Highest Paying Businesses in Nigeria 2024: Top 18 Most Lucrative

Top 18 Highest Paying Businesses in Nigeria: With employers of labour paying a static amount as salaries to their workers and the increased rate in the prices of things, goods and services alike, people are beginning to look for alternative means of earning. Thus, starting up a business is very essential.

Nigeria as a country is one that enables commercial transaction, and its population even improves the business rate and if done seriously, there can be a multiplication of profit.  Rather than slave away in other countries as an immigrant, or work twenty two hours every day for a meager pay, engaging in business is the next big thing in this country. In this article, we will be discussing the highest paying businesses in Nigeria you can start with a low capital.

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Top 18 Best Paying And Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria 2024

Here’s a list of the top 18, highly paying business that one can engage in:

1. Agriculture: No doubt, Agriculture is one of the highest paying businesses in Nigeria you can start with a low capital. It is the current mine for millionaires in Nigeria, especially now that oil is no longer as lucrative as it used to be in its prime. Agriculture is a broad sector, and there are several sections under agriculture. A few of them are:

highly profitable businesses in Nigeria you can start with little money
highly profitable businesses in Nigeria you can start with little money

Poultry farming: the science of raising chicken and birds. Most poultry farmers rear the birds for their meat and eggs.

Cassava production: The production of Cassava either for consumption or for selling.

Horticulture: This involves the planting of crops for decoration purposes. According to Wikipedia, it is the agriculture of plants, mainly for food, materials, comfort and beauty for decoration.

Crop production: this is the broad part of agriculture that deals with crop plantations, such as plantain, banana, rice beans etc.

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2. Blogging and SEO: One of the problems we have in Nigeria is that, almost everybody believes that people who do online businesses are scammers. But that is a big fat lie. It will surprise you to know that online businesses like blogging and SEO are actually the most profitable in the world today. I am not telling you this because I want to fill up pages in this article; it is just the truth. I have been blogging as a student for a long time now and I earn even better than some of my lecturers.

Most profitable businesses in Nigeria
Most profitable businesses in Nigeria

Of course, you should also note that blogging is not easy too. It takes time and dedication like every other business, but it pays well. To start up your own blog, I recommend that you watch interesting and educative videos about blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before you start. Alternatively, you can check out this beautiful article on how to start up your own blog and start making money here.

3. E-commerce business: Social media has made it possible to start e-commerce without necessarily having a website or billions of traffic everyday. Today, with an Instagram page filled with clean and unique images of your product you can advertise your goods or services and get a whole lot of people to know what you do.

How to start a business in Nigeria
How to start a business in Nigeria

It should also be noted that before you can succeed in e-commerce here in Nigeria, you must be able to build trust between your business and the people. Most Nigerians are afraid of buying things online because of the high rate of fraud in the country. But if you are able to build trust, you won’t find it difficult at all.

Furthermore, it is important that you study and understand how online shopping works before you dive into your own. Learn from the big companies and try to avoid their mistakes. Trust me, if you do these things you will be making thousands or even millions monthly from your e-commerce business.

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4. Pure water production:  Today, the pure water business is a booming industry and it will remain so, for a long time. This is due to our climate and temperature, coupled with the increasing population of people in Nigeria.

It is also important to note that there are areas in Nigeria without clean water. Hence, pure water contained in sachets or bottle, is their only source of clean water.

lucrative business ideas for startups in Nigeria
lucrative business ideas for startups in Nigeria

To start this business, the following requirements should be set in place:

a. Factory premises: this is where the production and packaging, takes place.

b. Source of water: Borehole is usually the most resorted to, as it is clean and healthy.

c. Business registration: The business should be registered under NAFDAC. They would also enter the premises to confirm if the place and water is suitable for the business, before giving their NAFDAC number.

d. Equipment for treating and packaging the water.

5. Gym business: Gym business is another growing business targeted for fat women looking forward to getting their body back, after birthing kids, and the young people looking forward to becoming bulky and looking fit. People would pay any amount, if it would yield results, and this is where the gym comes in.

You don’t need to be a personal trainer to own a gym. You can always employ a trainer, to help train your patrons, whilst making your money. Where effective, it would lead to more referrals and more money. The key thing is getting up to date gym equipment in reasonable amount, and an experienced personal trainer. One who can empathize with the customers.  It would be an added advantage if he looks hot.

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6. Restaurant: An increasing number of people dine outside, or even buy foods to be eaten at home, others order food services from restaurants and have the food delivered to their offices or homes.

This is the order of the day in a century where most people have so much work on their hands and more, are either too lazy to cook, don’t know how to cook, or don’t see the need to, when it’s easier to dine outside. This brings us to the restaurant/cooking business.

best businesses to start in Nigeria with low capital
best businesses to start in Nigeria with low capital

Restaurant business can be divided into three main groups namely; quick service restaurants also known as fast food restaurant, midscale, and upscale. The quick food restaurant, deal mainly in fast foods that is fries, or baked foods like French fries, hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, sandwiches, pizza, seafood etc

Midscale on the other hand, are restaurants that serve full meals at good affordable value. Patrons either order for the food online, and have it delivered to them, or stand at the counter to order their food, after which it would be served to them at their seat.

Lastly, there is the Upscale restaurant. These restaurants are the most expensive, on the scale, and charge the highest prices. However, they offer full table service, including cuisines and other exotic meals.

7. Transporting: This is the science behind moving people and properties, from one place to the other by air, water, road, rail, using vehicles, planes, ships etc. Transportation business could be in various forms. They are:

a. Taxi service: this involves hiring a cab or driver for the purpose of getting transported from one place to the other. Usually, the vehicles are owned by individuals who sign up under the transportation business’s platform to use their vehicles for transport, whilst they act as driver/chauffeur. The money paid by the customers doesn’t go directly to them. They are only paid certain percentage daily or weekly. Examples of these companies are Uber, Oma, Oga Driver etc, where booking is made online.

b. Commercial bus services: This is a transport system that involves conveying passengers and their properties from one place to the other. This could be intra or interstate. Operating a bus service, requires you to be registered under the appropriate bus labour union in the local government, as it’s the only ticket to using your vehicle to ply the road for commercial purposes.

c. Airline business: this transport system involves the use of airplane, helicopter or jets to transport people via Air, from one place to another. It is highly capital intensive, but so is the profit.

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8. Property investment: this involves buying land, properties, mostly buildings, and reselling them after a number of years, when the value must have increased to a great extent. This business involves a lot of research work and good agents, who would help in searching for houses or lands in good locations. One likely to have increased worth, within a short period of time.

9. Mobile phone repairs: To start this, it is important for one to have a good knowledge of phone repair and a laptop. You can learn it as a vocation, probably from a phone repairer for a period of not more than one year.

You will not always have the parts needed for repairing the phone, and it is important for you to have good relationships with phone accessories sellers, and also be able to build good relationships between you and your customers, for the referrals and even their patronization.

how phone repare is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria
how phone repare is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Finally, a good location and advertisement goes a long way in promoting your business.

10. Mobile car wash: with the increasing rate at which people buy cars, and the less time they have due to work and stress, car wash is the next place people go with their cars for washing. Hence, car washing services is a very lucrative business in Nigeria.

highest paying businesses in Nigeria this year
highest paying businesses in Nigeria this year

However, it becomes very lucrative in when it is a mobile car wash. That is, your customers don’t have to drive to meet you on your premises to get their car washed. All they need to do is book for washing services or ring you up and the service is delivered at their doorstep.

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11. Car rental services: cars are a necessity. However, not everyone has a car, but would want to drive themselves or their luggage from place to place. Car rentals involve renting out automobiles to people for a certain time limit. It could be daily or for a few weeks, even for a few hours. The car however, must be returned at the time stipulated at the contract, failure to return, would be a ground for a suit against the person hiring.

Usually, the cars are returned to the place it was hired from or another branch of the car rental service, closer to the hiree.

To start a car rental business, it is important to get good looking and working cars. This also depends on the services you want to render. Whether luxury or not. Choose a car in view of your target customers.

most paying business in Nigeria
most paying business in Nigeria

Also, get a good driver. This means you would have to do a lot of research on the drivers, before handing over to them, your car as many of them are dubious and witty. It is also important to make sure your driver and mechanic are not friends. Register the business for professionalism, advertise and you are good to go.

12. Ice block production and sale: Now, this is a very lucrative business, sue to our climate and the fact that certain communities have less electricity supply. All that is needed is ice block making machine or a working freezer, water, and electricity supply.

lucrative business ideas for startups in Nigeria
lucrative business ideas for startups in Nigeria

The ice block could be used for preserving food, for reducing the temperature of drinks by making it cold. It is usually done by placing the drinks in a cooler with the ice block and the magic happens.

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13. Real estate business: Real estate is a profitable business that anyone can start. What makes it even very interesting is the fact that you need very little capital to start it up. However, it is also a long term investment.

highest Paying Businesses 2021
highest Paying Businesses 2021

In Nigeria Real estate is booming now. I remember of a guy in my school who started as a student agent. Today he has a very big real estate in Lagos. The funny thing is that many people think they can’t go into real estate because they don’t have the money to buy big houses or lands. That is the part people pay attention to the most but it is just one part of real estate.

Think about those who started as agents. In fact, you don’t even need to buy expensive lands. A sum of N200,000 can get you a land in a rural area. With time, I bet you will sell it back for millions.

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14. Cosmetics and Hair Salon: A career in cosmetics is unquestionably your finest option if you are a beauty enthusiast. To stay relevant, you will need to always stay abreast of the trend as the niche is constantly evolving.

What business can I start with 150k in Nigeria
What business can I start with 150k in Nigeria

Because people naturally desire to appear beautiful, cosmetic and hair salons are a tremendously lucrative industry for women and men in Nigeria and throughout the world.

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15. Affiliate Marketing: The best approach to increase your income and launch a home-based business is through affiliate marketing.

Untapped business in Nigeria
Untapped business in Nigeria

An affiliate marketer is someone who assists in the sale of a product that he does not necessarily own to earn a commission. Both physical and digital goods may be offered as affiliate items.
As many affiliate programs as your capabilities will allow you to join. In essence, you are compensated for directing new consumers and clients to other businesses online. Through the affiliate network of Expertnaire, some Nigerians have achieved millionaire status.

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16. Virtual Assistant: One of the finest ideas for an internet company is a virtual assistant, which is particularly well-liked by women. Although you don’t have to be in the same physical place as your customer to perform your assistant duties in this instance.

Most profitable business in Nigeria with low capital
Most profitable business in Nigeria with low capital

With your abilities, you may support others and run their businesses in part by their requests. Numerous freelancing websites exist where you may discover countless employment options.

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17. DropShipping: One of the newest and most lucrative business concepts in Nigeria right now is this one. The dropshipping industry is quite lucrative. It allows you the chance to manage your internet store without the requirement for a warehouse or any inventory. One of the companies that you can launch with little funding is this one. A laptop or smartphone, an internet connection, and your social media accounts are all you’ll need. Knowing what the public needs at any given time, where to find those needs, and how to supply those needs are the secrets of business.

Hidden business opportunities in Nigeria
Hidden business opportunities in Nigeria

The only thing required is the creation of an internet store, after which you just copy inventory from suppliers or manufacturers and paste it there.

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18. Boutique: The fashion industry is a strong sector that will always be active in any economy since clothing is a basic requirement for everyone in Nigeria and the rest of the globe. As a result, opening your boutique is a successful business venture to start in Nigeria.

Lucrative business in Nigeria for ladies
Lucrative business in Nigeria for ladies

Opening a clothes store is a lucrative company in Nigeria, especially if you concentrate on men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. Since both sexes adore fashion and trends, it is appropriate to state that this is a line of work that will interest you and be enjoyable to grow as you succeed.

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In conclusion, most lucrative businesses don’t really require a lot of capital and stress. The key thing is choosing a path, and working all the way to the top.  The key element required is consistency, hard work and good advice from experienced people.

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