Scariest Things In The World (With Pictures): Top 13

Scariest Things in the World: Fear may be one amongst the most powerful emotions, but it is the fiercest. It can propel as much as it can destroy. We fear a lot of things on earth, so much so, that all things we consider dreadful cannot be exhausted. Everyone has something they are scared of, it could be certain illnesses or death itself.

Whether you come to acceptance or not, incidentally, you may get a peek at something that may frighten you to your core. It could be an object of nature, an impression, a scourge, some story told by family and friends, or your just phobia. In no particular order, the following are some of such things people have found the scariest;

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Top 13 Scariest Things On Earth

1. Heights: Like we said earlier, people are afraid of a lot of things, and the fear of altitudes is one them. This condition makes it almost unthinkable to look down from any considerably high platform at least without toppling over. The very idea of looking down from rooftops would mean falling to their deaths or sustaining deep injuries at best.

Pictures of the scariest thing in the world
Pictures of the scariest thing in the world

Also, adventures that involve heights are also off the list for people with this ‘fear’. A lot of them live with it their whole lives; never getting treatment and never nearing altitudes. It is our recommendation however, that a person should seek treatment as soon as they come into knowledge of this ‘disease’.

2. Jellyfish: You’d be surprised by the number of organisms in the world that can hurt a person. What is even more surprising is that a lot of them live in our water bodies. The Jellyfish is one of such kind. Ranked one of the earliest animals by several reports and sources, the Jellyfish can cause a range of things when it comes in contact with the human skin; redness, rash, deep sores. Some breeds can even  cause various syndromes and paralysis.

Top Scariest Things in the World
Top Scariest Things in the World

This is not to generate a distinct source of fear, but if you ever get pricked by a special breed of jellyfish known as the Irukandji jellyfish, there’s every chance that you may acquire a syndrome that various scientists have explained as a consistent perception of approaching ruin. This may lead to a serious case of hysteria and mental instability.

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3. Codex Gigas: In the 13th century, a monk is said to have made a deal with the devil; offering up his soul in exchange for the ability to come up with an impressive manuscript overnight.

What is the scariest thing to humans
What is the scariest thing to humans

He was to be punished for his crimes, but on the eve of his judgement day, he was offered an opportunity at redemption; an impressive manuscript that must be complete by morning. Historians believe the offer was a hoax, and was made just to taunt him. However,  the monk sought a lifeline from the Devil himself in a deal that would produce the ‘Codex Gigas’.

This 170-pound Latin text has survived several centuries, and is still existing.

4. Bolton Strid: Bolton Strid seat between two planes in Yorkshire, England. The scary thing about stream is that while it looks calm and quite ordinary, the current underneath is powerful enough to pull anyone beneath. People that dwell around there believe that nobody has survived it’s pull, yet.

What is the creepiest thing on earth

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5. Gympie: The earth has many beautiful features to behold. Massive water bodies, beautiful landscapes and gorgeous plants are all part of nature’s glory, and we are oftentimes drawn to capturing these magical pieces.

What are the scariest things to humans
What are the scariest things to humans

Consequently, most people do not see these beautiful bits of nature to be harmful or dangerous. This is why the Australian beauty called the Gympie thrives on. At first glance, this flower looks be aely and attractive, but when it comes in contact with any part of the body, it stings so much that the pain may be felt for days. It could trigger allergies too, and may create further complications.

6. The Triple Galaxy Collision: The Universe is a very complex place. As a result, several events occur in our world that we fully do not understand. Sometimes, they are beautiful and interesting to watch. Other times, they scare us with the promise of terrible consequences. Man has witnessed many of these incredible occurrences including the dying of stars, the most random light-rays, even terrible meteor showers.

What are the scariest things to humans on earth
What are the scariest things to humans on earth

Yet, the colliding of more than two galaxies stands out as one of the most extraordinary things to ever happen, and that in itself, can elicit fear. In 2007, humans had the opportunity to observe this ‘unicorn-event’ for the first time in recent history.

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7. Cursed Objects: This has become such a huge part of several classics that it is almost undeniable. Several myths and writings suggest the existence of certain objects that are accursed, and able to bring great evil upon whoever has them in their possession. When these curses start to manifest, they can lead to several occurrences including; death, accidents, possession of the human body etc.

Their classification differs according to the person doing the telling, and their experiences. Some of such objects that have been repeatedly told of include; rings, anklets, dolls, triangular items etc. History also has it that such hexed people might not know of this evil till they manifest. Some stretch across generations, becoming heirlooms; pending such manifestation.

8. Brain-Eating Amoeba: Biologically recognized as the ‘Naegleria fowleri’, this organism can gain passage into a person’s body through their nose when they take a plunge in contaminated water. It does not stop here, sadly. This species of amoeba continues their houroration to the human brain, where they can cause bouts of inflammation.

Scariest Things in the World currently
Scariest Things in the World currently

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9. Biological Warfare: It is true that all weapons of war can incite fear in the hearts of people. Nothing, however, does it quite like biological ones. This is because no one imagines or expects it. As a result, the timeline is quite slow and terrible. It can take several forms; boils caused by bacteria, several forms of strange viruses, blindness etc.

The use of biological weapons was more rampant in the past, significantly before the development of missiles. There are several stories-turned-classics in several cultures of such cases. For real-life reference, consider the deep scourge that hit the Eastern Mediterranean, sometime in the fourteenth century.

10. The Church of Bones: This ancient holy building located in a remote area in Czech Republic, has turned into a source of curiosity for some, and a fearful thing for others. The Sedlec Ossuarry was dubbed ‘the church of bones’ because the insides of this structure displays quite the array of human bones upon entrance.

As an explanation of such state, history has it that instructions were given by the leaders of the sect to hang the bones in the building, because the cemetery was already full. Also, they believed that the dead would have a shot at a closer relationship with God if their bones were stored in a holy place. Talk about bone chilling!

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11. Fear: Usually, people are afraid of sickness or anything that will hurt them. So, they are scared if there is no access to healthcare. For instance, if you are afraid of Mosquitoes, you will be scared each time it gives you a bit because you may think that it has suck all the blood in your body.

What is the most scary thing in the ocean_
What is the most scary thing in the ocean_

Again, fear is not just an idea, but a reality because many are scared of it. So, one of the solutions is to live your life as if fear does not exist.

12. Death: This is really scary thing to even talk about. Death may result from fear. People fear death because it is an unknown state. What happens after one dies is uncertain and that is why many are afraid and scared of it. Also, the prospect of death can make a person to confront his mortality and the finite nature of life. However, if there is no death or knowledge of it, nothing about it would make anyone scared. So, what scares people is that they do not know what happens when their bodies disable. But nothing, and nothing probably happens. So, death is among the scariest things because without it, one may not be scared of any other thing. Again, some are not scared of death, but scared of what happens after it.

What is the most scariest thing a human can experience?
What is the most scariest thing a human can experience?

The fear of death is just fear of the unknown. The scariest part about death is the uncertainties that follows afterwards such as: whether God really exists, atheists are right, the religion that is the correct one (whether Buddhism, Christianity among others).

Again, people know that death will come one day, but they are still afraid of it. One of the reasons in s that no one knows what to expect on the other side. In some cultures, it is a taboo to even talk about death. This is because doing so may even attract it.

13. Being Buried Alive (Taphophobia): People are afraid of this because it brings the idea of being trapped in a confined space (in complete darkness) with no escape. This can lead one to claustrophobia (that is fear of being alone, helpless or dying) which can make him look as if he is dead and buried while he is still alive. Again, being buried alive represents gruesome and painful death, and the idea of dying in such a way is understandably disturbing to many people.

However, being buried alive is the creepiest thing in the world. So, it is sickening and scary to confine someone in a dark space where there is no air and no way to escape. Also, knowing that you cannot do anything about your situation is like a slow way to die.

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Finally, this article is only focused on ten items that are elicit the most fear. It is not exhaustive. There are so many other things out there that scare people so much, they struggle with the resulting trauma for long periods.