversial questions in the world. Recently, the United States’ court of law took a different stance on the legality of abortion. Abortion used to be allowed in the United States until the year 2023. This goes a way to illustrate how controversial and uncertain it is to have even a stance pertaining to this question.

Which is the hardest question in the world?
Which is the hardest question in the world?

Just like the United States, a lot of people have changed their answer to this question overnight. People who grew up with a “yes” may become grown and change their response to a “no” and vice versa. One may think that the question is easy until he is faced with a real life situation, then you would see that even to render an advice in this regard, he would begin to play avoidance-avoidance.

The issue of abortion has been a very sensitive question from time immemorial and it remains so even up till today. The question never gets answered. In fact, the more you attempt the question the more accompanying questions are raised. For such a question, people merely choose a stance and allow the opposing stance to stand as well.

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4. What is the purpose of life? 

This is a highly philosophical question that only but few persons want to get themselves bothered with. This question can make one to go crazy. Like, why should life even exist in the first place? The craziest part of it is that after life, yet comes death, so why? Why are people bothered to come to life in the first place? This question will be worse for a person who experiences a miserable life. Why does one have to undergo all these stages of life and then die eventually?

Hardest Questions To Answer
Hardest Questions To Answer

Dogmatically speaking, people will tell you that the purpose of life is to know and love God, worship Him here on earth and then come over to heaven to enjoy the radiant glory of God’s countenance. What then do you tell people that do not believe in the existence of a supreme being that their purpose in life is? Maybe their purpose is to be humans, love their fellow humans, have a taste of the world and then die.

Well, it seems that the purpose of life becomes whatever you so want it to be. There is certainly no absolute answer to this question. You can rather formulate and or adopt your own response or reply to the question. But examining this question critically, the question marks here remain inexhaustible.

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5. Why is there hatred in the world? 

Why shouldn’t there be just love? Is hatred really a creation of the devil? How? I bet that if you were to be asked this question in an interview, you would go confused for the very moment. Of course there are number of reasons one can proffer such as, diversity in personalities and so on.

Hardest question about life
Hardest question about life

Such reasons merely explain the causes of hatred in the world, but they do not explain why such reasons should make a thing like hatred to come to life in the first place. Why is there a thing like hatred? This question never gets an answer; it rather gets circumstantial justifications.

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6. Does he or she love me?

Love is a feeling capable of being communicated or withheld. In a sane world, even, people can communicate love even when they do not feel anything. Love is a matter of the heart, and matters of the heart are sensitive, hence the curiosity to ascertain whether one actually loves you or merely communicates vain love expressions. This question will always arise, and it is a question of personal concern.

Hard Questions to Ask Yourself
Hard Questions to Ask Yourself

Since love can be communicated by anyone to another even without actually feeling anything, it has become difficult to answer the question as to whether you are actually loved by someone. You can only stake on it or deduce the necessary response from the surrounding circumstances. Moreso, love is prone to be mistaken with other feelings such as infatuations, lust and so on. Many do not even know what love is, and all these factors make it hard to answer the question as to whether one is actually loved by another.

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7. Why are there wars?: Wars have happened ever since history was first written down, and they undoubtedly happened before that as well. When one group of people (the aggressors) attempts to impose its will on another group of people, and the latter group resists, a war is declared. People’s differences or the wish of one group to gain more power or riches by annexing the territory of another group are two common causes of war.

What is the greatest question ever asked?
What is the greatest question ever asked?

The aggressors frequently believe that they are superior to the group they are trying to subjugate; they think that their ethnicity, culture, or even faith is superior to that of the opponents. They believe that fighting to take the territory, belongings, and even lives of the inferior group, or to impose their culture on the dominated people, is permissible because of their feeling of supremacy.

It is not unexpected that nations dispute on a wide range of issues because governments, religions, customs, and ideologies can vary greatly between nations. But before they escalate into something as destructive as a conflict, great efforts are typically made to resolve the disagreements through dialogue and bargaining, a process known as diplomacy.

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8. Why do spouses divorce?

When a couple can no longer coexist peacefully, they file for divorce. Typically, it is a sorrowful event because when people are married, they hope to spend the rest of their life with their spouse. But during a marriage, things can happen, people can change, and the bliss that the couple was so certain of at first can occasionally go. It is much more regrettable when spouses with children divorce because more individuals are impacted.

Hard questions to ask your friends with answers
Hard questions to ask your friends with answers

After their parents divorce, many children experience terrible feelings because they realise that their family will no longer be the same. After a divorce, they typically spend less time with one of their parents. The fact that a parent’s feelings may change, however, has no bearing on how much they still adore their kids. It’s important to remember that divorce affects the children as well as the two adults involved. Many children think that if they somehow change, their parents will want to remain together, yet nothing kids do can stop divorces.

9. Why do people have to grow old?

Ageing is a natural element of being a living creature. There is a beginning, a middle, and an end to every plant’s and animal’s life cycle. Actually, ageing starts as soon as we are born.

Best Trick Questions That'll Leave Your Mind Blown
Best Trick Questions That’ll Leave Your Mind Blown

But when we talk about ageing, we consider the physical changes that take place when bodies are no longer able to grow and heal themselves as they once could. The first signs of ageing begin to show about age 30, but for most people, the physical changes do not become evident until much later in life.

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In conclusion, the above highlighted questions pose the most difficulty to answer in the world, and this is because of the controversies and uncertainties surrounding their possible answers.

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