How To Train A Child To Be Brilliant/Intelligent: 12 Tips

How To Train a Child To Be Brilliant: A child is a young person below the age of majority. Though the definition of a child seem to pose a lot of controversies and arguments which we won’t really concern ourself with for the purpose of this article, we may want to take a summary description of who a child is and what makes someone a child.

So, according to Merriam Webster dictionary, a child can either be said to be a young person especially between infancy and puberty or a person not yet of the age of majority. It is not entirely wrong to say that a child is also an unborn or recently born person as the law considers (in some Jurisdiction) an unborn baby as a child for the purpose of affording the unborn child some level of protection from criminal acts like abortion and infanticide. Training a child can be quite challenging for a number of reasons.

Children has some well known peculiarities that includes, mental incapacity. This means that children are unable to tell right from wrong and are not legally capable of making informed decisions by reason of being children. The physical and mental immaturity of children is one of the main reason why a child’s training is very important, notwithstanding the challenges involved.

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It is said that every child deserves a decent training and care and that includes traing and grooming the child to be very intelligent and smart. It is not a common thing as it could fail if proper care and procedures are not being followed. Being brilliant or having a brilliant child comes with a lot of prestige and sentimental satisfaction. It is the pride of every parent to have a brilliant child or children who they would be proud of.

This article aims to highlight some of the ways in which a child could be groomed to become brilliant and very smart.

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Ways To Train a Child To Become Brilliant

1. Start early: To train a smart and intelligent kid, you must start the process early. This means that you don’t have to wait until the child reaches a certain age or level in life or maturity before you can start grooming the child’s inteelect and perception.

ways to boost your child's academic potential
ways to boost your child’s academic potential

What everver need to be done must start from the time the child is still a toddler. Ranging from having a subtle and less complicated or complex conversions to allowing the child or children learn how to express themselves freely and be corrected when they make mistakes. It is very key and a good way to start the journey of raising a very intelligent child.

2. Teach them to have A Growth Mindset: Growth is something that takes a gradual but steady process. This is something you need to teach your child or children, they need to learn and understand that it doesn’t have to stop at a point or in completing one particular task of achieving one special reward or encountering failure in the process of trying to figure out yourself.

What Makes Kids Intelligent?
What Makes Kids Intelligent?

If your child is able to understand that the process continues no matter the failure or success encountered, they are set to becoming the most corrigible individuals in life with great determination. Anything short of these will affect their mindset and certainly affect their intelligence.

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3. Inspire curiosity in them: Curiosity they say is the mother of invention, you need to inspire curioucity in your kids, make them ask questions, create doubts in their heart and let them think and question the status quo to be reassured of the authenticity of things.

How to make your child smart in math
How to make your child smart in math

It will help them develop smart thoughts that don’t just take in information as they are or come but subject them to objective critique. This way, they are sure to always come out with with well reasoned judgment and that is smart and intelligent.

4. Help the develop a habit of regular exercise: It is very important to teach your kids how to indulge in regular exercise to relax their brain and get it to function at normal pace.

Child intelligence development
Child intelligence development

The brain need to be tasked for it to perform maximally, this can be achieved by subjecting it to healthy curiosity and regular exercise. It leaves the body healthy and smart which results to excellent performance from the kid and intimately an intelligent child.

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5. Inspire Virture in them: Allow them take risks and when they fail, encourage them. Don’t over praise your kids or allow them cultivate an all-winning mentality.

Tips on How to Make a Baby Smart and Intelligent
Tips on How to Make a Baby Smart and Intelligent

That way, they would be able to appreciate life and it’s uncertainties and develop a healthy mindset about hardwork and social morals. This way, you raise kids that are exceptional in their behavior and performances.

6. Read with your kids: Having mentioned that training a child is something that should begin from a very tender age, some parents might, because of the child’s age, do all the reading, explanations and thoughts for the child leaving no room for the child to exercise here mental strength, that would be a wrong approach as it will be a great idea to allow your child to read with you, at that point, he or she would be struggling to make sense from the exercise and thereby tasking their brain to work.

How to Raise an Intelligent Child
How to Raise an Intelligent Child

This is a subtle way to introduce them to books and learning which is the key to learning.

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7. Give them mental and emotional support: Because you’re raising and trying to groom a human to be one intelligent, you must not forget their emotional and mental needs. Sometimes, as humans, we doubt ourselves and abilities, it is now your duty as parent or ward, teacher or whoever to instil the right ideas in them by encouraging them, being there for them when they need someone to share their emotional outburst with.

How To Make Your Kids Smarter
How To Make Your Kids Smarter

This way, you groom a courageous and connfident child that would become very intelligent.

8. Praise your child’s efforts not their natural ability or Intelligence: Due to the fear of failure and over protective nature of parents, they tend to instil overconfidence in their child by making them believe that their inactions and just being human does it all.

How can I make my child smart and creative?
How can I make my child smart and creative?

They give credit to the mere uniqueness of the child rather than his or her efforts. This will only end up encouraging the wrong virtue and impression on the child, who would rather claim to be unique than to actually show his uniqueness.

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9. Allow them rest enough and appreciate the need: Just like exercise, rest is very paramount for a child to achieve mentally superiority and intelligence. Rest helps the body to relax and rejuvenate after much work and exuastion.

To achieve intelligence, a child must have time to work and time to take some rest to recover. This helps the brain function well.

10. Teach them how to set goals and WORK towards them: Because you must plan if you must succeed, to raise very intelligent child or children, you must let them set goals and monitor them aim for it, work hard towards achieving them and encouraging them when it becomes tough.

This way they are able to become very responsible and serious. It helps them become very intelligent individuals.

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11. Talk To Them from Day One: Talking to your children, even when they are young infants, is crucial for getting their mental wheels rolling. Even if children are too young to comprehend what you are saying or to understand what the complex words you are using imply, with enough repetition, they will eventually use context to understand what you are saying.

How do you raise an academically successful child?
How do you raise an academically successful child?

Additionally, letting your children know that their thoughts and individuality matter by asking them open-ended questions will assist them in forming opinions and a sense of self.

12. Read to them Early, Read With Them Often: Reading to your child regularly, even when they are young, has many positive effects, as demonstrated by a large body of research. Reading fosters vocabulary growth and creativity, sharpens cognitive abilities, and aids language and listening development in young children.

How do you know if your child is highly intelligent?
How do you know if your child is highly intelligent?

Kids learn a lot more about the world through reading as well. Their horizons are broadened, and they may meet individuals and learn things they might not otherwise encounter. To raise and nurture an intellectual child, reading is one of the most crucial activities.

a. Try reading with your youngster at least once a day. It is preferable to begin doing this when your child is still a baby.

b. Make reading enjoyable for your child by utilizing various voices and noises to keep their interest.

c. Encourage your child to read independently.

d. Encourage your youngster to talk with you about the books they have read.

e. Plan frequent trips to the library.

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Conclusively, it is no doubt how a brilliant child brings joy and satisfaction to both his family and to himself, this goes to show how much it is appreciated to be intelligent. An intelligent person always show to have great sense of responsibilities.